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Composite kitchen worktops vs Laminate & Wood – Why is quartz the better option?

It doesn’t take long to figure out if a specific kitchen worktop is a high quality worktop. In fact most of the time it is a very clear realisation! It is important that a person, who is determined to have a kitchen that could be attractive for long time, will actually make the right choice, beginning with a kitchen worktop.

Composite worktop vs. solid surface from a natural stone

Composite kitchen worktops have been a very popular choice in recent years, though there are many aspects that prove that the kitchen standards improve significantly when natural stone worktops are fitted. Of course, by stone worktops I mean granite, quartz and even marble. All of these materials are somewhat a better choice for kitchens due to their attributes, which so many people appreciate.

Beginning with granite being a lot of a nicer material, yes it sounds very cliché, however, it’s true, and it has been confirmed by many people that used to have a composite kitchen and later switched to stone worktops.

Granite worktops are natural materials, they always have their own unique look, and every slab of granite will differ from each other, even if the colour is the same. This is because granite is formed out of minerals, minerals which never join in the same way, therefore such a slab would perhaps reflect the original colour such as ‘star galaxy’ though it is guaranteed that the compressed minerals, veins, elements and such will always differ.

With quartz worktops it’s different. Mostly because quartz’s are man-made products, meaning that they are not fully natural like granite worktops. Therefore the overall look of their specific colours can be the same, or extremely similar, it simply all depends on the colour. Either way quartz’s are just as beautiful as the natural stones and unlike granite, quartz work surfaces have a varied number of colours, patterns etc. A feature which can surpass even the composite worktops, as the range of quartz’s is huge, and if you’re looking for a pattern or colour that cannot be found amongst granite colours, then you will surely find it amongst the quartz’s.

Moreover when the kitchen worktops are finished for a customer, they are sealed. This means that they are covered with a long lasting shining product, which not only will protect the countertop but also outline its beauty and keep a long lasting shine. The sealers are available for all customers, and it is always recommended that the kitchen worktops are sealed every 3-4 months in order to keep the high quality gloss permanent.

Customer’s full customisation over stone worktops & details

In addition it is important to know that the overall look of the resistant kitchen worktop can also vary when considering the different edges that can be applied to the design. It is always up to the customer how they wish the worktops to look. It is not possible with the laminate products, whereas for the stone worktops it is a standard process. We can shape the solid surface worktops in many ways, starting from the standard pencil edge even to a rounded full bullnose (all of the finishes/edges can be checked online). Once again, it all depends on the customers taste, choice and imagination.

What is a great benefit of a stone solid surface worktop is also the matching material that can be added into your kitchen. For example, the full upstands that are placed against your wall where the worktop is fitted. This adds a beautiful overall look as it extends the worktop, as long as the upstands are of the same or a matching colour. Adding the upstands may also create either a fantastic colour scheme or a colour contrast, both options further making your kitchen even more stunning. Therefore once again, this isn’t possible for laminates, and instead tiles would possibly be your choice instead of the upstands.

The resistance of granite & quartz is key:

Granite and quartz worktops are also extremely resistant to sharp knives, shocks and more importantly your worktop is protected from any stronger damages. It is possible for example to chip a stone worktop… however with laminates it is much much easier, and as long as you take good care of your resistant granite or quartz worktop, then it should last you for many years!

Overall the resistance of the stone worktops is great, and many people underestimate this huge attribute. Normally a composite worktop may last in a great condition for a few years, perhaps more, and this is their biggest downfall. With incredibly durable stone worktops there is no limit, and once again, once they are taken care of regularly the outcome will be that a stone worktop could satisfy you even for a lifetime!

Cleaning surfaces made easy and simple

A very important aspect of the stone worktops is that you do not require specific cleaning products to keep them always clean. In fact cleaning stone worktops is very easy, all it takes is just some water and sponge! Remember that the stone worktops are not as sensitive to water as the composite worktops, and thus can be cleaned with water for as long as possible, though note that the water must be wiped with a dry cloth afterwards to avoid unnecessary long term decolouring.

Modification of your worktops: Now or later

As mentioned earlier, the customer can choose how his countertops will look, and adding different varieties of edges isn’t the only option that could customise your worktop. Draining grooves, drainage area and lastly the tap holes are also a choice. These customisations also depend upon the customer’s choice. However it is important to remember that they also add extra features to your worktop that makes it stand out even more, thus presenting itself extremely well once finished, fitted and installed.

Therefore this is another difference between laminates and stone worktops. This option isn’t possible for composite worktops, and the customer is stuck with only one ultimate choice of a sink, the over mounted sink. Whereas if a resistant stone worktop includes the entire drainage area and grooves then under mounted sinks are also considered, being much nicer, and providing the worktop an ultimate focus when inside the kitchen.

To conclude . . .

Consequently it is clear that when it comes to choosing a worktop, granite or quartz would be your wisest choice. You may ask yourself if it’s worth the money, and trust me, it is. Stone worktops will satisfy you for your entire life, unlike laminate worktops. It is guaranteed that stone worktops have the durability that significantly is lacked within the laminates, and yes, the money that is spent on stone countertops is always worth it, especially seen as you will save yourself the unnecessary replacement of a laminate worktop after a few years of possessing it.

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