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How to use our website tools to successfully create your dream kitchen?

Our new website has officially launched in the late 2021. With this website, we’ve introduced a number of fantastic tools that can enable you to visualise the right kitchen with the right worktops, without having the need to leave your home.

We’ve put together a complex Sample Gallery system with almost 600 samples available. Each granite, quartz or ceramic sample is embellished with an individual site where you can learn more about the product. Not to mention that almost each product has a 3D Kitchen system built into it i.e. you can now browse how the worktop fits among 17 different kitchen cabinet colours.

Our Gallery, blog posts and product-sites are also vital tools for developing your knowledge on stone. Whether it be quartz or granite, kitchen worktops or windowsills, an L-shape kitchen or an island – you can find pictures and information on every single product.

We welcome you to explore our website!

Using our online tools for greater visualisation:

Before even starting remodelling your kitchen you need to be sure exactly what you want and how you want it. A lot of people purchasing our worktops are usually in the final stages of their design – but some come to us with complete inability to figure something out. They’re puzzled as to what colour kitchen cabinets to use and what goes with stone; what colour matching methods are needed to create a modern design etc.

Our staff are always here to help out, resolve your dilemmas, answer all your queries . . . each of our staff members is equipped with at least 10+ years of interior design knowledge and experience. So with us, you’ll know you’re getting the right advice.

But reaching out in person doesn’t always have to be the way. Our website is an insightful place, a resource of vast articles, galleries and graphics which help to inspire anyone who is thinking of re-developing their home. Our website has been online for about 15 years now – it possesses a collection of articles rich with knowledge and answers to your deepest questions about interior design. That’s right – our blog doesn’t just focus on quartz or granite worktops – we have a range of topics related to home, interiors and even exteriors. But in every article there’s a hint relating to using stone as a valuable building resource.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional kitchen project planners, or architects and their advice, you can easily find the inspiration online. And we have just the tools for that purpose:

Sample Gallery

Apart from our blogs, you can use the Sample Gallery, equipped with hundreds of products, to get an idea what stone colours we have available. You can pick your favourites by adding them to your wishlist, and maybe sharing it at a later point with your other half, family member or trusted designer. You can use our colour inventory to understand what would suit your pre-selected cabinets, flooring or windows or vice versa – pick the main worktop colour and then start applying other kitchen materials around it.

Each one of our products has its own webpage. You’re welcome to visit each page and dive into the background information on the colour: where it comes from, what thickness it’s available in, it’s description and even browse pictures of the completed kitchen projects from that colour.

3D Visualiser for kitchen worktop colours

Our 3D visualiser is the most advanced visualiser application to date. It’s brilliantly created to resemble a real-life kitchen – our designers have spent over a year developing a software which can render natural and artificial light, cast upon the worktop to reflect their true nature.

The purpose of this programme is to give you, the customer, a fantastic visualisation of how your worktops could appear in any kitchen environment. You can play around with the different cabinet colours, day and night option and of course select different surfaces to see which you like best. You can create that ideal colour combination of various kitchen parts and see if they match – apart from real life presentation, there’s nothing better than that system to help you visualise the future kitchen environment. Unfortunately a lot of showrooms have limited number of worktop-cabinet components, so being able to visualise it from your own home is nothing short of perfect.

3D presentations, based on the newest technology, are state of the art designs, where you can truly immerse yourself in the potential look of your future kitchen. No description or mental conjuring will re-create that perfect image.

Project Gallery

Our gallery is absolutely rich to the brim with pictures from our past jobs. We constantly update the gallery to ensure our clients can find something for themselves when it comes to inspiration. Whether it’s a simple sink-type or the true, real-life colour of a particular stone, you can find it all on our gallery. What’s more, the filtration system is complex and advanced. You can virtually click on any given detail of a kitchen and relevant images will pop up at an instant.

You can categorise the images into applications: worktops, coffee tables, breakfast bars or cladded walls etc. Or colours – anything from blue to grey or white. Not to mention that our ‘details’ list is immense – you can select anything from worktop pull out switches to undermount sink holes or upstands. This system allows you to browse images that you are interested in. For example, if you’re seeking how overmounted sinks look on black granite, all you need to do is click on the relevant filters, and the rest will unfold before you.

There’s even an option to share a particular image. So once again, we rely on our tools to allow you an easy, comfortable access and interactivity with people that help you design a particular interior. After all, sharing ideas, concepts relevant information are the initial steps to creating that perfect interior.

A modern or traditional kitchen design?

This is a question that our staff often have to contend with. The problem is that there is no one true answer. It’s usually a matter of the environment you live in and your own tastes and preferences – sometimes external forces such as pressures from architects and logistics.

Whatever you choose remember to keep it functional. After all, the main purpose of kitchen remodelling should be to make it better than the last time. Nowadays this is absolutely possible with the special pull-out cabinets that elegantly hide some appliances or dishes from sight. You can na purchase special sinks with disposal units, or boiling water taps that instantly turn your kettle redundant.

Whether you stick to traditional or modern, also remember to keep minimalism a priority. Kitchen cabinets are so cleverly made nowadays, that you can hide everything within – down to your microwave and toaster. You stone worktops should be the centrepiece of the kitchen. After all, it’s likely going to be one of the priciest elements emulating a colour that complements that entire interior. You should therefore avoid to burying it with appliances. It feels wasteful, and honestly quite woeful. The intricate beauty of the worktops – the wavy patters, veins or mirror flecks are what distinguishes them from wooden or laminate elements. So why conceal them with metal/plastic clutter?

You should also prioritise a lot of light and spaciousness. There’s nothing better than a bright, minimalistic and spacious kitchen. It instantly improves your mood in the morning, saves you stress and makes every guest feel welcome. Easy navigation is always key – so the cabinets you buy should be intelligently put together to keep your hidden objects always at an arm’s reach.

All these qualities are especially important when it comes to living in the modern world. I.e. constant haste, lack of time and ongoing change doesn’t leave you time to wander and ceaselessly search through clumsy spaces.

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