Kitchen Islands

Granite kitchen island

Granite kitchen islands

This type of kitchen area is one big kitchen unit with worktop on it, usually used as an additional place for meals preparing, cooking and serving. It is a great solution. Thanks to it you will save a lot of free space and you will be able to cook handily along with other householders. It is very simple to make some mistakes in kitchen isle design if you are not a professional. As an effect, it can complicate your kitchen works. Trust our many years of experience and hundreds of successfully realized projects. We have corresponding knowledge and tools to create amazing, stylish and unique isle perfectly adapted to your needs. The most important is to find right place for island arrangement. It has to be installed in such a way that it will provide the access from all sides and it will not intrude the communication in remaining kitchen space. It also can not be situated at the entrance to the other rooms or to close to the doors. Also important is to match accordingly the size of the island with the kitchen appliances, which will appear in it and provide a space for free use in your kitchen.

According to your kitchen, and the size of it, you could always consider including an island within your kitchen. Kitchen islands are generally pieces of granite quartz or marble, that are separated from the remaining worktops. The use of them is usually the same, they could either be a simply decorating piece of worktop, it could be used as a dining table, or sometimes even hobs are inserted into islands. Therefore adding this unique and modern design to the kitchen. Over the past few years we have made hundreds of islands that people requested, and all were extremely satisfied, the only issue with the islands is that a small kitchen simply would not suit island itself, they are more likely to be used in larger kitchens.


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