Manufacturing process

Granite worktops fabrication process.

Manufacturing process of granite worktops usually doesn’t take a lot of time, though it’s a little complicated.

First of all the selection of the material is simply down to you, we can take care of  manufacturing process. However after you choose your selected material you can either do a quote online yourself or have us make you one which would save you time. The price plan would give you a precise idea of how much you would have to pay, once again everything depends on what you require. Take into consideration that for example if you order draining grooves your price will increase.

Once you’re satisfied with the price and you are ready to move forward then you could organize a templating service with us, and once the templates of your kitchens are done we can start manufacturing process. We first order the material you wanted and then start cutting it  to shape your product, this can take only a few days. E.g generally when we template on Monday we are ready to progress with the installation on Friday. Therefore the entire process with PolishGranite can be usually very fast, and within less than a week you could have your worktop already fit in your kitchen!

Worktops manufacturing process steps:

Follow below tabs to find out how each manufacturing process looks like. We’ll show you step by step which task our company performing to make beautiful bespoke stone worktop for yours kitchen. Critical step is fabrication process, where we need to be very careful, because all stone slabs are very delicate and could be broken. Our stuff is fully trained and use best tools to do not damage material.

The stone selection process of a worktop can be very difficult.

First of all we have different types of stone products as well as huge selection of materials. Therefore choice is the biggest concern of a typical customer. I would strongly advise you that the first step that you should take when choosing a material is to visit our showroom, to get an idea of how a specific product will look like or visit our materials section: here or gallery of ready products: here. We have a number of samples and ready stone products to show you! And remember that a worktop can last you even for a lifetime when treated well, so it’s always better to choose the right one.

However if you can’t visit our showroom, feel free to explore our website, you can find there many examples of materials, and our specialized 3D visualisation can help you imagine how the finished kitchen might look like.

What kind of stone material I can use in my home ?

Our company is using most of materials available on the market. Please take a look on materials section, to check color samples. Each type of material has own sample gallery, so you can easily identify which one is right for you. If you wondering how your kitchen may looks like after installation, check our 3D section, where we’ve prepared visualization for most popular stone colors corresponding to cabinets doors colors.

When you decide which color will be used for your product, is time to choose finishing’s like: edge type and polish type.

Kitchen worktops price estimator.

Price estimator for kitchen worktop as mentioned earlier, feel free to use our online price estimator, It is very simple and all you need to provide is a little details of yourself and measurements of your kitchen. However if you wish for our team to take care of the quote then no problem, we will provide you with an accurate price estimate for your marble, quartz or granite worktop. Please keep in mind, that we would also require your contact details, such as email or telephone number in order to get in touch with you for any clarification, if required. Click here to use the online price estimator! When you using our online price estimator, please be ware about measurement units, if you choose wrong, price of worktop might be to low or to high. This step is important to give you properly price according to chosen material, color and type of finishing.

If you think you made a mistake, you can always back to previous step to change details.

Once your provided measurements and specification of your worktop is recalculated by our team, we shall present you the revised price plan. We will either send it through email or fax, or call you back with the cost for your granite or quartz worktop, of course if a number is provided.

Don’t be scared about price, it might be adjusted regarding to your needs or budget. Our team will find best solution for you. In case you need small worktop or kitchen island, there always is an option to use offcut. Feel free to contact us, to check availability of offcut materials and colors.

Templating process of stone counterops.

After scheduling with you a suitable date and time for templating, eventually we will send one of our experienced fitters to your premises. Taking a proper template is the most essential part of this process, as the countertop will be cut precisely to the measurements taken during the template. Therefore it is essential to have the cabinets in the correct position, fully fitted, and they cannot be changed after templating, as this could disrupt the entire process, and could even lead to our team manufacturing a countertop which does not entirely fit the kitchen. When templating our fitters will be able to provide you with any technical information, advise you, or answer any of your questions that you may require – so please feel free to discuss things with them.

Fabrication process starts once the template is done, your chosen material will be cut to templated sizes. This doesn’t take very long, as mentioned before, up to only a few days max. However before we actually cut the material we precisely check the slabs, to make sure that your worktop will be produced from only the premium grade quality stone slab, which will serve you for many years. Our experienced specialists will transform the template into masterpiece, which will be eventually fitted as your granite or quartz worktop.

Granite worktop installation.

Granite worktops installation.When a specific date is scheduled for installation, and the fabrication process is completed, our fitters will travel with the worktops to your place. Later their job will be to put together all the worktop pieces, thus creating your unique granite or quartz worktop. However before they will start fitting the worktop, please make sure that a parking space can be provided, as near to your premises as possible.
Also, please bear in mind that full access to your kitchen must be provided, so our fitters can proceed with the job quickly and efficiently, and only after a few hours your granite or quartz worktop will be fully completed. After that you can simply start enjoying your brand new worktop, and remember to seal it every few months! Click here to acquire all the information regarding the granite worktops care.

If you didn’t found answer to yours questions, or you think article need an update, feel free to contact us.

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Manufacturing process of bespoke stone kitchen worktops
Manufacturing process of stone kitchen worktops, including cutting and polishing quartz and granite materials. Find out how we fabricate solid surfaces.