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Granite Worktops Cambridge and Oxford – All stone-related services provided

Cambridge and Oxford are both very beautiful cities, with a lot of reputation, rich history and scholarly association. But both cities actually have a lot of normal residents, who aren’t professors, doctors or students, they’re not actually little strictly academic towns (as misconception would have you believe). Nonetheless, there are many houses in Oxford and Cambridge which are very old and historic, and therefore traditional in design. Which is why we’ve visited these cities so many times, to embellish the traditional style of the kitchens with the classic granite worktops. Many people desire the time-honoured colours such as Absolute Black, Emerald Pearl and Shivakashi to suit their kitchens, and we’ve fitted over 100 granite worktops in Cambridge and Oxford alone, over the 11 years we’ve been on the market. Nowadays, ceramic is also becoming popular among the traditional homes, because it too gives off the unique, warm vibe – but of course, there’s no compare to the conventional granite worktops – as most of our customers in Mid-East of England argue.

But what a lot of these customers don’t realise, is that granite can be utilised in many other ways, not just in form of worktops. We, as an experienced company can cut the natural stone into whatever you like, and place it on whatever you like. This means we are able to clad walls, fireplaces or floors in the material, we can make little elements to decorate your bathroom, coffee table or even create complex pieces like sinks or chairs. Therefore, if you ever wondered if natural stone can be applied anywhere apart from your kitchen, then we hope we’ve enlightened you!

Granite Worktops Cambridge and Oxford – Large projects

But beyond normal houses purchasing stone worktops for their homes, and building contractors employing us to fit a variety of worktops in student halls, many national/international businesses have moved over to Cambridge and Oxford in the past couple of years, and are now applying stone in their vicinities. For example, either to adapt their workshops, factories, offices, warehouses etc. And so there is greater need for furnishing such interiors/properties with natural or manmade stone. We’ve recently had offices in need of reception desks or stairs made out of matted granite, whereas the workshops/warehouses wanted floors cladded in honed – anti-slippery & insulative – quartz. Our team of hard working, professional fitters and masons is capable of delivering such desires and other granite worktops Cambridge and Oxford!

Granite Worktops Cambridge and Oxford – Contact Us

So, if you’re an individual or a business seeking such unique, complex projects, then feel free to get in touch. Travelling to Cambridge and Oxford areas is not an issue for us, and we can be with you in no time, even though our base is in Salford. Our usual turnaround is anywhere between week – 2 weeks max for areas outside of Manchester.

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