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Our granite showroom has one of the biggest variety of stone samples in the North West.

That’s right. We have over 3,000 samples of 600+ different colours. A half of that is all quartz, the remaining being either ceramic or granite. Anyone is welcome to pop by, talk to our experienced showroom staff and maybe even leave with a sample. No post-covid appointments are needed!

Visit Our Granite Showroom in Salford, Manchester!

Polish Granite’s main showroom is located in the heart of Manchester. It sits at the far south-end of Salford, only a 2-minute car journey away from Media City and Lowry, and merely 15 minutes away from Mcr. City Centre. The showroom is therefore in a perfect place for all Manchester customers, after all, its central positioning makes travel convenient for those living in Wigan, Oldham, Altringham, Stockport and other corners of Greater Manchester.

Our quartz and granite showroom has stood in the same place for over 13 years now. During that time, we have developed it over 6 times, refurbished its insides, took out the old worktops, added in some new ones, demolished walls (as such made the place more spacious), added more shelves for quartz, ceramic and granite samples etc. It is safe to say that the place has undergone a huge evolution since we started renting it in early 2006.

Our granite showroom is cladded with the biggest range of materials in Manchester!

The place is quite compact, but that doesn’t mean it is limited. Quite the opposite, many customers who visit the interior are in awe at how many samples we have stored. In the end, over 13 years we have established solid and trusted partnerships with many UK and European stone suppliers, so the likes of Levantina, Fugen, Compac, Silestone, CRL, B-Stone, Neolith, Dekton, Cimstone, Unistone are all found there. The materials of these companies are all scattered along every wall, illuminated by our range of natural light and LED lighting, ready for you to explore them. There’s a choice of 400+ materials, all in polished, matte, flamed or slated finishes. We want to give the potential customers a vast choice, and allow them to explore with freedom and excitement.

Many other companies prioritise only select samples, because they gain great benefits from the suppliers, and thus showcase only specific colours in their quartz showroom. Such arranged partnership is indeed beneficial for the company and the supplier, but in the long run it harms, and restricts the customer.

Our philosophy is different. We do not prioritise our own profit and do not form co-dependant relationships. Rather, we want the customer to be spoiled by choice, and allow them to explore as much as they desire. Stone worktops should be enjoyed, and if restrictions are applied, that enjoyment vanishes, because the customer will either choose the ‘best of the worst’ or opt for a completely different material e.g. wood or laminate. Our job is not to dissuade a customer, or deter them from stone. We want them to choose that perfect material they have dreamed of, even if it means sifting through 400 granite samples! And the only way to achieve that is to showcase as much choice as possible; fill our granite showroom with options and possibilities!

I was impressed the minute I arrived there. The place is small, but there’s so much choice, me and my wife were utterly stunned by the ample number of vibrant granite samples. We’ve probably visited every granite and quartz showroom in Manchester, and none had the vastness and the extensive colour palette compared to the one owned by Polish Granite. Everywhere else we went we were shown 20-30 samples max, and it was more or less the same stuff. None of it wowed us. It was a really underwhelming experience, which nearly swayed us towards laminates. But then we came across Polish Granite’s exhibits and after half an hour we found that perfect colour – a gem we haven’t seen anywhere else either.

Michael Farring, Sale, Manchester.

We have a variety of replicated granite samples for you to take home:

In addition to our amazing collection, we also have a range of duplicate samples, that customers can take home and compare against their flooring or cabinets. This is a vital process during the granite worktops or quartz worktops decision making. In the end, you may love something that is displayed in our granite showroom, but in effect you will be under a state of overwhelming stupefaction. We call it the ‘overwhelming effect’ which occurs if one is surrounded by a bunch of materials that appeal to their taste, as a result addling their senses.

Therefore, to assure you choose that perfect matching colour, it is always recommended to either

  1. Bring a picture of your kitchen to our quartz showroom,
  2. Bring along sample pieces of your cabinet or flooring,
  3. Lend a quartz or granite sample from us, take it home and compare everything on-site.

Following this will allow the best form of visualisation, and will eliminate all possibility of a disappointment if it ever came to granite or quartz worktops installation.

Our granite showroom is brimming with exemplified worktop thicknesses: 12mm, 20mm, 30mm even 60mm!

Beyond standard colour/material samples, in Polish Granite’s showroom you will also be able to find a bunch of materials in different thicknesses. For example, our main kitchen worktop is made from a white quartz in 30mm, but we have an office desk made in 20mm quartz with 40mm downstands attached, a number of ceramic shelves and cladding in 20mm, dekton offcuts in 12mm etc. Our variety of genuine large-scale materials with varying thicknesses is extensive. This is vital, because it allows our customers to directly visualise how a full-sized worktop complex would look in different sizes and thicknesses. Sometimes observing a small granite sample in 20mm or 30mm thickness simply does not suffice – it will not allow us to conjure a full picture in our minds.

Alternatively, if you cannot find what you are looking for (which is usually quite rare), we will hand you an extensive catalogue of pictures we have taken on our installations. There are hundreds of pictures available which outline a range of full-sized project. That way you’ll surely be able to find something which compares to what you had imagined – so not only you’ll be able to point us to a design that appeals to you, you may find solutions that could inspire your further!

Examples of bends, corners, profiles or edges? No problem! Our quartz showroom has it all.

That’s right. Beyond the great abundance of colour samples, texture samples and thickness samples, we also have examples of all edges (Pencil edge / Pencil round / Double Pencil / Bevel / Ogee / Dupont / Bull Nose and many, many others!). That way you will be able to touch them and decide instantly whether the feel of that edge appeals to you, or perhaps you’d prefer something else. The same goes for additional options like rounded corners. Our showroom’s physical exhibits will enable you to decide whether this solution is something that looked as practical & as visually stimulating as you had imagined it . . .

Feel free to visit our showroom and explore all the options! Our granite showroom is the only one in Greater Manchester that’s equipped with such richness of quartz, ceramic and granite samples. Within Polish Granite’s quartz showroom, you will find everything you need to help you make a decision. Dilemma about the colour? Browse through our 400+ samples. Dilemma with thickness? See and touch our variety of on-site large-scale materials. Dilemma with edge profile? Flick through our physical catalogue of all possible edges.

We can guarantee that you will exit the showroom completely satisfied, and all the questions, queries or dilemmas you had prior to visiting our granite showroom will be resolved immediately!

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