Granite worktops Warrington

What are our services?

Granite & Ceramic & Quartz worktops

We install stone worktops of all shapes and sizes, manufacturing them first from granite, ceramic, quartz and marble slabs. The slabs of the specific material are supplied to our workshop from trusted and reliable European suppliers in either 20mm or 30mm thickness. Subsequently we utilise our high-tech machinery and professional man-power to cut them according to templates made for a given project. Our services are distributed across the whole of UK, including supplying the granite worktops Warrington, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds and many other cities, towns and villages in UK.


We clad walls, ceilings and floors with all varieties of stone. This is usually done for public places e.g. shopping centres, shops, town halls, concert and theatre interiors etc. We also offer a number of finishes for each surface: matt, (anti-slippery) honed, flamed, polished etc. One of our primary jobs of this kind was undergone in the Polish embassy in Manchester Piccadilly, where the reception floors and walls were cladded with a variety of stone.


We offer repair services to those who have had unfortunate events occur to their worktops. If something falls on it with heavy impact (hammer, butcher knife etc.), a stone worktop may chip, if a sharp blade goes over it with increased strength, it may develop a scratch. Things like that happen, especially if mischievous kids are still residing at your home. We bring you aid in these situations and offer advanced repairs that will solve your issues.


We sell numerous stone offcuts that we have stored on our Company vicinity. Those are far less expensive than big slabs of stone and prove to be ideal for smaller projects e.g. you have a windowsill, utility worktop or a coffee table that needs doing. That way there won’t be any need for ordering the expensive slabs and wasting a lot of material. Our offcut section ranges from quartzes to granites, ceramics and marbles. Feel free to visit our showroom to browse the catalogue.

Public sectors

One of our primary services is the embellishment of major public sectors with stone. Bathrooms, receptions desks, bars, stairs – whatever you desire can be completed and adorned with any type of stone. In the end, these features can really distinguish your company premises, so investing in such services certainly pays off. Our gallery is filled with examples of completed jobs for the aforementioned projects.

Additional services

We provide a number of minor services in form of additional cutting, polishing, modifying and supplying to individual or commercial clients. Namely, PROVISION OF: upstands, splashbacks, downstands, chopping boards; CUT OUTS: holes, larger elements; POLISHING: bevels, rounded corners, edges; DELIVERING: stone pieces/elements etc.

Why us?
  • Quick turnaround (worktop installation 5-7 days after templating).
  • Quick response time (our office team can provide instant quotations, feedback, replies, help etc.)
  • Prime quality products (material supplied only from prominent European suppliers).
  • Reliability & Professionalism (our team of expert fitters & masons always delivers on time, and to the highest standard; we’ve never had a disappointed or dissatisfied customer).
  • Repair services to existing customers (should anything go wrong with your worktop that wasn’t caused by mechanical damage, we will send a repair team out to help you out and fix the issues ASAP – service free of charge in Manchester).
  • Willingness to face challenges (even the most demanding projects, with sheer obstacles, are tackled by our team. There’re very few requests that we have declined over 11 years on the market).
  • Creativity (our office team is there to help you out with any concerns or doubts. We recommend solutions, solve problems, guide the customer in regard to colour suitability/contrast, provide suggestions for general kitchen options etc.).

Polish Granite is composed of a cooperative team of professionals who will guarantee a successful completion of any given project. With over 11 years of experience we have learnt how to handle any situation and tackle all sorts of challenges, so you can expect the best from us; the testimonials we’ve received from all past/current customers prove this. Our history with producing stone-related materials is extensive, and our continuous practice allowed us to gain pure excellence in the field of masonry and interior design. Our expansion into other UK territories is a testament of our good work. In the end, we first began as small party of granite worktops Warrington & Manchester fitters alone, but year by year we’ve received more and more requests from beyond the North West. Thus we chose to expand. So far we’ve even travelled as far as Caithness in Scotland, Lands End in Cornwall and all the way across the sea to Isle of Man.

