What is the best stone for the kitchen?

best stone for the kitchen

What is the best stone for the kitchen? This is the question many of you ask when deciding on furnishing your kitchen. One of the possibilities are natural stones. They can give your kitchen classy touch and allure which some say may not be comparable with engineered stones. Texture, depth and colors of natural stones are truly unique and can really set your kitchen off. How to effectively use these qualities in furnishing your kitchen? The answer is to carefully consider your needs and find material with suitable features.

The best stone for the kitchen – important factors

Deciding on the best stone for the kitchen with so wide range of products available on the market paradoxically is not an easy task. As with engineered stones and surfaces there are many factors you need to take into account. First of all kitchen is most often a vital part of your living space, full of everyday activities. Therefore, it’s not only aesthetics that matters but also factors such as durability of the material used, its usefulness (think of all the spots and stains that need to be cleaned, of all the possible impacts that may affect the surface, of all the possible activities etc.) design which suits all your practical needs, the possibility of fabrication, installation and finally cost. Every kitchen is different, so there is no way to find the best stone for the kitchen fit for all.

The best stone for the kitchen – materials

The best stone for kitchen countertops considering the natural stones are: granite, marble and soapstone. They all have different features so it’s really important to carefully think over what suits our needs best. Granite is a rock formed from magma, densely grained and very hard. It can be polished in a variety of ways. It’s known for its unique color – each slab is different and its high durability – it’s almost impossible to scratch. Therefore, it’s a lifetime investment. However, you need to be careful with liquids, if they are not removed immediately stains may be left.
Marble is a metamorphic rock, the name derives from Greek and means to sparkle. It guarantees the timeless elegance with its unique color and veining. In contrast to granite marble is a softer material which can be scratched. Soapstone is made of mineral talc. Its name derives from the smooth surface, in touch similar to soap. It emanates certain warmth hence it’s often used in traditional interiors. It is hardly resistant to all kind of stains and bacteria. It’s also non porous so it doesn’t absorb liquids. The color range is however limited, from white to dark shades. These are just a few distinct features of the most popular best stone for the kitchen worktops.

With regards to price natural stones described here are not by definition more expensive then engineered materials. It all depends on variety of factors, starting from customizing the project, ordering material, fabrication, delivery etc. Certainly it’s an option worth considering.

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