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Granite worktops PrestonGranite doesn’t only come from Europe – many do like Scandinavian Blue Pearl, but as a matter of a fact the most common ones e.g. Absolute Black or Shivakashi come from India, others are quarried in South Africa, Brazil or China. It’s a worldwide material, only colours and their compositions vary. In York, people are very much aware of this and Polish Granite has actually visited a number of customers in this historic city that specifically said they desired material from outside of Europe to add a little ‘exoticness’ or ‘oriental vibe’ to their kitchens. It sounds silly, but there’s something in these statements: after all, sometimes when you gaze into an intense, deep-coloured, grained or naturally veined, polished patterns that run across a worktop, you can’t help but deem them as extraordinary, remote, alien creations wrought by volcanoes from afar.

Granite worktops York – Traditional city with traditional material

York is a centre of culture and rich history. It used to be a capital of Northumbria back in the Anglo-Saxon times, overtaken by Vikings in 9th Century and after the collapse of Danelaw and Scandinavian rule in 10th Century it was put back to Anglo-Saxon hands. After that the Normans took over and by then the place truly became multicultural. For that reason, York was always a vital trading spot, full of market places, ports and exchange points. On a daily basis merchants and pedlars could be seen haggling, bartering and selling goods from all over Europe and beyond.

The archeologically derived artefacts from the contemporary times show that many of the Jorvik dwellers loved exotic goods, marble statues, granite tombstones, quartz gems, stone figurines etc. Stone was as prominent then as it is now! Perhaps it wasn’t utilised in the same ways (i.e. in form of worktops), but people still shared a great attraction/admiration to multicoloured stones. This habit most likely came to England with trade, but the traders themselves plausibly derived the utilisation of granite, marble and quartz from Byzantine, Rome, Greece and Africa.

So who knows, perhaps the drive of contemporary York citizens for supply of granite worktops York could be due to the revival of old traditions, the need for people to be more cultural, and have foreign possessions in their homes, providing their living space a hint of lavish exoticness. It’s all our theory, but perhaps there’s something in that too! After all, traditions are passed through time, and some old values/habits are maintained!

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