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Our Granite Chopping Board, Marble Chopping Board & Quartz Chopping Board Varieties

We create Granite Chopping Boards and Quartz Chopping boards in vast colours and custom shapes. All chopping boards are made from our worktop offcuts – a cheap material which enables our customers to purchase their chopper board at an affordable price.

Our range of worktop offcuts is brimming with popular stone materials. We hold everything from black, grained granite to white, veiny quartz. So the colour selection is vast.

The Cutting Boards we make are entirely bespoke. You give us the dimensions and requirements, and we carry out the custom work.

You may order a chopping board shaped in a standard way i.e. squares, rectangles or even circular shapes, or select something entirely different. What you opt for is a matter of personal preference. In other words, we’ll create any desired granite chopping board, according to individual measurements, dimensions, size or other demands.

Why it’s worth buying a Stone Chopping Board?

Granite chopping boards are a fantastic addition to any home and kitchen environment. They not only facilitate cooking (being fantastic and functional cooking tools), but are also a stylish inclusion. After all, stone shaped into kitchen worktops is exceedingly popular nowadays. It’s not only a truly fashionable, modern solution, but a practical one too. By selecting stone like quartz or granite, you guarantee yourself ultimate protection, since quartz chopping boards do not scratch, stain or chip. Our stone cutting boards set is made of solid material, guaranteeing convenience and practicality during cooking.

It also helps that our kitchen worktop offcut colour collection range is vast, so you can ensure to choose a pure granite cutting board in a colour / pattern that suits your overall house décor, appliances or other household constituents like rugs, curtains, or cabinets. Essentially, you are not restricted to the select few, limited colour options that are available in mainstream shops; you can freely craft something that is 100% made according to your vision.

quartz chopping board
Chopping Board
Chopping Board
marble chopping board and granite chopping board

Hundreds of offcut colours available for purchase

The plethora of colours in our offcut warehouse is immense. You can choose any colour whatsoever to create your kitchen chopper board. From black speckled style, pure honed black granite, polished plain white, pink, beige, or dark grey chopping desks with a hint of slate or polish finish.

We also possess the fashionable and frequently desired marble look-alike design patters. Or concrete-look grey chopping board products which are highly sought after in 2024. The options for your chopping board are many, and designs limitless.

Please consult our offcut stock to browse through the available products, colour categories and purchasing options.

Marble chopping boards thicknesses

Our current chop board thickness range varies. Our most common size options are 20mm and 30mm, plus occasionally the ultra light 12mm kitchen board (exclusive to ceramics and some quartz options).

Supplying a granite chopping board in vast finishes

In terms of finish, our granite offcuts collection is mostly comprised of standard polished materials, albeit many ceramic types are sold in slate or honed deviations. Despite that, for cutting board purposes, we would strongly recommend a gloss finish.

Granite chopping board – the ideal addition to your kitchen

Durable, resistant, beautiful, long-lasting – a granite chopping board is a flawless addition to your already existing quartz worktop or granite worktop surfaces. Interestingly, many of our customers purchase granite chopping boards to match their existing stone surface, and to ensure the colour balance and seamlessness are maintained.

What type of chopping board is best?

On the UK market, there is a diverse array of chopping boards available, including wooden, plastic, metal, glass, and marble options. Among these choices, marble chopping boards emerge as the superior selection.

While wood chopping boards offer organic appeal, they are prone to staining, scratching, and require frequent replacement due to splitting, cracking, or staining. Additionally, they cannot be washed in a dishwasher. Glass chopping boards are easy to clean but are fragile and can appear inexpensive. Metal boards are suitable primarily for chopping food and are susceptible to denting when used for pounding meat. Plastic chopping boards are deemed the least favourable due to the risk of leaching harmful microplastics into food. Conversely, a stone cutter board offers easy cleaning, resistance to scratching and staining, and they are dishwasher safe, making them a preferred choice that poses no health hazards.

When you purchase granite cutting board for yourself, or as a gift, you have to think of it as an investment for a lifetime. A granite cutting board saves you the shop time and countless pounds which you would have otherwise spent on purchasing inferior chopping board sets.

marble look stone chopping board
carrot cut on a cutting board from stone
marble chopping board used as a coffee stand
indian jet black chopping board from granite

Full benefits of granite and quartz chopping boards:

Granite and Quartz chopping boards not only look classy, but also contain vast advantages.

