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Granite worktops hutton

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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Hutton

Granite worktops are certainly one of the best types of worktops that we usually use at home. All thanks to very high durability and solidity, which characterize this kind of material.

Grey Mirror quartz island

Stone kitchen worktops – kinds of stone products

There are many species of stone Hutton. Unfortunately, not everyone will work as a worktop in your kitchen.

  • Granite – is the most popular material for kitchen worktops. It’s no surprise – such a surface stands out from others with the highest hardness, excellent resistance to scratches, and mechanical damage. Additionally, it is not afraid of high temperatures or contact with water. Granite worktops are resistant to chemicals and foodstuffs. Their slightly higher price is supported by a range of advantages which make it better to make a stone worktop from granite Hutton.
  • Basalt and porphyry – recommended for kitchen worktops because of their stain resistance.
  • Travertine or marble – these variants are equally elegant but less safe because they are prone to staining and soaking up water.

If you decide on a kitchen worktop made from marble granite or travertine, please remember about special protection and impregnation.

Granite worktops for hutton kitchens: are they worth the money?

The trend for made-to-measure granite worktops is one thing, and its functionality and lifespan are another. Granite worktops Essex are available in a range of colors, which will please most consumers.

However, their main advantage is that designs granite worktops are highly resistant to high temperatures and do not deform when exposed to moisture. If you think that every kitchen worktop has such properties, you are wrong.

So if you have a dilemma about whether a granite worktop Hutton will work as well as a worktop in interiors, the answer is yes. On granite worktops we can knead the dough, cut vegetables, and, what is very important, we do not have to worry that acids from products used in the kitchen will damage such worktop. You no longer have to run with a cloth every time you drip the products with an acidic reaction, for example, lemon juice or vinegar.

To highlight the advantages and functionality of granite worktops Essex, it is worth comparing them with marble worktops, once very popular. Marble granite worktops, due to the fact that marble is a limestone rock are not very resistant to scratches, discoloration, or stains. So if the stone worktop Hutton to the kitchen is to be durable and serve us for years, then with the help comes the popular granite worktop.


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Ideal products also for your bathroom

The worktops Hutton installed in the bathroom are particularly exposed to water and mechanical damage. For this reason, the material of which the worktops are made must be easy to clean because hygiene plays a key role here. The perfect solution is to use marble granite worktops.

Do granite kitchen worktops Hutton have disadvantages?

With all their advantages, stone worktops also have some disadvantages. First of all, marble or granite worktops are heavier than worktops made of plastic or wood-based materials. That is why they can only be placed on appropriately adjusted furniture. Moreover, natural stone is the most expensive material available on the market. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth deciding on it – the kitchen worktops Hutton made of stone will be great to serve us for many years.

Can granite worktops be repolished?

The safest surface finish is polished (smooth and shiny surface) obtained mechanically. It is created by treating such surfaces several times with so-called polishing segments of different gradations. As a result, we impart a smooth granite surface Hutton that protects the stone against dirt, and in the case of some stones, does not require additional impregnation. Other types of surfaces, such as brush, antique, leather, are less resistant to the penetration of any substances. These types of kitchen surfaces are good for impregnating. However, it is not always possible to treat the stone surface with impregnating because, for example, available black granites Hutton are already soaked with preparations that darken the color at the stage of production of slabs. It may happen that the impregnator will react with the darkening preparation, and ugly stains will remain on the granite surface.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

Quartz versus natural stone

We can tell a lot about the advantages of quartz because the list of its features is impressive. There is no need to color or stretch the truth. It is enough to mention facts, and these speak for themselves.

Quartz Essex is available in slabs with dimensions of 300 x 100 cm. Of course, we can cut them to smaller sizes but then you need to deploy specialized equipment. Large format slabs used to finish worktops in the kitchen and bathroom reduce the need for joints. They create a uniform surface, which with the choice of a great pattern can look very original, impressive, and elegant.