Making our customers happy and satisfied provides us sheer pleasure, and we are pleased to know that we’ve made a change in so many people’s lives. After all, stone worktops (whether it be granite, quartz or ceramic), are a lifetime purchase. Something you will gaze at frequently – it’s therefore vital that this product brings life to your kitchen, and brings you a feeling of awe and amazement each and every day. With Polish Granite you’ll be able to make that a possibility!

Check out the projects we’ve completed thus far:

1. An alluring contrast

We, as a creative company love experimenting with new designs and contrasts. We have such extensive palette of hues, shades, materials + their textures that it would be a shame not to mix & match different varieties to achieve a unique result. For the project showcased on the pictures, we have embellished a kitchen with white 30mm thick quartz that very much suited the flavour of the cabinets. But the customer had a dilemma: how to adorn the splashbacks? How to create a special, striking effect? Tiles proved too old fashioned, and… dull. Glass splashback on the other hand would never fully complement the worktops, cabinets and flooring, which themselves were already glossed. The customer desired something new, something fresh, something with a rougher composition. In the end we presented her the idea of 15mm ceramic surfaces that could be used to clad the wall. On top of that we suggested the colour grey, with concrete-like pattern – a material that wouldn’t be too prominent nor sore to the eyes. Lo and behold, she loved this notion and we ended up implementing everything that was planned. The pictures show the fantastic result that we eventually achieved.

2. Putting the wow-effect in your kitchen

This project was special for us because it marked the first time we installed an island out of the brand new Ice Genesis Quartz material that was released merely a year ago. We have to admit that it’s a bit on the pricey side, but just look at the way it presents itself! It looks like a blend of a galaxy and cracking ice. This is precisely the appearance Compac strived to achieve, and we must admit: it’s worth all the money. This type of beautiful, alluring material is precisely what our customers can expect to purchase from us – nowadays you don’t have to choose granite worktops in order to achieve the ‘unique’ & ‘wow-effect’ look. The modern, artsy design of quartzes is so fresh that your family and friends will still say they have never before viewed such material.

3. A fantastic finish

We provide the customers whatever they desire – the colour is one thing, but the additional finish is another matter, (being just as vital as the cut outs or the hue itself). What do we mean by finish? The shine or matt texture to the worktop, the bevels and edge profiles, rounded corners etc. These are all ‘finishes’ that make your worktops a complete, sleek design. On the showcased pictures we have fitted the granite worktops Warrington; these were finished off with the so-called ‘dupont edge’, as the pictures show. It is a truly lovely edge, which not only suits the composition of the natural mineral-filled granite, but also gives it an even more eccentric vibe. What’s more, this is just one type of edge finish, from about 7 others that may be selected and requested. Our online quote system provides you 3D models of all these edges, so feel free to give it a go and choose a distinctive finish for yourself!

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Our work process: How do we carry out the worktop fitting service?
  1. Customer receives quotation
  2. Customer agrees to price plan
  3. Templating service date arranged
  4. Our team completes the templates
  5. Templates converted to worktop pieces
  6. Installation date arranged
  7. Worktops are installed

Worktops manufacturing process

Our work process is extensive, and it may seem like it’s extremely time consuming, but as a matter of a fact the model mentioned above covers approx. 10 days max. That’s from start to finish! For example: If you (the customer) receives the quote on 1st January, and accepts/confirms it on the 2nd, a templating date may be arranged to take place in 1-2 days time. Thus if we arrive at yours on the 4th, complete templating in 1-2hrs, agree on last details, and return to the workshop, the manufacture process commences immediately. This means the templates are lain on the stone slabs and are carefully drawn out. Thereafter all cutting/polishing begins. Once this is completed, we load up all stone pieces onto our van and prepare ourselves to head out.

Now, the manufacture process usually takes up 3-5 days, so we should be with you by 10th January at the latest. Though of course, if you live in more remote or detached areas (like the Isle of Man/Wight or far North of Scotland), where our destination may be long and time consuming + requiring a lot of planning and transport arrangements, the process may be slightly delayed, but should not take more than 2 weeks. However, if you live relatively close by: say we travel to fit the granite worktops Warrington or Sheffield or York, then your worktops should be fitted by the 10th. Our services are functional and efficient, guaranteeing you full satisfaction.

