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Best modern kitchen ideas for 2022 – What designs prevail?

The kitchen is an essential part of many households. What’s interesting, it doesn’t need to occupy much space to be so crucial. It’s not the square meters that matter but the actions that are taking place there. In many houses, it’s the kitchen that’s bustling with everyday life and action. Preparing food, eating, doing homework, talking over a steaming cup of coffee or glass of wine – that’s the kitchen.

Yet, in order to enjoy such a room, you need to have it both practical and interesting looking. Luckily, modern kitchen design ideas take these two into account and as a result offers us a stunningly beautiful, functional, and inviting house where it’s easy to find your way around and enjoy drinking your coffee while talking with friends.

To understand fully this miracle of modern design it’s best to know what are its typical features. Modern kitchen ideas basically refers to three qualities. They are functionality, simplicity and minimalism. Whereas it’s easy to understand what these three stand for the matter gets a little bit complicated when it comes to kitchen. Therefore, it’s best to explain them in detail.

Modern kitchens and space layout

Functionality refers to the fact that your dream kitchen layout is planned in such a way as to make navigation super easy. The new kitchen space has its own dedicated area with separate zones for food preparation and cleaning. The contemporary kitchen area is also clearly distinguished. All modern kitchen appliances are easily accessible, when it’s possible they are hidden so they don’t hinder your way around. What’s more, all your kitchen fixtures and appliances are top quality and highly practical.

Simplicity, as the very name suggests refers to the fact that the whole design as well as each piece of equipment or decorative elements have simple design without any superfluous and therefore useless elements. The lines are clean, the edges are smooth and everything seems to fit in perfectly without unnecessary bursts at the seams.

Finally, it’s minimalism that defines and stands behind modern kitchen ideas. Minimalism refers basically to the situation when there’s no one thing out of place or one that’s unnecessary. There’s simply minimal number of things that are in your modern kitchen – and all of them need to fulfil their function. As a result, modern kitchens with its praise for minimalism makes your kitchen look clearly organised, easy to navigate and without clutter.

Design ideas for modern kitchen spaces

Until recently, classic kitchen was all about gloss – kitchen cabinets was made from acrylic or lacquered panels. In the most fashionable kitchens of 2020 this trend is becoming obsolete. This season is still dominated by white, but both countertops and kitchen fronts are matte. To break it up wood is used, preferably natural. Trendy colors of this season are graphite and black – also in the matte version, bold shades of green (sapphire, turquoise), red, or navy blue. In the modern kitchen of 2020, gold appears more and more often – the fashion for it returned in this season after several years. Next to it you can also find accessories in the color of brass, copper, rusty sheet metal, or stainless steel. The use of these colors is closely related to the already mentioned industrial style.

Also in the field of materials used for furniture production, new trends appear this season. We are talking about elements of bronze, stainless steel, glass, or metal. There are also interesting textures and forms, decorated versions of marble, granite, and their various imitations. Apart from the classic white kitchen with wood, the most interesting kitchen ideas of this season include:

  • vintage kitchen cabinetry in the style of the 60s and 70s,
  • kitchen space in two contrasting colours, e.g. dark blue and yellow, light purple and green colour,
  • contemporary kitchen in timeless Scandinavian style in the Scandi-boho version.
  • loft style house,
  • black&white dining area – black and white colour can be broken with a colourful wall or an element of equipment (e.g. fridge, kitchen island, sink or light cabinets). Contemporary wall colours, as well as furniture, are in 2020 bold – yellow, gray, pink, red.

Kitchen design trends 2022: convenient solutions for modern kitchens

The last group of modern kitchen trends 2022 concerns functional solutions that improve our convenience.

  1. Hidden gadgets. Smart solutions are entering the modern kitchen for good, but they should be discreet. Modern household appliances will be mounted in the kitchen cabinets, electrical sockets and hoods will be hidden in the marble or wood worktops and smart water filtering mixers will look no different from traditional ones.
  2. Segregating in style. For many people, 2020 has been a testing year when it comes to separating waste. That’s why in 2022, we’ll be choosing professional sorting systems that fit into modern kitchen cabinets or drawers.
  3. Smart storage. Since we try to go to the stores less often, we buy more. So we need better storage solutions in modern kitchens. In 2022, cargo systems, special organizers, separators and inserts for kitchen cabinets and drawers will be popular.
  4. Open shelves. Again, open shelves will be in trend, but not any kind. In 2022 we will choose wooden, thick shelves without visible mounting elements, so called self-hanging. On them we will expose only a few trinkets to add lightness and character to the modern kitchen arrangement.

Can granite fit in a modern kitchen project?

Can granite worktop fit in such a modern kitchens? Obviously yes. Granite worktops can be fully customised to meet the requirements of modern design kitchen. It can be cut, fitted and installed in such a way as to look smooth and shiny with its clean edges and straight lines it can blend in perfectly. Finally, with its practical qualities it’s in line with modern indicators such as functionality. Therefore, if you’re dreaming of modern kitchen you can easily furnish your kitchen with granite worktop and enjoy the final effect. Simple and functional, smooth and elegant granite worktop can be a final touch to your modern kitchen.

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