Colourful cooking spaces – brave choices

Colourful cooking spaces

Why colours matter

Colour plays a really important role in our lives. Colours can easily influence our mood and invoke plenty of emotions. Colours research and study have proved time and time again that colours can also influence our behaviour. For example, orange is recognized for its influence on our eating habits, it simply makes us feel hungry. As a result, orange is frequently used in restaurants or cafes, where managers want their guests to feel hungry and simply eat and eat without end. Of course, colures and their meaning can’t be limited to such simple things and effects, yet they can definitely change the way we perceive the world  around us.

White washed kitchens versus colourful spaces

Home interior designers and architects are familiar with colours’ influence on our perception and behaviour therefore, there’s no surprise that they use the power of colour and its magic when designing and creating spaces. Although, modern design favours white washed interiors, there’s still some place for colourful spaces vibrant with energy and life. White washed kitchens are particularly interesting examples here – think of sterile white walls, clean lines, smooth surfaces – typical modern design embodying the features of minimalism, simplicity and high functionality.

Still, white washed kitchens can be easily diminished in popularity by colourful cooking spaces. After all, white is just one colour and its influence is limited. Colourful cooking spaces, on the other hand, are vibrant with various colours, vivid and very often contrastive. Such unusual colour mix can have a huge influence on the way we perceive kitchen spaces and generally feel about cooking. Cooking is suddenly becoming a kind of art, a magic trick, where proportions and ingredients matter a lot. Still, if colourful cooking spaces are to fulfil their goal, that is fill you up with positive energy and pour colours’ energy into your body and mind, they need to be properly arranged.

Colourful cooking spaces – examples

First of all, using the inner power of contrast is one of the best practices when arranging colourful cooking spaces. Think for example about such combinations as the following: barn red and sage green, leaf green and milky white, vivid red and midnight black, cool grey and energetic orange, lemon and lime and many others. Careful choice of colours as combined with proper quality material can set off even the dullest kitchen. Vibrant energy of red can be easily contained within black’s tranquillity. The inner power of orange can easily energise the cool grey and create a really unusual mixture. The possibilities here and  endless and the only actual limit is your imagination.

Remember only to be extra careful when it comes to choice of the material. It’s not only the high quality paint that can turn dull table topping into sparkly ocean blue, it’s also the very raw materials of a given thing. It’s particularly important in case of kitchen worktops – sometimes they can’t be easily painted and it’s best to choose some original quality materials such as for example natural stones recognised for their unique colours and underlying veining.

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