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Granite gifts

Granite isn’t only about worktops

Have you ever thought of granite outside granite worktops? If so, there’s probably a collection of things that comes to your mind such as headstones, curbs and pavements, wall claddings or flooring. Yet, it’s not the end of possible granite applications. Granite worktops aren’t the end of possibilities here. It doesn’t come as a surprise if you think of granite properties. High durability, impossibility to scratch, resistance to variety of harmful factors – they all make granite extremely practical. What’s more, it’s not only the practicality that matters here – it’s more about the overall granite’s appearance. Granite’s colours, underlying veining and structure make it such an exquisite rock.

stone giftsAs such there’s no surprise that granite can be easily turned into wonderful objects, not always practical. Granite gifts are gaining momentum now – with rapid technological advancement and development of creative thought there are no limits to inventions using granite as their source material. Granite gifts are so popular because they use such an exquisite natural rock as their material. Generally, granite gifts can take two forms – they are either practical devices such as granite pendrives or they are purely impractical and serve only aesthetic needs like jewellery.

Granite gifts – unusual ideas

The possibility of turning raw granite rock into sophisticated granite gifts are endless. Constantly growing precision of granite processing machines and cutters make it possible to design and later actually make even the most detailed projects. Small granite elements requiring a lot of precise cutting and forming aren’t an issue. What are the most common granite gifts you can find? Think for example of granite ice cubs, or whisky stones. They serve a very practical purpose – they need to keep whiskey cold. They are very functional  since in contrast to real ice cubes they don’t melt and don’t dilute the drink and manage to keep  it cold.

Other interesting granite gifts are connected with business area. Think of such granite gifts as exquisite pendrives with eye-catching granite layers, granite pens or key rings. Simple things yet turned into something unusual with granite. Finally, let’s not forget about romantic and highly impractical side of granite gifts – granite jewellery. The most common examples here are granite pendants, necklaces or rings. Other more unusual things can be granite stones turned into the shape of heart or any other things. These are just a few examples of highly popular granite gifts. Yet, they aren’t everything – there’s much more.

Look for inspiration

Although, at first sight granite gifts may seem as a little too much, as things where content is unnecessarily dominated by form it’s not really the case. The artistry and craftsmanship that are embedded in unique granite gifts are truly amazing. Although, precise tools and machines make it possible to create even the smallest detailed forms and elements, still it’s the skill and creative imagination that play the most important role.

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