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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Eccleston

One of the most important design elements in a dream kitchen is the kitchen worktop. It affects our sense of satisfaction with the overall interior design and is immediately noticed by guests due to its large surface area. Functionally, kitchen worktops are exposed to daily contact with lingering water, sharp tools, fat from frying, wine, and various juices. Therefore, they should be extremely resistant and durable.

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Why is it worth to choose worktops granite in design interiors?

Quality granite worktops are synonymous with elegance, durability, and solidity, i.e. the values particularly valued and desired while designing and equipping household rooms. A wide range of materials available in different colors, which is a perfect base for the granite worktops, allows for an ideal match of the appearance and esthetics of the worktops to the taste and preferences of all people.

A granite worktop for kitchens is a great choice for years that results directly from its excellent functional properties, attractive appearance, and durability that guarantees trouble-free use of the granite worktops for many years. Worktops granite Eccleston looks very attractive and elegant – granite in the kitchen due to its visual and functional properties allows for obtaining unique interior design and maximum benefits from using such great worktops.

What material is worth making the kitchen surface of? Great quartz worktops

Granite is the best and most popular chosen material for kitchen worktops. This natural stone stands out for its resistance to high temperatures, mechanical damages, acids, and also low water absorption which is particularly desirable for kitchens used according to its purpose. The natural look of granite makes the stone worktops for kitchens fit both modern and classically decorated rooms

But natural quartzite is also very popular among materials used for kitchen worktops – material harder than granite, which looks like elegant marble. An almost unlimited choice of colour and pattern of quartz worktops makes it a great complement to any interior – both decorated in a classic style and also in a modern kitchen. This exotic material, originating from the furthest corners of the world will give your kitchen a taste and prestigious character, being its unquestionable decoration. Apart from the wonderful esthetic qualities, quartz worktops are extremely resistant to scratches and the impact of high temperatures. Moreover, quartz worktops, after appropriate impregnation, gain even greater resistance to moisture and stains.

Another material that is perfect for kitchen worktops is the quartz conglomerate, the advantages of which include high resistance to acids and uniform colour, whose visual qualities will be appreciated especially by minimalists and owners of modern kitchens. However, quartz conglomerate like a stone for kitchens, unlike granite, is not resistant to high temperatures (up to 120 degrees), which is worth bearing in mind when choosing the ideal material for stone worktops for the kitchen. This means that while a pot of boiling water can still be placed on the kitchen worktop, it is essential to use coasters when a frying pan or oven tray is hot.

How to choose the best kitchen worktops to measure? Colour and design of granite

Bespoke granite kitchen worktops Eccleston are available in a very wide range of colors, which allows them to perfectly match the decor and esthetics of all kitchens. The colour of the granite surfaces should harmonize with other elements present in the room – it is worth adjusting it to the kitchen furniture, floors, walls, windows, and doors, among others. Worktops to size can contrast with the furniture, but it is worth it that their colour referred to the decor of your house. This will allow you to create a coherent and esthetic room and emphasize its leading color scheme.

An important element to consider when choosing custom kitchen worktops is also their design. Since kitchen worktops are not only used for preparing meals but also provide a base for storing kitchen accessories, appliances, and other kitchen equipment, it’s a good idea to opt for a countertop with a subtle, speckled pattern to avoid feeling overloaded. Custom-made kitchen worktops made of natural stone with a distinctive pattern will also “mask” better than solid surfaces, small dirt, crumbs or water drops, which are an everyday occurrence in any intensively used kitchen.


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What is the best stone for a bathroom worktop for home? Granite or marble?

For bathroom worktops, we primarily recommend granite. However, in many cases, customers choose a unique marble for their design bathroom worktops in house because they like the warm, beige coloring of this space better. However, it must be remembered that in the case of marble, it is necessary to take care of tidiness because the possible leaving of spilled and not wiped substances may cause stains, which cannot be removed without interfering with the surface of the material. What’s more, you cannot give a guarantee for their removal, and the very process of interference with the surface of the material may require disassembly of the element and work in a workshop, which raises complications. Quartz conglomerates can also be used for bathroom worktops.

Price and dimensions of countertops for kitchens. Practical aspects of choosing a work surface for years

  • Bespoke kitchen worktops have a depth of 60 cm, which is a direct result of kitchen design standards. However, nothing prevents the kitchen countertop from getting deeper – such a solution will work, especially in large, spacious kitchens, where there is the possibility of installing furniture with a larger capacity. Dimensions of kitchen worktops Eccleston also include their thickness, which determines the strength of the worktops and its resistance to pressure points.
  • Granite worktops are durable, solid, and usually have a thickness of 2-3 cm. However, nothing stands in the way of visually “thickening” the stone worktops to 4 or 6 or more centimeters. Such an effect is obtained by cutting the worktops at an angle and gluing a narrower strip of stone on the front. Properly performed bonding of the countertop to the size allows it to obtain the impression of a substantial thickness of stone kitchen countertops and it is indistinguishable from solid blocks.
  • The price of custom kitchen countertops depends on the chosen material, the size of the worktops, and the complexity of its processing. Initial pricing of the company offering stone services is based on the estimated dimensions of countertops given by the customer and a sketch of the work surface – the exact cost of worktops is determined after precise measurements made by the experts and depends on the type of material, its quantity, and complexity of cuts.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

Installation of bespoke granite worktops

Installation of granite worktops is a cost of £250 to £500. Depending on how many worktops to install and how difficult the task will be. If the kitchen worktop Eccleston is to be mounted on the first floor, and access to it is not blocked by any doors and other difficult to navigate places, such as cramped staircases and recesses, then the price of installation will simply be the lowest.

However, if the installation is to take place in a three-story block of flats without an elevator, and the worktop is 3 meters long, the installation price will be high. This is because firstly, during such installation it is necessary to have a team of 4-5 people and secondly, the stonemason is responsible for the countertop. If we damage the stone, we will have to make a new kitchen worktop. Therefore, it is worth using a comprehensive service and buy the worktop together with installation.

In this case, you will pay a maximum of £500, but you do not have to worry about installation, carry heavy pieces, and in case of an accident, you will not have to buy a new quality kitchen worktop Eccleston. The price of one piece can be higher than the total cost of installation!

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Do granite worktops need to be impregnated?

It depends. Well-chosen stone in the right surface and daily care should be enough to preserve the long life of the countertop. Granite is a natural “product” and its characteristic is natural “wear”. However, some stones are quite prone to absorb stains and it is worthwhile to impregnate its surface which should be repeated from time to time. However, it is difficult to say how often this impregnation should be repeated. It depends especially on the intensity of its use… the more intensive the use, the more often the impregnation process should be repeated, that is from several months to several years. Impregnator must necessarily come from a good manufacturer and be strictly designed for the type of stone and the product made of it. You can purchase such impregnate products only in a specialist family-run company or studio.

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Free granite inspirations in one place

If words are not enough to convince you of the impression a quality granite can make in kitchens, visit a showroom near your location or the website of a company offering granite services. Get inspired, look and find the granite or quartz that makes your home more valuable today to see the wide range of kitchen worktops and get a free quote. All you need to do is contact the professional Eccleston team by sending a message or phone call.

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