Ceramic walls

Advantage of ceramic walls.

Ordinary wall tiles are already a relic. We have in our offer a product, which a short while ago appeared on market and it already gains ground. Ceramic material is the perfect solution for wall cladding. Excellent durability and resistance to scratches make the opportunity to use it inside the building for example in kitchen or bathroom and even outside. According to its high hygienic characteristic, including water resistance, bacteria and fungus resistance, they are ideal for kitchen and bathroom wall design. Especially for bathtub and shower building projects. Taking into account their light weight and sizes, they are much more easy and fast to install than usual wall tiles. Ceramic material can be used not only on walls but also on the floor. Thanks to this all problems with surface matching for these two areas will be solved.

Ceramic walls are freeze and thaw resistant. They are also resistant to high temperatures and do not loose the colour depth under the influence of UV rays. It is surprising that such a solid and lasting material is so lightweight. Consequently, it does not make any bigger difficulties to our fitters in a large scale projects. Thanks to above-mentioned features, they are excellent solution for external arrangements. Its multifunctionality and adaptiveness to any type of surface let to save the time and money during installation. Excellent durability and toughness of ceramic walls is confirmed by the fact that they are also used in flooring design for heavy transit areas.

Multiplicitous advantages makes Neolith a product flexible in use with advanced technical and aesthetic capabilities. Neolith is resistant to scratching, deep abrasion and any strong cleaning liquids. If you want to your home or your company internal and external appearance make a really good impression on your neighbours or clients, finish walls with ceramic offered by us.