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Granite supplier near me: What to check prior to selecting a granite worktop supplier?

Granite is a pretty common ingenuous rock. It’s known for its durability and hardness, high quality granite is so hard that’s it’s practically impossible to scratch. Most often it comes in a wide range of white, pink or grey colours – but there are varieties depending on its mineralogy. People mostly think of granite in the context of granite kitchen worktops, natural stone floors or wall claddings. It’s also easy to associate granite with tombstones or pavements. Whereas it’s easy to imagine granite materials transformed into our everyday surroundings not many people actually consider where does granite come from.

At first sight the answer seems easy – granite worktop suppliers. Of course, if you’re furnishing your kitchen with granite and quartz the very first place you go is a granite worktop supplier. Nowadays, there’s plenty of granite suppliers all over the world. In places where there’s not even a grain of granite worktops you can easily find granite worktops suppliers who can offer you plenty of choices. Yet, the question remains – where does granite originally come form and how does it end up with granite suppliers?

Granite deposits can be found throughout the continental crust. Since, it’s made of a very common mineral there’s plenty of granite material deposits all over the world. Despite that, granite quarries aren’t accessible everywhere. There are places where granite was formed deep down in the crust and sites didn’t erode to expose it. Most granite quarries can be found in the USA, Canada, China, India, Africa and South America. Granite worktops suppliers all over the world simply ship granite slabs from quarry sites and store them for further processing.

Granite worktops supplier workshop

Key facts about granite kitchen worktops suppliers

Granite worktops suppliers vary a lot depending on their storing capacities, warehouses, processing options and many others. Still, in all of them you can count on certain customer oriented options that are there to satisfy customers’ needs. Worktops granite suppliers can be basically split into two areas of work – there’s the warehouse, where granite slabs are stored and processed and there’s the showroom, where final granite products are displayed.

Granite or quartz worktop suppliers’ warehouses can be further divided into various areas – there are among others storing, processing and shipment areas. Processing is an interesting part – it’s the actual place where roughly cut granite slabs are cut to make certain things (kitchen work surfaces, bathroom tops etc.) and then polished and sealed. Let’s not forget about the importance of the showroom. Many people can’t really imagine how a given granite slab can look when transformed into kitchen worktop. Visiting the showroom can be a great opportunity and encouragement to purchase a given product.

Which granite worktop supplier is best suited for you?

Finally, granite or quartz worktops suppliers can offer their customers fitting and installation. If you’re not really interested in purchasing ready made and fully customised product like for example kitchen worktop you can also contact granite suppliers and ask about offers concerning offcuts (the leftover parts which were discarded during the processing and therefore have unusual shape and size but can be still effectively used.)


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