Granite Kitchen Worktops & Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Our Passion

Our Granite Kitchen Worktops & Quartz Kitchen Worktops. – Our opinion:


Working with granite & quartz stone is our expertise. Creating beautiful quartz and granite worktops is our passion. Making customers happy is our goal. Polish Granite has existed on the UK market for almost 14 years, and in that time, we have certainly spread our wings, delivering the best granite worktops products to hundreds of customers each year. This success is primarily down to our dedicated and motivated team of professional masons, fitters and customer service employees, who have outshined all in this industry sector.

We have recently undertaken brief interviews with our staff, to find out what they think of a granite and quartz kitchen worktops business, and their roles within this industry:

Some of our employees underline their thoughts regarding the hands-on granite and quartz masonry trade, and their involvement:

I’ve worked with Polish Granite for many many years now, and I must admit that I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. I usually measure out & do fitting of the granite kitchen worktops, although I tend to do the polishing of granite worktops as well as quartz worktops marble. I travel, often, to places like Greater London to fit the London granite countertops. It’s a fantastic feeling during the installation, when we get the London granite worktops through the customer’s door threshold and see their jaws drop! And then two, three hours later when everything is perfectly fitted, they are still awe-inspired and thank us like we just renovated the whole London granite kitchen! Man-made and natural stone worktops are my life at the moment, and I’m glad that I can use my passion to fit these products and make people happy.
Andrzej, M. (Lead Kitchen Granite Worktops Marble Fitter and Kitchen Template Operator)

20 years of experience in masonry:

We constantly tackle the complex kitchen worktops jobs – but that’s great, such projects bring me joy! With latest technology available and such vast opportunities to test my skills I do pretty much anything: double ogee edge profiles on granite, 60mm downstands on quartz, vast rounded corners, mitred side panels and joins, gigantic and complex sinks cut-outs etc. But above all, each day I tackle a different form of unique and truly spectacular granite and quartz material products. I especially love the modern granite marble worktops lookalike colours e.g. Calacatta, Marquina or Statuario colours, as well as the 3D looking granite kitchen worktops and the vein-filled natural stone e.g. quartzite materials that are delivered from all corners of the world. It truly feels like sometimes I’m working with an out-of-this-world marvel material.
Rafal, S. (Lead Granite Worktops Mason and Polisher)

Our workshop manufactures are integral to the production process. Without them, anything from top-quality granite worktops to bathroom worktops would not exist. But who else plays a vital role in deliverance of kitchen worktops?

Our overseers and members of our Customer Service team are the main guys behind ensuring you, the customer, get the best advice & pick out the best colour for your kitchen. They are also the ones who ensure the whole kitchen worktops process is managed flawlessly, from the beginning to the end.

Some exemplar comments from Polish Granite employees. This time, those carrying out the office work:

Tackling all of the quotations is a true pleasure. My job is important – I need to make sure that customers are provided with the most attractive kitchen worktops price, so that they aren’t deterred, but choose us as the quartz worktop company. But at the same time, I need to ensure that our suppliers have a specific granite or quartz material in stock, they are in good condition and that we can make a good enough profit at the end of the day. So I have a lot of responsibility on my hands, but it’s the best feeling ever when I help a client choose that perfect product, and they respond positively, so a single, free quote instantly turns into a full-fledged granite worktops or vanity tops project. It’s a great feeling.
Kamil F, Manchester (Member of Polish Granite Customer Service Team – Dep. of Sales)

Even the manager’s day is filled with vast responsibilities:

As the manager of a kitchen worktops company I have the responsibility to ensure everything goes smoothly, from start to finish. This means that from the quotation, and first correspondence with customer, to our templating service and deliverance of high quality granite worktops kitchen material – everything needs to run in flawless fashion, especially during complex London granite projects. Doing this can be stressful, but at the end of the week seeing a job after job being pristinely completed is an incredible relief, and a breath of satisfaction. After all, I get a perspective and an overlook into each single step of the procedure, so knowing that each week we leave 3-6 customers and their dream kitchen in a happy place truly means a lot. It leaves them content with the purchase, our quality granite worktops / quartz product and services we provide. In the end, natural granite worktops, quartz kitchen worktops and vanity tops are our life, so we are happy to see this kitchen worktops business prosper.
Matthew F. (Company Manager)

But dealing with the customers is not the first step. There are also those who ensure we are first noticed by customers, and that word of our deeds and fantastic kitchen granite worktops is spread via the internet!

