Draining grooves

Draining grooves in your kitchen.

Draining grooves are very popular amongst our worktop section of products. They are literally simple grooves that have been cut within the material in order to make the water that is splashed on the sides of the sink gather in the grooves and finally to let the water flow directly back into the sink, it’s as simple as that. The biggest aim of the grooves is to provide the worktop a more professional look, but also to protect it from water that can harm the stone worktop in the long term if not cleaned soon.

This solution is one of the most useful and interesting of all worktop’s details and is an excellent complement of our offer. Thanks to this brilliant idea we gain some free space, what lets us to fulfill freely our kitchen duties. You can use draining grooves exactly as you wish. The main quality of the grooves is that you can save your money, as you do not need to buy a separate dish drainer. You may put the dishes directly on them. Additionally whole system was specially profiled to improve the water flow. Draining grooves are also used to enhance the decorative function of kitchen countertop. Another their value is that they perfectly combine with Belfast sink, which will never go out of fashion. This kind of sink requires any drain system. If you already have a drainage grooves, you do not need another. Belfast sinks gained great popularity nowadays and they look like they were created specially for stone worktops. This amazing connection forms into ideally consistent unity. According to the fact that these two elements are incredibly solid, stabile and durable, they will serve you for many years remaining unchanged.

Gallery below showing examples of usage draining grooves on granite and quartz worktops.


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