Adapting granite offcuts to your garden

granite offcuts

Home garden is not only flowers, shrubs and trees – it is also a variety of elements that affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. One of the materials that is often used in the creation of a garden are natural stones. Here is how granite offcuts can be used in the garden.

What is granite?

Granite is a raw material that is highly valued for its properties. It is very durable and hard, and at the same time it is available in various colours. When making a choice, we can choose between grey, dark grey, black, light grey, almost white, pink, red or green. Some varieties of granite also sparkle like glassy or gold. In Poland, granite is mined in the mountains, specifically in the Tatras and the Karkonosze Mountains. However, you can also buy granite slabs imported from France, India, China, Portugal or Italy.

Granite slabs – learn about their properties

Granite is a raw material of extraordinary hardness. Thanks to it, it has been used in construction since antiquity. However, its fame did not diminish with time. To this day it is used to build monumental buildings or pillars of bridges. A smaller size in the form of cobblestones is used in the construction of roads. Granite gravestones and monuments, which cannot be scratched, are also very popular.

It is also very resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. It will not be damaged by frost, wind or even water. Its absorbability is minimal, and after appropriate impregnation or resining, it drops practically to zero. Granite is also not easy to rub off, it will not be destroyed by chemical compounds or fire. For these reasons, it is often used in homes as a kitchen worktop.

Use of granite slabs

Granite slabs are used as a finishing material both in houses and flats, as well as outside, in the arrangement of gardens or driveways. In houses they are used to make floors, buildings, kitchen worktops, window sills, fireplace casings, stairs, wall cladding, washbasins or shelves. On the outside, granite can be used for composing paving stones on the driveway, arranging terraces and gardens, laying a path to the house or cladding on the façade.

How to use granite offcuts in the garden?

Granite fence. It can have full or openwork forms. It can be combined with other materials, e.g. wooden rails, bricks or metal bars. The use of stone itself gives the impression of heaviness. Thanks to the appropriate combination of materials we will obtain the effect of lightness. Stones in the fence can be laid loosely or regularly. The use of climbing plants will give the stone fence a natural character and soften the raw appearance.

Garden paths made of granite. It is the most durable way to decorate your garden in a decorative and functional way. They will fit perfectly into the greenery of the garden.  Due to the fact that the raw material is available in different shades and colors, the effects that can be achieved thanks to it are very interesting and varied in their form. Granite garden decorations that we decide on are also resistant to external factors. So we do not have to worry about the fact that over time they will crack, crumble or simply destroy.

Sculptures. They are not only a decoration, but also allow you to create a unique atmosphere. You can use pebbles and sandstones or rock fragments straight from the quarries. Pieces of granite blend very well with rocky plants. When designing a rock garden, you can give it the character of a mountain slope. Using coloured stones or boulders, we will get the desired effect. However, too many stones should be avoided. It is better to use a few large boulders than dozens of tiny stones.

Housing for pond. Ponds are a very popular way of diversifying the garden landscape. However, they also require an appropriate setting. Granite is the most obvious choice – thanks to it the pond will gain a natural, attractive appearance. In addition, as in the case of rock gardens, the expansion of grasses and weeds will be limited, the removal of which in the vicinity of the pond can be extremely burdensome due to the limited availability.

Stone garden architecture. Granite tables, benches, pots, gazeboes are utility elements that can be disposed of made of stone. Manufacturers offer a variety of patterns, shapes and colors. Depending on the nature of the garden you will surely find something for yourself. Their unquestionable advantage is the fact that they are heavy. Therefore, there is no need to hide them for the winter, and there is no fear that they will fall prey to a thief.

Finishing the flower beds. Small granite cuttings can be used to finish the edges of the flower beds. They will not only play a decorative role, but will also limit the growth of weeds.

Stone barbecue. Because of its gastronomic functions, it should be located in the right place in the garden. Ideally, if it will be relatively close to our house, but far from our neighbors’ house. It can also be planted among shrubs, and a granite garden path can lead to it.

Granite slabs, which can be used as a surface in the garden, its paths or worktops of garden tables will surely add chic and elegance to it. If that’s what we want to achieve – the goal will certainly be achieved.


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