Curious About the Current Quartz Worktops Prices? Complete Our Online Quote System!

Quartz worktops prices

Our Online Quote System – A Step by Step Guide

If you have ever entered a website, and desired to find out the costs for a given project immediately, then Polish Granite’s site is exactly the right place. Spare yourself the calls, emails and general chatter with our staff. If this isn’t something you want, and you have only entered this website for a quick inspection on quartz worktops prices, then we offer a great alternative: our Online Quote System!

Our Quartz Online Quote system has been around for years. We introduced it back in 2009, to allow vast customers generate themselves an estimated price for their worktops related project. Many have said to us that sometimes they don’t have the time to call or email, some are impatient and would rather have a quick cost in front of them. So we thought our Online Quote would be a great solution. That way in less than 5 minutes you can generate your own price plan, whether it is on the train to work, or actually at work behind your computer. Your boss doesn’t have to know that you’re requesting a call, because you can now do it yourself without actually contacting anyone.

What’s best is that you can play around with different colours, materials, layouts and not feel awkward about taking up our time. Many customers, when they visit in person, or call our landline, feel guilty that they request one or two quotes from us, and they don’t want to push things out of sheer awkwardness. That way they never experiment nor try out new possibilities, and therefore fail to receive that perfect price for that perfect colour.

Of course, our staff don’t mind creating many quotes for you, so never be intimidated to ask for more, or precise quotes. However, if sometimes you forget to make a request, or if you have had enough of in-person chit-chat, be mindful that it’s possible to complete the Quartz and Granite Quote Online!

If your worktops project is complex, or deviates from the standards, please be sure to contact us directly

Indeed, our Quote Online system is fairly reliable, and usually generates a near-exact price. But to get to that stage it certainly took us a couple of years to master the system. In fact, we are constantly improving it, adding new features and options. Nonetheless, it is vital to highlight that even now, in rare circumstances the quote won’t show you the exact price. After all, we still have only a limited options included e.g. in the section on kitchen shapes we have L-shape or U-shape kitchens etc. We do have an option where you can enter your own measurements, however,  whatever you enter may still not reflect the full-scale cost for the project.

Likewise, we only showcase the standard edge profile options. So, if you are looking for something complicated, for example, the shape of your kitchen is zig-zagged, you require extra shelves made of stone or your favourite edge profile is shark-nose, then there’s a chance your generated quote online may differ from the actual price. This is why we always recommend, that if you have any complex project envisioned, i.e. something deviating from usual kitchen worktop standards, be sure to contact us directly, and after our consultation, we will prepare you an accurate price plan.

Our Online Price Calculator – How to complete to find out the most recent quartz worktops prices:

Step one For example the granite and quartz price calculator is probably the most straightforward. Upon entering the quartz worktops prices calculator located here you will find a number of material / quartz and granite colour options. le, if you are looking for some marble lookalike quartzes, you could enter the Compac sub-sections, where most of Compac’s primary colours will show up, among them Calacatta or Carrara whites show up, which are the most popular marble-lookalike choices. Once you select you favourite colour, you ought to press Next Step 


Quote Online granite

Step Two is also very basic – it asks to choose the layout of your kitchen. It could range from anything, L-shape, to U-shape and L + Island. The only thing required here is to select one of the options which most accurately corresponds to your kitchen’s layout. Don’t worry if your kitchen does not have a direct equivalent, you can always specify your custom measurments if you click on the ‘other’ box. Once you completed that, click Next Step


Online Quote


Step Three involves the closer specification of your kitchen measurments. Once you’ve entered this stage you will be asked to highlight where the worktops will need edge polishing. You can do this by simply selecting the dotted lines. As you can see on the image below, we selected the correct lines, and the entire polished section has turned to red. This indicates the lines have been selected as ‘polished’. Once you;ve specified this, you will be asked to complete the measurments on each side, to find out how much material you’ll need for your entire kitchen. In the picture below, we have selected the L-Shape kitchen, and provided some measurments. This also tells us how many slabs you’ll require for the whole project. Bear in mind that you can select your favourite measuring units above – we selected ours to centimetres, but inch and millimetre options are also available. Once this is complete, press Next Step


Granite Quote Online


Following this, we move on to Step Four where edge profiling selection is available. In this step you’ll be asked about the style/type of polishing you’ll want on the exposed side of your worktops. The standard is Pencil Edge, the one we have selected below, but as you can see there are vast other complex options. Please know that the more complex you choose, the more costly the project will be. After all, producing an edge like Ogee-Full Bullnose is very time consuming, and our manual labour is increased significantly. Once you’ve selected your favourite, go to Next Step


Online Quote


We are approaching the end now! Step Five involves the selection of other details involved in the project. Thanks to this specification we’ll be able to determine the labour involved and thus the cost of the project. For example, on the image below you can see we selected a cut-out for hob, and a sink-cut out, among few other options. Once you selected your required details, be sure that you also highlight your templating and installation location. The selection box is located at the right bottom – please scroll and choose the appropriate.  One more thing to underline is that Step Five also includes the option to select a windowsill, if you have the need for one. If you do, please specify the custom measurements in the provided boxes.  The same goes for the upstand box. If you would like some 10mm upstands running along the bak-end of your worktop, thus joining the pieces nicely with the wall, please specify the length in cm. Once you’re done, please press Next Step


Quote Online

Step Six is as simple as filling in a couple of your private details. Your email, phone number, name and optionally address. This allows us to keep you in our system in case you decide to proceed with our service. Your details also allow our staff to contact you in case some error has occurred or the generated quote was flawed. When this happens, we usually re-send the corrected quote to your email. Once the required fields marked with a red asterix are filled, feel free to press the Next Step.


Finally, your quote is complete and the estimated price for your project is generated! As you can see the image below showcases the quartz worktops prices for the Cararra colour we selected back in Step One. If you have done everything right, a window with similar information should show up:

online quote

The granite, ceramic or quartz worktops prices should always be reasonable, unless you have selected a grand amount of options for your extraordinarily big kitchen. Therefore, if you notice any flaws, discrepancies, or if the price really exceeds your expectations, please get back in touch with us and we’ll fix the quote for you.

We hope that this step-by-step guide to our Online Quote system has been useful, and that now you’ll be able to generate as many quartz worktops prices as you need.

Remember, if you have any queries, please contact us.

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