Granite Worktops Near Me & Quartz Worktops Near Me

worktops near me granite

If you’ve been searching for local, decent granite worktops companies, spare yourself the hassle, contact Polish Granite today:

Indeed, we might be located in Salford, Manchester, but that does not mean we restrict our services to customers in this area. Polish Granite’s policy was always to deliver the granite and quartz worktop products across the whole of UK, and we never refused a project/customer because of distance restrictions, or travel-time holding us back.

We dedicate ourselves, our work & products to all who request them

Whether you’re from the Scottish Highlands, Greater London or barren tips of Cornwall, we will gladly visit you for a granite or quartz worktops installation. In fact, last year (2019) alone we visited some of the most remote and inaccessible places in the UK:

  1. January – we installed a huge Absolute Black granite worktops kitchen in a Cumbrian house, just a couple miles south from Keswick.
  2. March – we travelled all the way to Lairg, Scotland to fit Cararra White worktops and floor panels in a remote villa-home (not too dissimilar from the one seen on Skyfall).
  3. June – we voyaged to the Isle of Man, venturing by sea on a ferry with our Blue Pearl worktops loaded onto the van. To this day, our fitters say it was an exceptional experience.
  4. August – we ventured through Yorkshire Dales and North Pennines to reach our urbanised destination: Newcastle upon Tyne to finish an extensive quartz worktops project.
  5. September – we went past the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales to install a kitchen worktops island from Neolith ceramic in a home not too far from the National Park itself.
  6. November – we crossed the Dartmoor National Park in Cornwall to reach the suburbs of Plymouth, ready to fit the Dekton sintered stone worktops at a customer property.worktops near me granite

As you can see, we are determined to undauntedly travel 500 miles North, South, East and West, through forests, mountains and even water just to reach customers who desire our services. We are proud of what we do; Polish Granite and its employees excel in the masonry industry, and therefore we want everyone across the UK to experience this quality service – treat us as your local suppliers.

If you’re from London, Sheffield, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Inverness, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, Cambridge or Norfolk, or any other towns, cities and villages scattered around the UK – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Polish Granite will happily accommodate your needs.

Why choose locally, when a 5 star, trusted, renowned company like Polish Granite delivers to your door?

Remember, even long distance doesn’t impact our efficiency and duration to carry out certain jobs. For most part (unless you live on a UK island) we’ll be willing to fit your worktops within 7 days from the date of templating, which is more or less the same timeframe we offer to our local customers.

So, next time you begin to browse the world wide web for local granite and quartz suppliers, don’t bother with desperately searching for granite worktops near me and quartz worktops near me – simply visit Polish Granite.

Treat us as a nearby granite business that you could rely on.

“Are Polish Granite not more expensive than local granite & quartz companies?”

On the grand scale of things (i.e. big worktops projects) – insignificantly. What does that mean?

Well, we will usually charge you more to only cover fuel costs – so if it will cost an extra £50 there-and-back to visit you in Norfolk, that’s what we’ll add on. In rare circumstances e.g. travelling to very remote areas like northern tips of Scotland, our employees may need accommodation, which may have to be covered by yourself.

Nevertheless, even if you live very far away, we won’t charge you a lot more than your local quartz and granite firms. Yes, it may be that extra £100+ pounds, but at least you’ll be served by a professional, proven and prestigious company – guaranteeing you that your product and the whole service process is executed sublimely.

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