Black granite

Black granite kitchen worktop

Black granite – favorite material for kitchen worktops.

Black granite is the widely used material for cooking area worktops with 90% of our clients selecting these types of colours. As they are the a excellent choice for anybody trying to find a plain black colour that should complement almost any type of kitchen. Black granite worktops offer an everlasting classic appearance that should endure the test of time which will not appear old-fashioned and backdated such as other colours.

However you need to make sure that your black granite worktops are cut from big premium grade slabs, which are generally 3 meters by 2 meters. As with most granite variations black granite is available in different grades and you need to ensure your is top quality.

Also they are different types of Black granite worktops such as African Black, Zimbabwe Black, Absolute Black and Spike Black. The highest quality black granite worktops are Absolute Black from India as these are the darkest and densest black granite you can find. A lot of companies most recently have started using African Back, Zimbabwe Black and Spike Black because they are a less expensive to buy. However these more affordable blacks are of lower quality and often greyer in colour in comparison to Indian Absolute Black.

For that reason I always used to advise finding a sample of your black granite worktops and if possible it is usually a good idea to see the slabs your granite worktops are going to be designed from. To make sure they are cut from big quality granite slabs and inquire your granite worktops supplier how your black granite is taken from. We only order our Absolute Black slabs directly from the quarry in India and hand choose the finest quality black offered. Also due to the fact we are one of the major granite worktops suppliers in the country means our huge buying potential lets us to demand the best quality at the best price.

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