Granite chopping boards

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Are you looking for a Granite Chopping Board ?

Polish Granite Ltd make Granite Chopping Boards in all of the Granite Colours they can provide Worktops in.
Those Granite Colours include:  Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, Nero impala and much more.
These Chopping Boards may be in the shapes of Squares, Rectangles or even Circles, used either for design or practicality.

Chopping boards are one of our smaller products that serve a rather self-explanatory role of a traditional chopping board. They are a fantastic addition to any kitchen and can be cut out of literally any colour of either granite or quartz. Unfortunately marble chopping desks/boards are strictly not recommended as marble scratches easily, and it is definitely not a perfect material for being in contact with sharp blades.

Quartz and  Granite chopping boards are the ideal option if you already have a granite or even quartz worktop and you would like to keep them wonderfully perfect.

Maybe you are looking to have a quartz or granite worktop in the future, however for at this point a chopping board is the most effective solution for kitchen area.

For many years professional chefs have been using marble and granite for preparing pastry on, this is because it truly is anti-bacterial, which remains chilly, suitable for rolling and stretching pastry as well as pasta dough.

Granite or Quartz chopping boards benefits


Granite and Quartz chopping boards not only look classy and also such as they fit in simply the stylish kitchen area however have some advantages:

  • Granite or Quartz Chopping board will not stain
  • Granite chopping board will not harbor bacteria and germs
  • It will not splinter or split
  • It will not be tainted by food odors
  • It can double up as a pizza stone
  • It can be used as a stylish cheese board
  • It is an ideal gift for any foodie.

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