Installation process

Manufacturing process of stone worktops

Quartz or granite kitchen worktop installation process.

Our main goal is always to complete the installation to a highest standard. We do this not just to satisfy you but also ourselves as our teams job requires the attributes of a perfectionist.  Not only this makes our job look great but it also affects how long the worktop will last within your kitchen, and it is up to us to provide you the best quality worktop so it could last you for years. Therefore passion and determination is involved in every job and service we complete.

Of course our production process is rather complicated, however our team of experts are professionals. It is guaranteed that after you book with us an installation date, we will have the worktop/s ready only within a few days, thus quickly being able to progress with the installation.

The installation itself doesn’t take long either, though it all depends on the size of the worktops, and the entire project. Of course common sense tells us that the bigger the project, the longer it takes to have everything finished. Though it is guaranteed that a it takes only a few hours at the most.

Bear in mind that our fitters are also experts at what they do, as already mentioned they are all trained to be perfectionists and people who you can trust and depend on. Not only are they reliable, but also willing to help you with anything else that excludes the installation process.

For example a few weeks ago our customer needed help with supporting his cabinets and then had problems with his pipes blocking away the sink, so it couldn’t fit in. Our fitters were more than happy to help out and afterwords installed the worktops perfectly.

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