The large size of quartz does not necessarily mean that the material must be thick or heavy. That’s definitely not true. Unlike the natural stone used in interior design, 300 x 100 cm quartz slabs can be as thin as 3 mm. Originally they were produced only in this dimension. There are now slightly wider slabs available, which further widens their range of application.

It is important to note that such quartz surfaces are not only thinner but also lighter (more than 10 times) than stone worktops. One square meter of this material weighs only 8 kg, which makes it easier to installation. It is also cheaper than stone Hutton, although please remember that sinters do not belong to the cheapest finishing materials. Their advantages make quartz worktops an excellent alternative to natural stone. Although they are thinner and lighter than stone, they have great and similar properties and offer many possibilities in kitchens.

Quartz worktops with great properties and an impressive range of colors

The resistance of made-to-measure quartz worktops is similar to that of stone worktops Hutton. They are durable, strong, and resistant to mechanical damage. They are not sensitive to solvents (both organic and inorganic), detergents, and disinfectants. There are no contraindications to cleaning sinters with chemicals commonly used in interiors. The tiles do not discolor, abrade or scratch.

Quartz worktops, like granite worktops, behave perfectly in contact with food. Under the influence of water, no substances are released from them, which allows the use of plates as worktops in the kitchen room. At this point, it is worth mentioning another main advantage – sinters do not allow the development of mold, fungi, and bacteria.

An important feature is also their extraordinary appearance, rich color palette, and original design. Quartz worktops Essex can imitate natural stone, metal, wood, coal, or architectural concrete. This allows them to fit into interiors of different designs. They are characterized not only by a wide range of colors but also the structure. Worktops can be uniformly smooth or have an interesting texture. They perfectly reflect the colors and drawings of imitated materials. Even if subjected to intensive use, they remain unchanged.

Quartz sinters are characterized by low absorption of liquids and great resistance to dirt. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to their resistance to UV radiation, frost, and other weather conditions, they are an excellent material for finishing buildings in the outdoor space.

Absolute Blanc worktops
Splashbacks of Delicatus granite
Induction hob on ceramic worktop
Cladding reception desk granite

Made-to-measure granite worktops: are their prices worth the quality?

The price of a quality worktops granite Hutton can make you dizzy. However, it is worth remembering that the stone worktop to interiors serves us for years and works with every design, not just a year after purchase. It is a great idea to have a good kitchen worktop, which is the basis of kitchen furniture, so it should fulfill its visual and functional purpose as well as possible.

As we mentioned above, the cost of a granite worktop depends on its color, size of the worktop , and country of origin. For example, worktops granite in royal brown is the most available stone, which means its price will be minimum because of the wide range of such products. However, please remember that the stone’s price is one thing, but we must not forget about the processing. Each stone worktop must go through the process, which includes: cutting, chamfering the edges, and polishing the sides. Then, we have to cut holes for a slab and a sink as well as install the granite worktop in the interiors.

The price for the installation of a granite worktop Hutton varies greatly because it is also affected by a lot of factors, starting with the design and the format of the stone. For some installations, two installers are enough, while for others you need up to five. The price is also affected by the location itself. If it is an apartment in a block on the 4th floor then the price will be higher than in a detached house. So are granite worktops worth their price? It is enough to read some good articles about kitchen worktops granite Hutton and ask for opinions from its owners.

If we have to choose between a granite worktop with many practical advantages, whose price is higher, and a cheaper worktop, which does not have much to offer except the price, the right choice is simple.

Why does the same stone differ in price?

The most important issue, in this case, is its grade.

Experienced and reputable stone companies offer only Premium and Standard (not Commercial) grade materials, which can make the price difference even 30%. However, this does not mean that all our materials are more expensive because wholesale prices are also available.

Each delivery of stone is prefixed with a personal quality inspection by a specialist at the supplier’s factory, which assures you that the stone you buy has as little color variation as possible within a single batch and its quality meets the highest standards.

