Quartz worktops

About quartz worktops.

Quartz worktops adds a unique style and design to any kitchen. From modern, kitchens to more classical styles, there are over 60 colours and many different finishes (polished), suede (matt) or volcano (rustic), to choose from. The unique physical-mechanical and hygienic characteristics of quartz for example, its beauty, resistance to stains, scratching and strong knocks, as well as its bacteriostatic properties makes it ideal for a work area such as the kitchen worktop. With quartz, the kitchen worktop will always look as good as new.

Engineered Quartz is an artificial stone which consists of 94% quartzite and other additives such like resin, natural detritus, mineral pigments etc. This material has a high resistance to staining and corrosion, and it’s extremely durable, as a stone worktop it can be even stronger than granite. Quartz is a man-made material, this means it will come in many colour options, such as plain colours, with imitation of natural veins, or with shining mirrors which will reflect the light in order to add more style to modern kitchen worktops. It really is a hard wearing, elegant, high quality product that offers you extreme number of possibilities for any designs.

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Why quartz worktops?

Quartz worktops are among some of the most highly rated materials chosen for kitchens. They’re infallible, resistant, stylish and unique. It’s no surprise that most UK consumers who seek practical, yet beautiful worktop solutions for their kitchens opt for quartz – and in the end 99% of them are satisfied and fulfilled with their choice.

There are over 60 colours and hues to select from and multiple finishes to surface the material, from polished to matted – so the palette of available quartz is wide and extensive. Therefore if you have something specific in mind, you carry particular expectations or unique concepts in your mind, then without a doubt you’ll be able to find something eye-pleasing among all the available options. After all, a person shouldn’t limit their wishes or visions of how their kitchen should look, and the material you go for shouldn’t heighten those limits.

This is why quartz kitchen worktops are a fantastic choice. Not only they are a superior material to bleak wood or laminate; they also allow more freedom when it comes to colour, providing your kitchen with a new, modern and vibrant look.

So when it comes to colour of the quartz, there are plenty possibilities and it’s truly all just a matter of personal preference and taste. But nonetheless, the material is the same. And all purchasers and holders of quartz will admit that it’s elegance, longevity, hygienic qualities and everlasting allurement are the stone’s most precious virtues.

But what exactly is quartz and what are its properties?

Unlike it’s natural relative, granite, quartz is an artificial stone engineered by man. The standard properties of quartz are approx. 90% quartzite, 4% resin, 3% dye/s and the remaining 3% is usually spent on other elements like natural detritus, mineral pigments etc. But of course, each type of quartz has different additives that are included throughout the process of creation, therefore the parameters provided above can vary. For example, extra dyes, quartzite compounds or reflective mirrors may be added along the way, forming unique patterns, shades and textures. This all depends on the planned design of the material i.e. whether it’s meant to have thick vein imitations or be embellished with internal gleaming elements, whether it’s plain or perhaps brimming with colourful patterns.

The marvellous role of quartz manufacturers

Hundreds of manufacturers of quartz worldwide design their quartz styles and decide how their final composition should look. They’re therefore given with the freedom to flourish the stone with even more advantageous characteristics than available for granite or any other inferior material. They often manipulate and combine various elements to create a well-nigh perfect product. The stone is thus garnished with properties that make the material not only extremely durable, but also bacteriostatic and highly resistant to staining and corrosion; attributes that make the material ideal for kitchen or bathroom environments.

The widespread uses of quartz

Nowadays quartz can be seen around every corner of our lives, even if we don’t own one ourselves. It’s entered the mainstream and can now be seen in kitchens, counters in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathrooms, walls and floors, among many others either in the public or private sectors. After all, it’s a modern, stylish trend, and its implementation into vast architectural projects has become a norm. Majority of new apartments and houses that have been built in the last decade contain hints of quartz, either exposed inside or outside. In fact, even the floors and walls are cladded with the material as well as desks and chairs that have been graced with the stone. It’s integration as a decorative piece has become a signature custom of big firms, offices, banks and interior/exterior design groups, so it’s wide use isn’t just domestic anymore.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise – It’s been tested and proven that in some cases quartz can be even more resistant, durable and long-lasting than even granite or any other ornamental synthetic products. So choosing it as a decorative element will not only look fashionable and exquisite, it’s also an economic investment, saving money in the long term, seen as the stone literally lasts a lifetime.

Most common uses for quartz

Quartz is an even more durable and long lasting materials than granite, therefore often used for floors, claddings, worktops and other surfaces. Quartz is widely used in kitchens for quartz worktops, counters in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathrooms, wall and floor tiles, and many others.

Edges and finishes

More importantly, same as granite it can have a variety of finishes and edges. As mentioned earlier this includes polished, honed, anticato, flamed or brushed. In terms of the edges many varieties are also available, either pencil edge, half bullnose and even full bullnose, there are many options to choose from. Check them all out here.