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Modern kitchen colours: what kitchen design trends are popular today?

Are you planning a renovation or maybe you have just bought a new apartment and are wondering how to arrange the space? What colours for the kitchen are currently in vogue? Light or dark kitchen? White, grey or coloured? Well-matched shades are half of the arrangement success!

That’s why we have prepared loads of inspiration especially for you, which will certainly help you choose the right colours for the kitchen in your house!

Colour schemes: white painted kitchens vs. colourful spaces

Home interior designers and architects are familiar with colours’ influence on our perception and behaviour therefore, there’s no surprise that they use the power of colour and its magic when designing and creating eye catching kitchen or living room spaces. Although, modern kitchen trends favours white painted kitchen interiors, there’s still some place for colourful spaces vibrant with energy and life. White kitchens are particularly interesting examples here – think of sterile white walls, clean lines, smooth surfaces – typical modern kitchen design embodying the features of minimalism, simplicity and high functionality.

Still, white kitchen trends can be easily diminished in popularity by colourful painted kitchen or work surfaces. After all, white is just one modern colour and its influence is limited. Colourful kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are vibrant with various colours, vivid and very often contrastive. Such unusual colour scheme can have a huge influence on the way we perceive kitchen spaces and generally feel about cooking. Cooking is suddenly becoming a kind of art, a magic trick, where proportions and ingredients matter a lot. Still, if colourful cooking spaces are to fulfil their goal, that is fill you up with positive energy and pour colours’ energy into your body and mind, they need to be properly arranged.

Modern kitchen colour ideas

First of all, using the inner power of contrast is one of the best practices when arranging colourful cooking spaces. Think for example about such combinations as the following: bright pink and sage green, leaf green and milky white, vivid red and midnight black, navy blue and energetic yellow, lemon and lime and many others. Careful choice of colours as combined with proper quality material can set off even the dullest kitchen. Vibrant energy of red can be easily contained within black’s tranquillity. The inner power of orange can easily energise the cool grey and create a really unusual mixture. The possibilities here and endless and the only actual limit is your imagination.

Remember only to be extra careful when it comes to choice of the material. It’s not only the high quality paint that can turn dull table topping into sparkly ocean blue, it’s also the very raw materials of a given thing. It’s particularly important in case of kitchen worktops – sometimes they can’t be easily painted and it’s best to choose some original quality materials such as for example natural stones recognised for their unique colours and underlying veining.

Modern colours of kitchen accessories

To dramatically change the look of your modern kitchen, you don’t need complicated procedures and a complete overhaul of the room. Just a few small changes, interesting kitchen colours of equipment, and your kitchen design will gain a completely new face. Kitchen colours can be subdued and provide a universal background for other appliances. They can also form the basis for the selection of other kitchen accessories, be the main color accent and stand out in relation to the rest of the range. In addition to changing the palette of the walls, furniture is important. They take up most of the space in the kitchen and, together with the appliances, determine the character of the room.

In white kitchens, you can bet on expressive accessories and decorations. We recommend a breadbox in a blue, green or purple color. Containers for spices, flour and sugar can also be exposed and be part of the modern kitchen decoration. We love how richly jarred bread cutting boards are presented on the kitchen counter. Against bright, solid furniture, mount a large carved metal or brass panel on which to hang pots or pans. You can also display knives, spice containers or cutlery.

Interior design: the only thing that limits you is your imagination

Colors for the kitchen are the basis of space design. Do not be afraid of diametrical solutions, because of a low or narrow kitchen. With the help of colours and their skilful placement, you can optically enlarge or reduce the space, and even compensate for any deficiencies in the appearance of the room. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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