We are constantly cooperating with marketing campaign officers who make sure our company is not only visible online, but that our granite kitchen worktops advertisement is persuasive and attractive. Our officers are working hard to ensure we are noticed by potential customers and our quartz granite marble worktops brand awareness is correctly promoted across Google. This allows people who do not visit our granite and quartz showroom to find us, browse and explore our site, and discover our contact info.

What does our chief marketing officer think of his role?

I manage Polish Granite’s Facebook, Youtube & Instagram profile and I’m also responsible for website marketing of the Polish Granite company. I guess I could start off by saying that Polish Granite has grown immensely over the last couple of years. We now reach out to customers across the whole of UK, and each month deliver tens of granite marble, ceramic, dekton and quartz kitchen worktops to customers across the nation. Anything from Edinburgh granite through to London granite. I feel grateful that I am the one that is able to partake in such progress. Each week I can share new pictures from the finished kitchen worktops projects e.g. the many London granite trips we make each month. I also write on our blog and webpages regarding our achievements, offers & services; showcase evidence of our quartz kitchen worktops projects etc.
Matthew, S. (Lead Online Polish Granite Marketing Officer)

Why should you choose Polish Granite as your granite / quartz supplier?
  • Our team, as the quotes above indicate, are filled with passion towards this industry. Therefore they provide a unique and valuable service that can’t be paralelled. They dedicate their full time, energy and ardout to provide everyone a top-quality experience.
  • Our turnaround is unmatched. We can provide you a quotation, a day later be with you on a template and 4-7 days after that have your kitchen worktops fitted, even if you live outside of Manchester. We value every customer in the UK, and deliver our kitchen worktops from tips of Scotland to Kentish and Cornish regions. It’s because we prioritise efficiency and swift labour, ensuring you receive the desired granite / guartz material without unnecessary delays.
  • As the comments above showcase, each of our employees is a professional, with at least 10 years experience in the trade. This means that we perform our duties with experise and utmost efficiency. Moreover, thanks to their ample skills, our keyworkers are able to carry out complicated and projects, anything from cladding to vast complex edges like double ogee.
  • Our quotations are completely free. You can either complete one by using our online quote system or request one via email or phone. Simple provide your kitchen details e.g. plans of your cabinate surface area and additional details like special requirements, and our customer service team will be with you the same day to send you an attractive price plan.
  • We only deal with the most reliable, renowned European stone suppliers – therefore you’re guaranteed to be provided with kitchen worktops that will last you a lifetime. Some of the companies that we cooperate with even often a free guarantee in case something happens to your kitchen worktops.
  • Because of our long-lasting and trusted partnerships with some of the suppliers like Compac, Fugen, Levantina or Silestone, we receive fantastic discounts from the suppliers. And we instantly transfer these benefits to our customers. This means we save you the money and provide you a cheaper product for a bargain price, that cannot be matched by other suppliers on the British market.
  • We complete all given projects and match even the most complicated demands of the customers. We rarely say no, unless a project is truly unfeasible.
  • Our team is available 6 days a week!

    As we mentioned above, our customer service team is filled with a bunch of knowledgeable, friendly people who are willing to help you with any enquiry. Feel free to email or call us or click HERE to gain our contact details. Our kitchen quartz and granite worktops kitchen sales team will also be able to provide you professional advice in regards to kitchen design and styles, contemporary designs and contrasting/matching colours – thus saving you a lot of time, so that you don’t have to read or search further on the internet or browse countless gallery sites.

    Get in touch!

    Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding our offer, slab supply, thicknesses, finishes or maintenance of the granite kitchen worktops, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will also provide counsel in regards to man-made and natural stone maintenance, and highlight differences between quartz / natural granite worktops kitchen and hard solid wood / laminate worktops kitchen.