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Apply rounded corners to a stone worktop. A curved worktop with 4+ polished corners!

If you’re a fan of smooth, sinuous edge profiles, then rounded corners are just the thing for you.

When you purchase your worktops, or a simple offcut with Polish Granite, you’ll have the option to apply as many rounded corners as possible. Usually our customer prefer to give the right-angle edges a bit of a curve to make the worktops more warm, welcoming and appealing.

However, the main reason our solid surface worktops are rounded at corners, is for safety reasons. Don’t get us wrong, the right-angled edges aren’t dangerous or sharp. We profile and polish them in such way as to minimise all risks of harm, not only applying a gentle bevel but also slicing 1mm off of the actual corner. Nonetheless, they are right-angles, and if you fall on it, it might still hurt.


  • Any radius corner types are accepted
  • Order 3 rounded corners with your worktops and receive the 4th free of charge

Rounded worktop corners: Why should you pick a rounded edge over a standard corner angle?

Safety for the children

If you have children, who tend to be mischievous or clumsy, applying rounded corners to your granite or quartz worktops might be a good idea. You must remember that most worktops reach the standard height of a 4-5 year-old child. Therefore if they have a tendency for running around or falling, rounded corners will act as a protection for the child. Indeed, falling on stone will still hurt, but it won’t post as much of a threat to your children.

This is especially important if you’re planning to have edge worktops on a kitchen island or breakfast bars. Both of those are usually exposed, jutting-out pieces of kitchen furniture, where children find themselves most often. They even use breakfast bars to eat or study, or the island for chasing the pets in circles. Applying at least a little radius on each of the four corners of the island can make a huge difference when it comes to safety.

Safety for the vulnerable

The same as above applies for the vulnerable people, for example the sick or elderly. If you are a frail person, applying curves to your quartz worktops, a breakfast bar or kitchen island may help protect you from sustaining potential harm during an unfortunate fall.

Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners
Rounded Corners

Can I order rounded corners with a varied radius types?

Absolutely. A lot of our customers do that. For example, on the main worktops they apply a subtle 2cm radius, while on the island they extend those radiuses to 4 or even 5 centimetres.

However, we have other radius corners available. Our customers do not have to adhere to set standards. We welcome all radius requests.

Will the base units show with rounded corners?

No. We always extend the overhang if the radius is quite sharp, so that the base units never show.

We always thoroughly template your base units prior to installation of the worktops, so this isn’t something you should worry about.

Can I order a breakfast bar with one giant rounded curved edge?

Yes. We’ve done hundreds of those before i.e. mushroom-tip edges, cylindrical corners, half-circle corners etc. Whatever edge shape you desire on your worktops, Polish Granite is willing to carry that out.

This is the main advantage of stone. You can ask for any idea, design or project, and our expert fabricators + advanced tools & CNC machinery will complete that for you, even if the worktops have already been fitted.

It’s by no means as difficult a creating an edge laminate worktops or wood worktops. By comparison, a laminate worktop usually can’t be modified, while stone can, and always maintain that pristine look.

Can you make the same radius as on edge laminate worktop?

In many ways, we can manipulate stone more than laminate worktops. We have a range of tools, CNC machines and the talent/expertise of our fabricators which allows us to create vast intricate shapes and edge curvatures. Thinking otherwise is a common misconception, as people often think that granite and quartz are very tough materials, too tough to manipulate it properly.

If you have any enquiry in regards to a special curve or rounded corner design for your kitchens worktops, feel free to call us or contact us via our email address. You’re also more than welcome to search our website for more information. We suggest links to webpages like Edge Profiles or Downstands.

Contact us, if you have a question about Worktop Rounded Corners!

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