The only exceptions to the rule above is the Christmas period i.e. 1st November – 1st January, where we are usually extremely busy, and even customers living in close proximity may have to wait up to 2 weeks for fitting. So when this period approaches, be sure to order your worktops and arrange the dates ASAP to avoid delay!

This whole process may seem complex, requiring a lot of effort, but to be frank the customer has actually very little to do. Let’s lay it out:

Customer responsibilities:

  • Accept the quote,
  • Pay the deposit,
  • Arrange the days for templating + installation,
  • Assure that customer is present at the property on selected days,
  • Finally, pay the outstanding balance.

The rest of the formalities can be left to us!

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Check out the projects we’ve completed thus far:

1. Natural Beauty:

Granite and marble worktops are stones made purely by nature itself – these stones are quarried in remote areas of the world, whence they were created with help of magma, pressure, high temperature and other natural factors. Their organic look: veins, patterns, minerals, hues are always one of a kind, and it’s a pleasure to know that one worktop will never be identical to another, even if they’re manufactured from the same material.

This provides them an additional, unparalleled quality which is valued by many people today. In fact, some colours are so mesmerising and possess such distinctive structure that it’s hard to believe they’re real, never mind that they were moulded entirely by nature! If you long for a little exoticness in your kitchen, or other house interior/exterior for that matter, granite and marble are the way forward! As our past customer (who ordered granite worktops Warrington) once said: ‘Granite worktops are equivalent to a fine French wine, a noble Indian cuisine enriched with spices, a south-American garment woven with prime wool. It’s a natural material manufactured into product for pure human enjoyment.’

2. Durability and sturdiness:

Most granite, ceramic and quartz worktops are some of the sturdiest materials you could put on top of your cabinets. They barely scratch (unless the surface is purposely and forcefully cut with sharp material). They’re resistant to most mechanical damage (unless of course someone purposely gives them a whack with a hammer). They’re anti-porous and do not absorb liquids, even ones with strong acidity or liquids prone to staining (unless of course a wine spillage is left on the worktop for over a week). And the likelihood of them decolouring due to heat is very unlikely, which is why hot pans and pots can be placed directly on most stone materials without causing them any harm. What laminated, wooden or steel worktops have such advantages? That’s right, not many, if any at all!

With stone worktops you’ll be able to live a far more relaxed life, worrying not about accidentally touching your worktops with a knife when slicing veg, being constantly on edge when cooking – oil splashing everywhere – involving strong liquids in your everyday diet, having kids who can drop a mug on the surface… and many other instances! This does not mean you should act carelessly, but if you implement stone in your kitchen, the anxiety about constant cleaning, maintenance and carefulness disappears!

3. Universal appearance:

All stone worktops (especially quartz worktops) are produced in so many colours that you’ll certainly find something to match your kitchen cabinets and flooring. If you desire a black quartz worktop to nicely contrast against your crème cabinets, then you’ll have over 200 options. If you always wanted something quirkier e.g. red worktops to suit the rest of your kitchen design, go for it, for even those are in stock!

But the best thing about stone worktops is that no matter what you pick out, every worktop will nicely suit your kitchen, even if you put a modern quartz worktop in a traditional kitchen for example, or vice versa a granite into a modern interior. Ironically stone gives warmth to any room it appears in, and its gloss complements every kitchen element, no matter what colour or design. So even if you think that something ‘may not go together’, worry not because these issues won’t arise if your dealing with stone. Our fellow architect who commissions us granite worktops Warrington contracts, loves to fit granite alongside bricks and glass. Other people love the combination of natural wood and quartz. It depends on your taste and preferences, but the notion that stone is a universal product is widely accepted across the UK and beyond.

Possibly the best candidate for the stone universality are Neolith ceramic worktops, which are made in such way that they genuinely fit against any given cabinet set. We have sold ceramics to customers with traditional kitchens, modern ones and a blend of the two, and they never stood out as something unusual or inapt. On the contrary, they match any context, as if they belonged there from the start.

