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Affordable quartz kitchen worktops. Why they’re great alternative cheap stone work surfaces:

Quartz worktops are a relatively new material on the market. Fashion for them came to us from Italy. Although they appeared only a few years ago, very quickly found recognition among investors and interior designers. Their numerous advantages and impressive properties make quality quartz worktops have many different applications.

Currently they are one of the most popular finishing materials, used in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as a decorative element. A multitude of colours, patterns and the possibility of imitation of various materials, allows you to go wild in the interior design, adapting the appearance of sinter to many, sometimes radically different architectural styles. So the question arises, whether quartz worktops can be used instead of previously valued cheap stone worktops? The truth is that in many cases already replace it.

Quartz worktops versus cheap stone worktops alternatives

We can talk about the advantages of quartz kitchen worktops for a long time, because the list of their advantages is indeed impressive. There is no need to colour or stretch the truth. It is enough to mention facts, and these speak for themselves.

Quartz kitchen worktops slabs are 300 x 100 cm. They can of course be cut to smaller sizes, but for this you need to use specialized equipment. Large format quartz kitchen slabs used to finish countertops in the kitchen and bathroom reduce the need for joints. They create a solid surface, which with the choice of an interesting pattern can look very original, impressive and elegant.

The large size of quartz worktops does not at all mean that the quality material has to be thick or heavy. This is definitely not the case. Unlike natural stone used in interior design, 300 x 100 cm quartz worktop slabs can be as thin as 3 mm. Originally they were produced only in this dimension, now there are slightly wider kitchen worktops slabs available, which further widens their range of application.

What is important, quartz kitchen is not only much thinner than stone worktops but also much lighter than it (more than 10 times). 1 m2 of this material weighs only 8 kg, which makes it much easier to install. It is also much cheaper than non-porous granite worktops, although it should be noted that a quality quartz kitchen does not belong to the cheapest finishing materials. Their advantages make quartz worktops UK an excellent alternative to worktops granite. Although they are much thinner and lighter than stone worktops, they have similar properties and offer many possibilities of application in interiors.

Stunning granite quartz and its extraordinary properties

Resistance of quartz worktop is similar to that of natural stone worktops. Like granite worktops they are durable, strong and resistant to mechanical damage. Quartz kitchen worktop is not sensitive to solvents (both organic and inorganic), detergents and disinfectants. There are no contraindications to cleaning sinters with chemicals commonly used in households. Plates do not discolor, do not abrade and are not subject to scratches.

Quartz worktops behave perfectly in contact with food. Under the influence of water no substances are released from them, which allows the use of plates as worktops in the kitchen workspace. At this point it is worth mentioning another important recommendation – quartz worktops do not allow the development of mold, fungi and bacteria.

An important feature is also their extraordinary appearance, rich color palette and original design. Quartz kitchen worktops can imitate natural stone (granite or marble), metal, wood, coal, architectural concrete. This allows them to fit into interiors of different styles. They are characterized not only by an interesting color, but also the structure. Kitchen worktops can be uniformly smooth or with an interesting texture. They perfectly reflect the colours and drawings of imitated quality materials. Even if subjected to intensive use, they remain unchanged.

Quartz worktops are characterized by low absorption of liquids and high resistance to dirt. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to their resistance to UV radiation, frost and other weather conditions, such worktops are an excellent material for finishing buildings in the outdoor space.

Thanks to the fact that they are made of natural components and do not contain any organic dyes, quartz sinters do not change under the influence of unfavourable weather and retain their color and texture. The lack of organic compounds in their composition also makes these worktops resistant to fire and high temperatures. Even during a fire they do not emit smoke or other toxic substances.

In addition to numerous advantages of quartz worktops they also have disadvantages. The first is the price of quartz worktops, which remain more expensive than many finishing materials. Another disadvantage is that cutting sinter worktops to smaller sizes requires the use of specialized equipment. Therefore, most often there is a need to use the services of a company that has such equipment. The same is true in the case of beveling the material to create aesthetic joints.

Use of quartz worktops in new kitchen

Such a kitchen worktop is a composition of natural materials. The material, which is initially in the form of powder, is pressed under high pressure during the manufacturing process. In the following stages, a color layer is applied to guarantee an interesting design, and the sinter is fired at a temperature exceeding 12000C. In this way, quartz worktops are created that is almost ideal for interior and exterior finishing.

Grey or white quartz in interiors is used to make floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen worktops, window sills, cabinet fronts, as well as stairs and fireplaces. In outdoor areas they are used as a cladding for building elevations and to finish terraces. They look great in rooms decorated in different architectural styles. Wide range of colours and patterns of quartz worktops gives designers and investors the opportunity to create a variety of arrangements.

Numerous advantages of sinter worktops, wide range of applications and rich design make it one of the most desirable finishing materials. This is the hit of recent years, which will undoubtedly long remain in the interiors of our homes.

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