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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Coppull

New kitchen furniture can be finished with different types of worktops: wood-like MDF, natural wood, steel, concrete, and natural materials. Stone worktops are a very popular choice in kitchens today. Granite kitchen worktops deserve special attention. Why is it worth deciding on them?

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What is granite?

Granite is a kind of beautiful deep-sea acid rock that consists mainly of granite quartz and other minerals plagioclase, potassium feldspar, biotite. It is distinguished by its granular, granular structure, which is also the origin of its name – granum in Latin means grain. A family-friendly granite rock can take on various colors, including gray, green, white, pink, and red depending on its composition, which in turn is related to the place of its extraction. Granite is also mined in the United Kingdom.

Bespoke granite kitchen worktops look like new after years

Granite can be used to make various types of products, including elements of the design kitchen. In addition to the stairs and floors, granite worktops still enjoy considerable demand. They are perfect for the kitchen design but they are also assembled in the bathroom. The production of beautiful bespoke kitchen worktops Chorley deals with masonry companies that can provide their clients with comprehensive services connected to the preparation of an impressive, perfectly matched kitchen project for size. The stonemason can then present customers with different types of material, among which one can choose the one that looks best in a given decor. Fitted worktops have many advantages which distinguish them from other types of worktop, thus makes them eagerly ordered for every design kitchen.


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Why is it worth to choose a quality granite worktop in kitchen design?

Among the principal advantages of such kitchen worktops North West are:

  • high durability – they are resistant to many different external factors, among others to moisture, acids, scratches;
  • long-lasting durability – such bespoke products may serve new kitchens for many years;
  • elegant design – your kitchen can give you an excellent dimension thanks to the trendy granite look;
  • a hygienic – smooth surface of the kitchen worktop makes it easy to keep it clean, as well as to cut and knead dough directly on it;
  • renovation possibility – a quality kitchen project can be repaired when it is damaged, for example, by companies  offers a complete service from start to finish.

It is also worth remembering that granite worktops Lancashire also have a few tiny flaws, so you should consider them when deciding to buy a kitchen worktop. First of all, these countertops are quite heavy and require a proper furniture foundation. Also, granite is quite expensive, and a worktop can be a high expense.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

What is better option for home: granite, quartz or marble worktop?

These materials differ not only in their excellent appearance but also in their properties. Best granite worktops like quartz worktops are more resistant to destructive factors, including moisture. You can chop vegetables, set a hot pot, and also make cakes over here. Such a bespoke kitchen or bathroom worktop will always look attractive for many years. Used for quality floors, worktops, marble window sills, although very attractive, have several disadvantages. First of all, such a product more strongly absorbs water and is exposed to damage as a result of contact with acidic substances. That is why it is necessary to impregnate it.

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What affects the price of fitted kitchen or bathroom worktops?

Granite North West is considered to be an elegant material perfectly fitting to prestigious buildings and interiors. Prices of the quality customer service from start to finish, although not very low, are nevertheless easy to accept, taking into account both the functional characteristics of this material and extremely attractive appearance for years. The sum that has to be paid for the granite work surface includes the price of the raw material as well as the necessary processing and often also transport and professional installation by the right company.

Before the new kitchen countertop takes the form of a stone slab 3 cm thick and of the width matching the most common size of kitchen cabinets, i.e. ca. 60 cm wide, it has to go through many stages of preparation. Blocks excavated in quarries are cut into slabs from which individual elements are formed, including kitchen countertops, windowsills or stone facings.

The raw material for best kitchen worktops must first fit perfectly with the shape of your new kitchen. During processing the edges are also prepared. They can be rounded or chamfered, i.e. without a sharp edge, instead of which there is a narrow surface, several millimeters long, usually placed at an angle of 45°. The surface must be appropriately finished, depending on the customer’s preferences. Polished stones, very smooth and glossy, still enjoy considerable demand. However, it is also possible to make split, grained or flamed surfaces. An important element of worktop stone processing is cutting holes for the sink, faucet or kitchen plate. Many clients decide to have special grooves milled to facilitate water flow from the draining board.

The final price of a family-friendly granite kitchen worktop Chorley is affected by many factors. First of all, it will be a type of ordered stone. Prices for the material per running meter vary from tens of pounds to a few hundred pounds for the most expensive varieties. You always have to add the necessary machining, holes, and additional elements such as edge glued under the worktop to increase its thickness without affecting its weight. Depending on the scope of work, prices can range from tens of pounds for a single tap hole to a few hundred pounds, if we choose more complex patterns on the stone. Another expense is the installation of the kitchen fitting. In many cases, especially in bespoke kitchens with an “L” or “C” shape, it will be necessary to glue the worktop fragments together and not only place them on the previously prepared cabinets and install the equipment that is to be permanently connected to them.

Kitchen worktops Lancashire made of granite come at a wide variety of prices. A lot depends on whether the type of material is readily available and its deposits are mined extensively. The rarer the stone, the higher the price will be. In the case of slightly cheaper material, a small kitchen, and a simple design, the whole thing can cost from a few hundred pounds in case of the perfect projects in kitchens.


Bathroom worktops
Bathroom worktops
Bathroom worktops
Bathroom worktops

Possibility of buying granite worktops online for every kitchen – useful help in the difficult times

Are you wondering how to order your kitchen worktop made of granite safely during the coronavirus pandemic? Many professional stone companies are meeting customers’ needs by offering good customer reviews and the free option to order granite worktops online. During a virtual experience meeting, staff will help you design, select materials, take measurements, and installation your kitchen countertop without leaving your home.

Based on previous experience and in combination with the achievements of modern technologies, the family-run company enables the safe interaction between the Client and the designers leading to the design of a dream free kitchen project online. At the same time, the professional customer service from start to finish is the same as services provided by the company in stationery stores. All you need to do is to contact a company that provides such services or products. Experienced designers with good reviews often offer free consultation and help you price your project or chosen product.

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