  • A granite or Quartz Chopping board will not scratch. They are completely knife friendly, offering you the quality service you require. Some of our cutter board user record holders have had their chop boards for 10+ years and to this day claim they are unspoiled, appearing practically brand new;
  • Due to its hygienic nature, a solid granite chopping board will not collect bacteria, grimes nor germs;
  • These elegant products will not splinter, split or chip, as is the case with plastic or wooden chopping board;
  • A granite chopping board will not be tainted by food smells (e.g. fish) nor will you experience any cross contamination. Stone does not absorb odours, unlike wood for example;
  • These products are suitable for all styles of food chopping. Cleaver or standard kitchen knife? No problem;
  • Depending on our offcuts availability, granite chopping boards are usually available in either polished or slate finishes, and vast chopping boards colours;
  • Stone chopping boards will not stain, even when grease, oil or heavy liquids like wine or coffee are spilled;
  • A granite chopping board can be used during dining as a stylish board for serving cheese, meats or pies. It can also make for an ideal base under oven dishes, because natural stone is completely heat resistant. Some of our customers go as far as using our boards as direct bread / pastry bases or pizza stone in the oven. Baking and heat exposure are no limitations to our granite chopping board;
  • A quartz and granite kitchen chopping board is completely dishwasher safe;
  • Once all chopping is done, simply give it a wipe clean with cloth and/or water. The easy to clean granite, ceramic and quartz desks save a lot of time during washing up. After all, no dull or complex scrubbing or special maintenance / care is required;
  • A granite chopping board can make a perfect gift for any food connoisseur or fan of stylish kitchen solutions, modernity and natural works of art. With Polish Granite, you can order a whole chopping board set, even composed of varied cooking boards colours. Each desk can be supplied in custom designs and size;
  • If you have an outdoor BBQ, a stone board will perfectly suit your kitchenware tools, accessories set, house utensils or other outdoor toys. Because granite and quartz are resistant to weathering and temperature conditions, you can leave the solid granite chopping board anywhere among your garden furniture and worry not about potential damage. Our boards do not warp, rust or crack;
  • If you decide you have no more use for your rectangular granite chopping board type, you can always repurpose these recycle friendly chopper boards. We guarantee that such desks make a great garden stand under plants or outdoor flowerpots – and once more the harsh weather conditions won’t be a problem. They also blend in nicely inside glass storage cabinets as trophy or figure stands. Utilising them as under-speaker stands or a pizza stone is also an idea with popular, good rating.

Protect and take care of your kitchen worktops. Don’t hesitate to request your chopping cutting board quote today! Contact us via email or call our customer service team via landline number to find out the availability of our materials, finish types, our deals, offers and the price for a given chopping board.

Alternatively, feel free to view our chopping boards granite gallery or fill out the contact form on our Contact site. We also welcome you to visit our showroom, Offcuts site and search via our offcut selection to find that perfect product.

granite, marble and quartz cutter boards lined up


Are granite chopping boards supplied with padding?

The answer is yes. We always make sure that your granite chopping board is supplied either with rubbery padding (that we glue underneath), or fibre padding (or anti slip feet / rubber feet), to protect your kitchen worktop during use, and increase the kitchen cutting board stability.

Such professional chopping board granite protector pads are free, and we can even supply you with spares.

In terms of other features, like custom made handles, depressions or hand-dwellings – we can accommodate to any need or demand. Simply ask us, and we’ll price the bespoke project accordingly.

Why granite chopping boards are ideal during cooking?

Whether you are a professional chef, or an amateur who enjoys extensive cooking, a sturdy stone chopping board will be your most suitable choice during the food preparation process!

Firstly, it will look great amid your kitchen worktops, cookware brands and chopping board sets.

Secondly, with a granite board chopping, cutting will become a sheer pleasure, because they are portable, elegant, sturdy, heavy and supported so they don’t slide around. But most of all, cleaning afterwards is incredibly straightforward, as no scrubbing is required. You can also store them anywhere you like.

