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Granite worktops – Why should you reach out to professional stone suppliers?

Stone processing is a difficult and time-consuming process. The final effect is achieved as a consequence of several actions such as giving the slab a desired shape, grinding, polishing, finishing the edges. In order to perform all these actions correctly, one needs to have knowledge, experience, years of practice and specialized equipment. So if you want to install elegant and durable granite worktops in your kitchen, entrust their production to professionals! There are several compelling reasons that justify this solution and we decided to discuss them.

What kind of natural stone to choose for the kitchen?

The main question to ask yourself at the outset concerns the type of stone. The most durable, most resistant to scratches and stains is a granite worktop. It comes in almost 200 different color varieties: from beige, through grays, greens, blues, pinks to black, and it depends on the place where the stone was mined. There is no need to impregnate it, and it is also resistant to mechanical damage (e.g. you can pound chops directly on it without any fear).

Apart from granite, porphyry and basalt also work well in kitchens as they, like granite, do not require impregnation. Marble and travertine can also be used as stone countertops for kitchens. They attract attention with interesting patterns but they require impregnation and sometimes, even though they are used, they can become stained.

Why choose a quality stone countertop? Granite kitchen worktops

Granite is a popular choice for various interior design elements. It is used as wall facings, floor tiles, fireplace surrounds, or windowsills. Many customers also decide to use granite for bathroom washbasin tops, lining of shower trays, or making bathroom shelves. However, the most popular is the use of granite in the kitchen, especially as a countertop on cabinets or kitchen island. The great success of granite results not only from its attractive appearance – interesting range of colors and arrangement of minerals forming it but also from its functional properties, especially resistance to acids contained in some food products.

Granite is one of the most durable materials known to humans. It owes its extraordinary physical properties to the very process of its formation which takes place at extremely high temperatures. Thanks to its durability and strength granite has become the most popular natural stone used in our homes and most often as a material for kitchen worktops. It is not surprising as granite table top is practically indestructible solution!

First of all, investing in a granite or quartz kitchen worktop, we can be sure that it will be a solution for years, which will not only enjoy us but also our children or grandchildren. Granite kitchen worktops in intact condition will survive many years. Granite countertop is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and even sharp tools. In practice this means that we can cut vegetables or pork chops on it without the need to use boards. Another facilitation is the resistance of granite to high temperatures thanks to which we can put hot dishes straight from the oven directly on the kitchen worktop. Granite kitchen worktops are also acid resistant, which also makes them ideal for kitchens. It is also worth mentioning that it is easy to keep clean – all we need to take care of granite slabs is a cloth and water!

Because granite was formed from a variety of minerals, its texture takes on a variety of appearances and colors, depending on where it came from and therefore the substances that went into its composition.

The colors of granite are usually various shades of gray, ranging from very dark, graphite, slightly lighter to almost white. Many varieties of this rock also occur in other colours ranging from close to yellow, shades of beige, and brown to orange-brown. There are also granites with colours resembling rusty red or pink as well as those with a greenish tint.

Reasons why you should entrust the production of granite worktops to an experienced stone supplier:

  • Support of professional stone supplier – are you unable to choose the type and shade of stone and don’t know whether it will suit the shade of floor, walls, and kitchen cabinets? The professionals from the stonemasonry company will give you advice and suggest the best possible solutions. You just have to deliver all the necessary information and they will do their best to adjust the product to your individual needs. Our company, for example, is available from Monday to Saturday. Simply reach out to our granite worktops Manchester showroom team, and we will answer all your needs.
  • Skills and modern equipment – stonemasonry companies, which have been producing granite worktops for many years know the requirements of the market, are up to date with modern technologies, improve their skills and invest in modern equipment. They do it in order to make the production process more efficient, expand the stock of quality products, increase the number of types of finish etc. In other words – the professionals do their best in order to meet the client’s needs and deliver an item that he desires.
  • Information about estimated costs – almost every stonemasonry company, before processing the order prepares a quote and informs about estimated costs. This is very helpful because you get an idea about the costs before placing your order, you can compare several offers and choose the best one. Of course, in order to make it possible, you have to provide appropriate information such as dimensions of the worktop (width, length and thickness), choose type of stone, indicate the number of holes, define the type of edges etc. It is best to send a project, which takes into account all these parameters or use an online quote (if the company has one). Of course you can provide all the necessary information via phone or email.
  • Transport and installation – most renowned stonemasonry companies not only produce granite worktops, but they also deliver and install them (usually the cost of transport is included in the price, but sometimes you have to pay extra). The services are comprehensive and the company takes responsibility for potential damages that occur during delivery or installation. You don’t have to worry about anything. The seller takes all responsibility. It is convenient, safe and economic solution. Just think of the costs you would have to cover if you hired a shipping company and the worktop was damaged in transport!

Online worktop configurator – create a unique product for years

Are you missing a granite countertop or maybe you want to replace yours with a larger one? Using an online worktop configurator you can design it according to your needs. The configured countertop can be used as a windowsill, a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, or as a part of stairs or a piece of furniture. We ensure the highest quality of our furniture. Configure your customized granite countertop now!

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