Granite Chopping Board & Quartz Chopping Board

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Are you looking for a Granite Chopping Board ?

Polish Granite LTD create Granite Chopping Boards and Quartz Chopping boards in vast colour varieties! Our offcut range is bountiful with popular and the less common stone materials, therefore it’s worth contacting us whether we are in posession of the material you demand.
Our most commonly picked Granite Colours include:  Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, Nero impala, Blue Pearl.
Our most commonly selected Quartz Colours include: Azabache, Calacatta, Absolute Blanc.
Polish Granite’s Chopping / Cutting Boards may be shaped to standard i.e. squares, rectangles or even circular shapes – what you opt for remains to you, because we also create on demand boards, fit to a specific order. In other words, we’ll create anything, to any measurments, dimensions and size, so long as it serves you with convenience and practicality. Our current thickness options vary, however, our most common choices are 20mm and 30mm + occasionally the ultra light 12mm. In terms of finish, our offcuts collection is mostly comprised of standard polish materials, however, many ceramic types are sold in slate or honed.

Chopping boards are one of our smallest products that serve the rather self-explanatory role within a kitchen environment. They are a fantastic addition to any kitchen and can be cut out of any colour or material (e.g. granit & quartz, but also the thin ceramic / sintered stone products like Dekton or Neolith). Unfortunately, a marble chopping board is not recommended. This is probably the only natural stone that we would not advise for use as a chopping desk. Marble is prone to scratching and chipping because of its soft composition, therefore frequent contact with sharp blades would render such chopping desk useless after a couple of uses.

Quartz, Ceramic and Granite chopping boards are the ideal option. Durable, resistant, beautiful, long-lasting – a flawless addition to your already exisiting quartz worktop or granite wortop.

But above all, chopping boards are cheap and truly the most effective solution for your granite worktop. Because not only it matches the colour of your worktops (making the overall composition stylish and unique), it will also last you a lifetime. Such solution for your kitchen is without a doubt the best, and most efficient option, guaranteeing you that you’re getting your money’s worth. This is why with every worktop we install, our customer are provided with a free chopping board from the same premium quality material as the worktops. This not only encourages further protection of the already strong worktops, it also provides our costomers greater satisfaction.

For many years professional chefs have been utilising quartz, ceramic and granite surfaces to prepare their food during cooking. This is because impregnated granite and modern quartz/ceramic tend to be anti-bacterial, which enables them to work with food directly on the surface. This is why, whether you are a professional chef, or ammateur who enjoys cooking, a stone chopping board will be your most suitable choice for food preperation! And it will look great amid your chopping board set!

Granite or Quartz chopping boards benefits


Granite and Quartz chopping boards not only look classy, but are also composed of vast advantages:

  • A granite or Quartz Chopping board will not scratch. They are completely knife friendly,
  • Due to its hygienic nature, solid granite chopping board will not collect bacteria nor germs,
  • These elegant products will not splinter, split or chip, as is the case with plastic or wooden chopping board,
  • It will not be tainted by food smells (e.g. fish) nor will you experience any cross contamination,
  • This products is suitable for all food chopping, of all food types and variations,
  • Stone chopping boards will not stain, even when grease, oil or heavy liquids like wine are spilled,
  • It can be used as a stylish cheese board during dining or pizza / bread / pastry base whilst in the oven. There is no limitations, because stone chopping boards are fully heat resistant,
  • Quartz and granite kitchen chopping board are completely dishwasher safe,
  • Once all chopping is done, simply give it a wipe clean with cloth and/or water. The easy to clean granite, ceramic and quartz save time during washing up. After all, no dull scrubbing required,
  • It is a perfect gift for any food connoisseur or fan of style and modernity.

Protect your worktops and don’t hesitate to request your chopping cutting board quote today! Email or call our customer service team to find out the availability of our materials or alternatively, fill out the form below:

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