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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Buckshaw Village

Stone as a material is used more and more in British kitchens. Long considered to be synonymous with luxury, it is also practical and functional for a family. A good example can be granite kitchen worktops, which fit into almost every interior. However, the price of granite worktops is indeed dissuasive, it is worth remembering that that is material for years, by many professionals considered to be indestructible.

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Stone kitchen worktops – a wide range of variants to choose from

In the category of such products, we can find a wide range of materials available in varied design. Most often granite is used for the production of bespoke kitchen worktops. This is a durable raw material, resistant to external factors, including moisture and acids. Granite worktops Chorley can have a different colour – classic gray, but can also be almost black, greenish, red and beige. The second most popular choice is marble. However, it requires careful and systematic impregnation because it is more susceptible to moisture and acids than granite Chorley. There are also many options to choose a kitchen worktop in a given colour.



Granite or marble worktops – suitable for all kitchens

Such worktops, due to the wealth of patterns and colors, can fit into any kitchen arrangement. They fit into modern interiors, but also those decorated classically, for example, rustic.

Advantages and disadvantages of stone kitchen worktops

Among the main advantages of such worktops are their elegant look as well as exceptional durability – they are resistant to scratches, high temperatures, and after impregnation also to moisture, acids – this applies to marble. They can also be repaired. With regards to the disadvantages, the main one is the high price of this type of bespoke kitchen worktops Preston. They are the most expensive, which is why you then have to be prepared to spend a few hundred pounds on one running meter of granite or marble worktops. We can find the available variants of kitchen tabletops Buckshaw Village on the website where stone companies offer a wide range of reviews and services for people who are looking for such quality worktops for home!


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Installation of kitchen worktop

The installation of a new granite worktop Chorley requires great precision and is more complicated than the installation of a wooden kitchen countertop. Granite worktops can be made after individual measurements in the customer’s home or when the executive drawing is delivered. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any shape of a new granite or marble worktop for the kitchen. The thin walls of the countertop may crack during transport or exploitation despite the reinforcement.

When designing a quality worktop for bespoke kitchens Preston, it is also necessary to take into account the width of the aisles, unusual niches, and cabinet arrangements in the kitchen. Therefore, it is best to order uncomplicated shapes of stone kitchen countertop, or a kitchen worktop consisting of several pieces. The installation of the granite worktops should be qualified workers who have the appropriate equipment for installation. The cabinets should be leveled and bolted before installation. Cabinets are not required to be particularly strong, but it should be taken into account that such a countertop can weigh about 120 kg. Granite kitchen countertops cannot be joined seamlessly, but the use of appropriate grout nicely masks the resulting joints.

Quartz worktops as an alternative for granite worktops Chorley

Quartz worktops are an excellent alternative to products made of stone. Quartz worktops are made by combining ground rock (93%) with polyester resin (7%). Since it is mostly natural material, it has properties characteristic for natural material, such as high resistance to damage, as well as to high and low temperatures. It is also easy to keep clean. Quartz worktops come in a wide range of colors and can be matte or glossy. The conglomerate kitchen products we supply combine functionality and elegance. Many companies offer a wide range of conglomerate kitchen worktops with a unique structure and unique colors.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

Showroom as a place of inspiration for every family in 2021

Are you looking for a new quality kitchen for your home with top-quality materials made with precision? A showroom, like the one near the road to Buckshaw Village, can help you find out about the quality of granite worktop materials that meet high quality and safety standards. There you can look at the latest collections, touch samples of kitchen countertops, or learn more about the material of your choice. What is more, in the showroom there are also ready-made projects using granite or quartz.

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Don’t wait, contact the professionals Chorley

Looking for the right kitchen worktop is not an easy task, so it is best to contact by phone or e-mail to the specialists Chorley. They will advise you whether marble, granite, or quartz will be the best for you, they will make a free kitchen countertop design together with free quote! Without any obligation. You will for yourself whether our service is attractive to you.

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