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Granite and quartz worktops – Bringing you worktops material from all over the world

Granite worktops PrestonIt is a common misconception that the granite distributed across the UK is derived from Europe alone. But in actual fact, granite is a natural rock found across the entire globe, and most of it can be found in Africa, India or Brazil. Granite is far from being solely native to Europe. It’s a worldwide material.

Granite worktops: Add a little exoticness to your kitchen!

In York, people are very much aware of granite and it’s worldly origin. Polish Granite has visited vast customers in this historic city, and most specifically requested worktops materials from outside Europe to add a little ‘exoticness’ or ‘oriental vibe’ to their kitchens. It sounds silly, but there’s something fundamental in these statements. After all, when you gaze into an intense, deep-coloured, grained/naturally veined patterns that run across the worktops, you cannot help but deem them as extraordinary, remote, beautiful alien creations wrought by volcanoes from afar. A material unfamiliar to Europe, or the unvaried quotidian landscape that surrounds us.

York granite and quartz worktops – A traditional city with strong desire for traditional material. But Why?

Intrestingly, the archeologically derived artefacts signify that many of the Jorvik dwellers (Anglo-Saxons & Vikings) loved exotic goods: marble statues, black granite & quartz gems, brown stone figurines etc. As trade bloomed, stone was imported into Britain via York in copious abundance – Byzantine, Rome, Greece, Africa, India etc. It certainly was not utilised in the same ways (i.e. in form of quartz or granite worktops), but people still shared a great affection/admiration to multicoloured ‘exotic’ granite stones. There’s no doubt, that this drive and fondness towards exotic granite stone goods has been maintained over the last thousand years and now manifests itself within the people abiding this eccentric city.

Do Quartz worktops offer this unique exotic effect?

Of course! Quartz worktops are man-made materials, but many contemporary designs are purposely made to imitate natural granite or marble. It is currently a very fashionable trend, therefore vast quartz manufacturers try to create rich, veiny, grained materials. The marble-lookalikes are particularly rising high in popularity, with almost every major company (Fugen quartz, Compac quartz, Silestone quartz, Caesarstone quartz, Cimstone quartz or Technistone quartz etc.) creating stunning marble-looking quartz materials each year. Therefore, if you are from York, and you always fancied the peculiar distinctiveness of granite or marble, but you appreciate the special kitchen worktop friendly qualities of quartz, then these mimics will be an ideal choice!

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