Thirdly, chopping boards granite offer a lot of safety. Even when used frequently and over long periods of time, exposed to knives or meat hammers, they won’t produce splinters, glass shards or sharp shavings, as is the case with less durable metal, wood and glass boards.

Lastly, it is worth to mention that impregnated / sealed granite and modern quartz/ceramic tend to be anti-bacterial, which means it is the safest surface to place/cut your food.

It’s not surprising that many professional chefs have been utilising granite, quartz and ceramic surfaces during food preparation compared to plastic.chopping board varieties. Lack of bacteria, no scratches and easy cleaning, means safer cooking and food prep!

What are the most hygienic chopping boards?

Undoubtedly, a stone chopper board stands as the epitome of hygiene among available materials. It distinguishes itself as the sole work surface, surpassing glass, wood, metal, or plastic counterparts, boasting 100% stain and scratch proof qualities. A mere rinse under the tap effortlessly removes all accumulated grime, underscoring its unparalleled cleanliness. In contrast, scratched surfaces, like a wood chopping board set, necessitate extensive scrubbing to dislodge embedded dirt particles from the crevices.

Quartz cutting boards excel in managing stubborn stains, effortlessly combating old stains that would otherwise mar the appearance of wooden counterparts permanently. Plastic or glass surfaces may resist staining initially, yet they tend to adhere to dried grime, complicating cleaning procedures. Conversely, stone surfaces guarantee immediate removal of any residue, ensuring swift and thorough sanitation.

Ordering a custom sized granite chopping board:

You can order any sized chopping board set with our office team. All our offcuts are at your disposal, both in size and hue. The chopping board colours are wide – a palette covering all shades. We highly recommend a black granite chopping board or white marble chopping board, as they are universal colours, that will fit most interiors and their décor.

When it comes to ordering a specific size and shape, you first need to do send us the dimensions and your vision in mind. Afterwards, we’ll be able to create you the custom chopping board. This is the main benefit of opting for a stone board with Polish Granite. You won’t be restricted to specific pre-designs as is often the case with mainstream sellers of metal, glass or wooden chopping boards like Argos, B&M or Amazon.

When using natural granite or man-made quartz, you can select our default desk option (i.e. 30 x 20cm), but you also have the choice to create your own perfect marble cutting board design: anything from a simple block to rectangle, triangles etc. Even a large marble chopping board measuring a metre wide is acceptable! Whatever design takes your fancy, we’ll get it done.

What is the healthiest cutting board material?

A marble and wooden chopping board stands out as the healthiest options available in the UK market. These boards are primarily composed of natural, organic materials, devoid of the synthetic substances that may be present in cutting boards plastic or similar materials used for kitchen chopper boards.

However, while initially appealing, wooden cutting boards present potential drawbacks with prolonged use. They are susceptible to splitting, scratching, and accumulating damage, which can compromise their cleanliness. Difficulty in cleaning a wooden chopping block can lead to the harbouring of harmful bacteria and the development of mould over time.

For optimal hygiene and longevity, we recommend stone chopping boards as the superior choice, given their durability and resistance to damage.

Like a wooden chopping board set, chopping board glass also offer a suitable option with minimal health risks. However, it’s crucial to note that transparent, uncoloured chopping boards glass are preferable. Any addition of synthetic paint or colouring to glass kitchen boards may introduce unnecessary substances that could pose health concerns.

Do granite cutting boards dull knives?

It’s important to acknowledge that any robust work surface, whether granite, steel, glass, or ceramic chopping board, carries the inherent risk of dulling knives.

This compromise is often unavoidable when opting for durability. However, it’s preferable to occasionally sharpen knives than to incur the frequent replacement necessitated by softer surfaces such as plastic or wooden chopping boards set. Typically, these softer options require complete replacement every 2-3 years, sometimes even sooner, depending on usage frequency, resulting in financial loss over time.

In contrast, with harder surfaces, knife sharpening is only required every few months, offering a more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Why do I need a stone cutting board if I already own a quartz kitchen worktop?

Quartz worktop owners can enhance their kitchen utility with the addition of a granite chopping board, despite the inherent durability of their stone worktops.

