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All about quartz worktops.

Quartz worktops add a unique style and design to any kitchen. From modern kitchens to more classical styles, there are currently over 600 colours available on the UK market; in vast range of finishes & textures: (polished), suede (matt) or volcano (rustic). The unique physical-mechanical and hygienic characteristics of quartz complement its beauty, and its man-made design qualities allow them to be highly resistant to stains, scratches and mechanical damage, rendering it a perfect material for kitchen worktops.

Engineered Quartz is an artificial stone, compared to its natural stone cousin, granite. Quartz consists of vast properties: approx. 94% quartzite + other additives e.g. resin, natural detritus, mineral pigments, dyes etc. This material has a high resistance to staining and corrosion, and it is extremely durable. Because quartz is a man-made material, and produced by many suppliers worldwide, it is available in hundreds of colours. Collection of beautiful plain hues (black, dark green, blue, light grey, white, beige, brown, silver, gold) marble-like vein imitations (like the classic Calacatta, Statuario, Marquina or Carrara colours), mirror-chips, grains – whatever you desire is probably out there available for supply & purchase! It really is a hard wearing, elegant, high quality product that offers your kitchen a contemporary, unique touch, converting it into a happy and pleasing interior space.

Quartz worktops gallery.

Why the real quartz worktops?

Quartz worktops sold by Polish Granite are among some of the most highly rated materials chosen for kitchens. They’re infallible, resistant, modern and stylish. But above all, the vibrant palette of available quartz is wide and extensive. Our showroom alone has around 450 of the latest quartz and granite samples displayed, in numerous finish styles. Therefore if you have something specific in mind, or your mind is occupied with very clear concepts and designs, then worry not, undoubtadely you’ll be able to find something eye-pleasing – that ideal kitchen worktop surface material.

Is each quartz type different in terms of characteristics?

When it comes to surface colour of the quartz, there are plenty possibilities, and what you elect is all a matter of personal preference and taste. But among all this abundance do not be mislead into thinking that each colour has seperate qualities – on the contrary, the material is pretty much the same, no matter what hue you choose. And all purchasers and holders of quartz will admit that their materials share the qualities of longevity, solid durability, damage/heat/bacteria resistance, low-porosity, low maintenance, and everlasting non-fading allurement. These are the virtues of every single quartz material created, making each one of them an ideal product for modern and traditional kitchen & bathroom environments.

The widespread uses of quartz:

Nowadays, quartz can be noticed around every corner, even if we don’t own the material ourselves. The product has finally entered the mainstream and because of the attractive, affordable prices, more people than ever incorporate this stone in their homes. But apart from kitchens, quartz can also be used for other applications: a countertop in pubs and bars, utility rooms, window sills, bathroom worktops surfaces and sinks, cladding on walls / floors and many others either in the public or private sectors. In fact, majority of new apartments and houses that have been built in the last decade contain hints of quartz, either exposed inside or outside. Its sleek, stunning and elegant design makes it a perfect fitting for modern, glass enveloped creations. Its integration as a decorative piece has become a signature custom of big firms, offices, banks and interior/exterior design groups. Quartz’s wide use isn’t just domestic anymore.

This should not come as a surprise – It’s been tested and proven that in some cases a quartz worktop can be even more resistant, durable and long-lasting than 95% of other ornamental synthetic products. So choosing it as a decorative element will not only look fashionable and exquisite, it’s also an economic, eternal investment, saving money in the long term, seeing as the stellar stone will be with you for years to come.

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