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Adapting granite offcuts to your garden – How to get the best results for less money

Home garden does not only compose of flower beds, shrubs, and trees – a nice décor is usually an amalgam of elements that affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. One of the materials used to enhance the garden’s beauty is natural stone.

Below we thoroughly describe how granite offcuts can be used in the garden.

Below we answer how to correctly incorporate stone into a landscape, let’s answer: what is granite?

Granite is a decorative stone that is highly valued for its near-perfect properties. It is very durable, hard-wearing and solid, not to mention available in a wide array of colours. When we order a stone product, we can choose between a range of grey, black, light grey, pink, red, green or vast number of other hues. Some new stones also have glass-like sparkling properties or golden undertones, other stones are composed of a network of veins and minerals that provide it that distinctive other-worldly appearance. In Europe, you can find granite rock or granite stones imported from Norway, France, Portugal, or Italy. But majority are brought from exotic countries like Brazil or India.

Decorative granite stones and their properties

Granite is a beautiful stone of extraordinary hardness. Thanks to such characteristic, it has been used in construction since antiquity. Though its fame did not diminish with time. To this day it is used to build monumental buildings or stone pillars of bridges. Stones in smaller sizes are used in the construction of roads. UK’s malls like Manchester Trafford Centre are cladded in marble, while Picadilly Gardens fountains are layered in granite.

It’s a very resistant rock to unfavourable weather conditions. Its liquid absorbability is minimal, and after appropriate impregnation, it drops practically to zero. Granite rock is also resistant to any abrasion or corrosion. Curtesy of these great qualities, it is can be adapted to suit almost any specific application, including homes, bars, pubs, hotels and other public & private landscapes.

How to create garden stone decoration? Granite landscaping ideas

Stone fence outdoor

The use of stone itself gives the impression of grounded heaviness. Thanks to the appropriate combination of stone materials we will obtain the effect of sturdiness dispersed across the whole garden. An impression that not even hurricanes will bring downfall to the structure.

Garden paths made of stones

Granite gravel or pavement is the most durable material to decorate your garden decoratively and functionally. It will fit perfectly into the greenery of the garden. Due to the fact that the granite gravel is available in different shades and colours, the effects that can be achieved thanks to it are very interesting and varied in form. Stone garden decorations are also resistant to external factors e.g. weather elements. So we don’t have to worry about the crack, crumble or destroy our decorative garden paths from granite gravel or slates forming pavement.

Stone sculptures in the garden

They are not only a decoration, but also allow you to create a unique atmosphere. You can use pebbles and sandstones or rock fragments straight from the quarries. Pieces of granite rock blend very well with plants. When designing a rock garden, you should achieve the garden of a mountain slope. Using coloured stones or boulders, we will get the desired effect. However, too many stones should be avoided. It is better to use a few large boulders than dozens of tiny stones.

Beautiful housing for a pond

Ponds are a very decorative and popular way of diversifying the garden landscape. However, they also require an appropriate setting. Granite rock is the most obvious choice – thanks to it the pond in the garden will gain a natural, attractive appearance. In addition, as in the case of the rock garden, the expansion of grasses and weeds will be limited, the removal of which in the vicinity of the pond can be extremely burdensome.

Stone garden architecture

Stones tables, benches, pots, gazeboes are utility items that can be disposed of made of stone. Manufacturers offer a variety of patterns, shapes, and colours. Depending on the garden style every customer will surely find something for himself. Their unquestionable advantage is the fact that they are heavy – so no gust of wind, no hale or heavy snowfall will impact their integrity.

Finishing the flower beds

A small granite rock can be used to finish the edges of the flower beds in the garden. They will play a decorative role but also limit the growth of weeds.

Barbecue from granite rock

Because of its gastronomic functions, a stone barbeque should be located in the right place in the garden. Ideally, if it will be relatively close to our house, but far from our neighbours’ house.

Granite delivery services

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