Over mount sink cut out

Top sink with over mount sink cut out.

Nowadays there are so many different and beautiful sinks available on market, that each of them will make your kitchen looks unique and stylish. Most of them are not only very elegant but also functional. Sink producers overtake in ideas to create the product with many useful gadgets. We realize cut-outs for different types of sinks, such as over-mounted, under-mounted and also Belfast sinks.

An over mount sink cut out is a cut out which in later stages of the installation requires a sink to be inserted on top. Thanks to this, such cut outs are not visible due to the entire sink covering the area of the cut out. More importantly they serve a main function of joining the sink with the worktop. They are there to place the sink right within the worktop thus making it look and present itself as an even more united creation. Such a cut out does not require a polished edge unlike the under mounted sink cut outs, simply because the edge will not be visible due to the sink covering the entire cut out area. Over-mounted sink has one very important advantage. It has got a drainer in set and it seems to be better than grooves, which are usually the element of under-mounted sink. For many years practically nothing was changing in their appearance. Currently, with increasing competition on market, we can notice a great step forward not only in their amazing look but also in usability. Increasingly, the producers create sinks with various solutions, such as chopping boards or vegetable or fruit drainers. Today’s sit on sink is very different from the one of several years ago. All of them become much more luxurious part of freshly designed kitchens. The choice is in your hands.


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Over mount sink cut out
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