Cutting boards for kitchen serve multiple practical purposes. Firstly, it facilitates maintaining cleanliness and organisation on the worktop surface, providing an efficient platform for food preparation that can be easily cleaned with a simple wash. While you might be tempted by cutting your food directly on the quartz kitchen worktop, since it can withstand scratches, it’s probably easier to do that on a kitchen cutting board product that suits your worktops.

Secondly, the versatility of a stone chopping board allows for diverse applications beyond food preparation. It can function as an extension of the worktop during special occasions, such as carving meat for a family dinner, offering both practicality and elegance.

It can be repurposed as a sophisticated cheese board, immune to damage from sharp utensils. Moreover, the chopping board doubles as a decorative element within the home, leveraging its substantial and sturdy nature to extend the aesthetic and durability of kitchen worktops to other areas of the household.

By owning chopping boards marble, in the long run, you’re also saving money. A great quality of chopping boards marble is that they last a lifetime. These solid stone products are well-nigh indestructible. You can your cut veg on such surface, beat chicken fillets, wash them in a dishwasher, and they won’t show any sign of defects or wear and tear. This cannot be said for a chopping wood board or a chopping board glass.

These tend to be fragile and brittle, and any use of force is unrecommended. A plastic chopping board usually scratch so deeply that the boards must be replaced every other year. Likewise, a wood chopping board can break, develop mould and splinter when washed too frequently, meanwhile stainless steel chopping boards will most certainly scratch on the kitchen counters, making them appear worn and shabby after merely a couple of uses.

There’s no doubt that granite chopping desks are the best long-term investment, even for owners of stone kitchen worktops, who are well aware of stone attributes.

Is marble suitable for a chopping board?

Use and production of a natural stone marble chopping board is not recommended. This is the only natural stone that we wouldn’t advise to transform into a chopping desk. This is solely due to marble’s severe proneness to scratching and chipping on account of the soft composition. Granite and quartzite stones are incredibly hard-wearing and durable – while marble is much softer. A couple of slices and chops may carve big fissures into the surface, like on limestone. Very much in likeness to cutting on a bamboo chopping board for example.

However, we still name our products ‘marble chopping boards’ because marble-lookalike varieties still exist among our quartz range.

The quartz marble-lookalike ranges are a fantastic solution. They contain the organic, visual qualities of marble, but are also strong and scratch-resistant. Most of our customers can’t tell the difference between genuine marble board and a quartz mimic.

Can you cut raw meat on a marble cutting board?

Certainly, marble chopping boards provide a safe surface for cutting raw meat. Our kitchen cutting boards are predominantly crafted from natural stone materials such as quartzite and granite. Unlike chopping boards plastic, these stone-based boards eliminate the risk of leaching harmful substances into food. Additionally, the durability of granite ensures that your kitchen chopping surfaces remain intact, preventing any residue from contaminating your food.

Marble quartz, in particular, excels in handling raw meat due to its robustness. Its indestructible nature allows for slicing thick cuts of steak and tenderising schnitzels without fear of deformation. Conversely, chopping boards wood or glass chopping board are susceptible to splitting or breaking when encountering hard cuts of meat or bone during preparation.

Is granite good for chopping board?

Indeed, granite stands out as an excellent material choice for kitchen chopping boards. As highlighted previously, this stone not only contributes to the upkeep of a hygienic and pristine culinary workspace but also exhibits remarkable resilience.

Its inherent durability renders it impervious to damage, as it remains resistant to scratching and chipping over time.

In contrast to chopping boards wooden or plastic alternatives, granite cutting boards for kitchen offer an assurance of longevity, ensuring that they endure for a lifetime of kitchen use.

Do Polish Granite offer chopper board delivery?

Delivery services of quartz or granite chopping board can be arranged, indeed.

For precise costs of delivery to your area, feel free to contact our customer service team via phone or email.

In terms of replacement & returns policy, we will only accept refunds on items that are delivered broken, or ones that have developed defects in the first month of the purchase. Although such events are very rare, as we only deliver the parcel via private, trusted couriers that guarantee security. We also only deal with quality, high-standard, faultless material.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Contact us, to discuss your new marble chopping board project!

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