Granite wall cladding, tiles and flooring

Granite wall cladding

Granite – possible forms

Granite is a natural rock which has unique qualities. Most often granite can be used for creation of granite worktops but there are many other possible applications. Granite serves great as tiles used for wall cladding and flooring. As a natural stone granite makes unique cladding and flooring, stylish, shiny and unusually coloured. What’s interesting, wall cladding and flooring made of granite are becoming more and more popular. Customers finally started to truly appreciate the inner beauty of granite that can be wonderfully displayed on walls and floors.

Granite wall claddingGranite wall cladding is a particularly interesting application. Wall cladding can be used both outside and inside buildings. Granite’s high durability and resistance to such external factors as harsh winds, freezing temperatures, high temperature’s fluctuations and heavy winds makes it perfect for external wall cladding. What’s more, natural resistance to moist, heat and humidity makes it also ideal for internal walls. Yet, granite wall cladding is highly recommended not only for its practicality – it’s also unusually attractive. If you’re bored with your dull walls granite wall cladding can be a really great choice. Granite wall cladding can definitely draw attention.

Granite wall cladding – practical aspect

Granite wall cladding is so popular because it’s practical aspect is widely recognized. Granite wall cladding offers great protection of the building. It serves great if you want to keep the building protected from possibly harmful factors. Granite cladding doesn’t deteriorate quickly therefore, you can enjoy its beauty for a really long time. What’s more, granite cladding can take various forms. Technological advancement and constant development of new tools make it possible to create really precise forms, to cut and shape granite slabs as you imagine it.

Granite wall cladding can be made of really small tiles connected together, can have various patterns incorporated into the whole design or can appear as a completely uniform wall. With state-of-the-art tools it’s possible to do wonders with granite stone. The only limit here is your imagination and the available space. After all, granite wall cladding looks best if there’s enough space to display its inner beauty. Spaces such as offices, corporate buildings, walls of spacious living rooms in modern houses are the best for showing granite’s beauty.

Granite suppliers

Whereas it’s relatively easy to find granite worktops suppliers in case of wall cladding the matter can be more tricky. Not all granite suppliers specialise in creation, fitting and installation of wall cladding. After all, wall cladding is a completely different product than granite worktops. Luckily, there are granite suppliers who are so experienced with granite and know its qualities completely. In our offer you can find not only granite worktops but also granite wall cladding, flooring and many other less common applications. Feel free to browse our offer and contact us if you have any questions.

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