4. Longevity:

If you purchase stone worktops, without a doubt you’ll have them until the rest of your life. A very positive feature of stone worktops is that they never lose the lustre or colour, and as long as they are maintained once in a while, they will always inspire awe and amazement. Hence the pricing, after all you’re purchasing a product for a life, and unlike a car or house, or any other material object for that matter, stone worktops will never wear out, and will never require regular repairs, unless mechanical damage occurs. In other words, upon the installation of your worktop, whatever you see on day 1 will be visible on day 5,000 and onwards.

Just think of laminate, steel or wooden worktops. They never last for a long time – max. 3-4 years, before they need replacing or repairing again, either because they stain, are damaged or the original appearance has simply vanished. When you invest in stone, you’ll be guaranteed to have it for a lifetime, it’s truly no exaggeration! And with that comes a price, but it’s purchase you’ll never regret.

5. Unique design:

There are so many unique quartz patterns, hues and variations of the material that it’s often a struggle to choose something! But in many cases that’s a positive, after all some people are keen and pre-determined about the colour they are after, therefore the bigger the palette they’re presented with, the better chances that they’ll find something perfectly suiting their tastes. If you always desired a kitchen island with yellowish tint, a sparkle and veins running across, then undoubtedly you’ll find something out there matching this concept. Many prominent quartz companies like Silestone and Compac specialise in inventing various kinds of quartz, releasing brand new products each year to please those who may be very picky in regards to worktop choice.

Moreover, quartz (like any other stone), has so many applications (worktops, cladding, flooring etc.) that the variety needs to be far greater than it ever was before. Choice is valued by many customers, especially the commercial firms who wish to embellish their properties with high-quality, durable material. In the end, sometimes decorating a plaza with granite worktops Warrington, adorning a reception desk in London, ceiling in Birmingham or floor in Manchester city centre is far more prestigious and practical than using other materials. Not to mention that most of the time places like these must have a special look, so diverse options are a must! With stone, over 100 alternatives can be received for each colour. And that’s just for quartz! Another 100 are ready to be browsed and selected from the ceramic and granite range!

Granite worktops Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester

Fitting the worktops in the North West:

Liverpool and Manchester are huge cities, with millions of citizens combined. The demand for housing grows there day by day, and more and more building companies are hired to provide accommodation for students, entrepreneurs & future/present citizens. Albeit, room is slowly running out, and even the suburbs are expensive when it comes to building and living. That’s why Warrington, a larger town located in between the gigantic metropolises is a true goldmine for building and property investment. Warrington is where many people from Liverpool & Manchester relocate and live to: 1. Live a less expensive life, 2. Be away from the chaos and pollution, 3. Afford a better quality of life (for the same price of an average life in the said cities).

Therefore, Warrington and the surrounding towns/villages is where properties are currently on the rise. With that comes an increased demand in interior design: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms etc. Finishing these rooms with grace, style and originality is vital. Thus, more and more people reach out for practical, modern solutions, implementing wood, glass and of course stone into each interior, to grant them life, uniqueness & touch of spice.

For the past 5 or so years, quartz, ceramic and granite worktops Warrington have been chosen and applied very frequently in the town’s apartments/houses. Both interior designers and architects recommend stone worktops because they last a lifetime, suit virtually any interior and are good value for what is provided. Just think of it this way: wood, laminated or metal surfaces are prone to damage, staining and wearing. In short, they may be cheaper, but they soon need replacing if you want to sustain a clean, non-hazardous, vibrant, hygienic kitchen. With that come further costs – multiply that by 5-8x i.e. the average time a family spends in a house, and your costs will eventually multiply. So, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here perfectly, it’s like getting a used car vs. a brand new vehicle – one will be more expensive than the other, but over time the expenses increase for things of lesser value.

In Warrington people have been informed of this by specialists, which is why Polish Granite’s activity in the town became increasingly large over the recent years. It truly seems that either the word spreads, people are realising that stone worktops are better value, or majority of new householders in Warrington are reaching out for modern methods and solutions of interior decorating. Either way, it cannot be denied that Warrington town is now becoming the centre for ceramic, quartz and granite worktop popularity! Even putting places like Manchester and Liverpool to shame!

Do we supply everything stone-related?

We supply most stone-related materials, but primarily deal with quartz, granite and ceramic:


Our quartz range comes from a variety of reliable suppliers: Compac, CRL, Silestone, Fugen, Unistone and many others. All quartz materials that we offer combined are easily in the hundreds, and the numbers are growing day by day, when the suppliers bring newly designed varieties to the market. Among the most popular colours there are: Azabache quartz (black with mirror chips), Carrara quartz & Calacatta quartz (marble-lookalikes), Lactea quartz (white with thick grain and mirror chips), Grey Reflection quartz (grey with mirror flecks), Cemento quartz (plain grey) etc.


When it comes to granite, our main supplier is Levantina who offer multitude of colours, whether it be Absolute Black granite & Blue Pearl granite & Star Galaxy granite or even natural quartzite composites like Aquabella, they’ve got it all. Granite worktops are usually rich with veins, granules, shadings, blemishes etc. This is their trademark quality – their organic formation leads to creation of various patterns and designs that are entirely unique, and desired by many. This is why Levantina always has a lot of customers, and the materials they supply are constantly in demand.


Year by year ceramic is becoming more popular. It is now regarded as a classy, novel material which is often chosen by people with deeper pockets. Our main supplier of the ceramic materials is Neolith, who is the main supplier of ceramics on the European market. This is because the products are relatively new, and there aren’t any other companies, just yet, who are willing to complete against Neolith’s superior technology. The best thing about ceramic worktops is that they all come with a slate texture (i.e. the surface is matted all over). This grants it a very sturdy appearance and provides it real stone-like qualities that aren’t always present in sleek & polished granite/quartz materials. What’s more, ceramics are offered in 12mm thickness, compared to quartz/granite minimum standard 20/30mm.

So, if you are searching for reliable, prime-quality material for your bathroom, kitchen, living room or any other interior, feel free to browse our range of colours/materials online. Alternatively, if you desire some ceramic, quartz or granite worktops Warrington, feel free to visit our showroom located only half an hour away from Warrington city-centre. Our collection of samples is immense, so you’ll certainly find something that catches your eye!

When are we available?

We are open (workshop & showroom) from 9am – 17:00pm everyday, apart from Saturdays, when only our showroom remains open from 9am – 13:00pm. Don’t hesitate to visit us and plan out your project today! We’ll provide you a quotation, advice, show you a wide range of slabs, colours and offcuts – whatever you desire to complement your interior, or exterior!

If you book/order a project with us, then we’ll get it completed very quickly. For offcuts e.g. windowsills, upstands, tables etc. (i.e. smaller projects) we typically need 1-3 days to produce the pieces. For production of full-sized kitchen worktops, we usually require 4-6 days, which means on the 7th day we’ll be at your property, poised to install the pieces. Templating lasts somewhere between 1-2 hours and installations last slightly longer – 3-4 hours. This means that on a good week, you can have your worktops installed under a week from the day you agree to use our services.

Be sure, however, that your kitchen needs to be fully fitted before we can come out and template/install the worktops, so if you desire a smooth process then don’t forget to finish off your kitchen first!

We cordially invite you to our showroom. Because nothing is more important than beholding the material you love in real life, under natural light and under a naked eye. It makes all the difference, so if you want to be 100% about your choice, start by visiting our premise where stone is located around every corner. Our office/showroom is even filled with worktop examples (2cm and 3cm thickness), as well as floor and wall cladding. This includes granite, ceramic and quartz worktops – everything is available for you to inspect, examine and choose from! And all these elements are surrounded by hundreds of samples from all the aforementioned prestigious stone companies. Don’t wait, if you’re looking to embellish your house with quartzes, ceramics or granite worktops Warrington, then get in touch as soon as! There’s no need to book appointments. We suit ourselves to your schedule & demands.