Kitchen island with different worktop colours
Absolute Blanc quartz side panels
Undermount Sink Indian Jet Black
Undermount Sink Ice by CRL

Choose a reliable suppliers Hutton

It is important to choose a reputable supplier when you want to buy a granite worktop. Many stone worktop suppliers may provide you with lower-class granite or marble, making the product look less attractive and serve you shorter. Therefore, it is worth being guided by the reviews of other users and take a look at photos of previous work when choosing stone countertop suppliers. One of the reasons why you choose granite worktops is that you want using them for many years. That is why choosing a good and proven professional service is very important.

How are granite kitchen worktops attached?

The installation of granite worktops you can do by yourself but we have to reckon with the fact that it does not belong to the easiest tasks and is a bit more complicated than the installation of the wooden worktop. This kind of kitchen worktops granite is made after individual measurements of the client or after providing appropriate drawing or very precise measurements. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make any shape of granite worktops because, for example, too thin walls of the countertop may crack. When designing such a worktop, please take into account all range of elements of the kitchen equipment. You also have to consider that such worktops are heavy, and the cabinets must support them. Therefore, it is best to have the worktop installed by a specialist with experience who has the proper equipment for this purpose.

How much does it cost to install granite worktops?

It is usually the case that when going to a specialist we hear a low price for a worktop and a heavy price for the installation or vice versa. The cost of a countertop installation ranges from £150 to several thousand pounds. It all depends on what, how, and where.

The cost of the kitchen worktop installation should include transportation. The further away you have to get the countertop, the more expensive it will be. Note, however, that for transporting a granite countertop, you need a car adapted for this. The countertop must stand on a special rack, otherwise, there is a big risk that it will break during transport. And this happens not infrequently.

Reception DesksHow do you take care of worktops granite?

Thanks to proper care, kitchen worktops granite can serve in an unchanged form for hundreds of years. Admittedly, some kinds of stones do not need a lot of care but it is still worth providing them with that. For example, granite, which is one of the most durable finishing materials, should be cleaned and impregnated from time to time. Thanks to that it will keep its smooth surface and unique shine for many years. The same applies to worktops made of quartz and synthetic stones.

Marble requires a little more attention. This stone will certainly pour unique beauty into the interior of kitchens, although it doesn’t take much to lose it irretrievably. Marble kitchen worktops should be cleaned regularly with special products and impregnated. Thanks to this, the stone will not get soaked or change color.

Why do companies impregnate stone worktops?

Marble or granite is a natural raw material, which makes its surface have microscopic pores (similar to the skin). Therefore, if the natural stone was not impregnated, the surface could quickly deteriorate as a result of contact with moisture. That is why a specialist with experience impregnates your constructions, which close the pores and would increase their durability. As a result, granite products can be installed in places with high humidity levels, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen granite worktops side panelHow often should you impregnate granite worktops?

Every stone without impregnation absorbs liquids and that is why IMPREGNATION should be used to protect the surface and especially to plug the pores in the center of the natural stone and to prevent the absorption of liquids. If the worktop Essex is properly degreased (for example, with acetone) and then impregnated with a good quality impregnator, the only thing left to do is to take care of it (possibly repeating the impregnation in 3-5 years).

What should be the thickness of the kitchen worktop?

When deciding on the stone worktop, we can choose among standard products with a thickness of 2 and 3 centimeters or order a made-to-measure worktop. We should also bear in mind that in the case of natural stone material Essex, each seemingly insignificant difference in the thickness of the worktop translates into its weight and thus the necessity of appropriate reinforcement of the cabinet structure. In practice, it turns out that we should precisely determine the kind of worktop and its thickness already at the stage of designing furniture construction.

What materials available would work best for the kitchen worktops?

To choose the best raw material, you should first of all pay attention to its purpose. In the case of hutton kitchens, it is known that the material must be extremely resistant both to mechanical damage, scratches, and even high temperatures. Based on these needs, we can recommend granite worktops, that are distinguished by their durability in the case of the above-mentioned characteristics. Similar properties are characterized by quartz-granite or quartz conglomerate kitchen worktops. To ensure an extremely esthetic appearance of our structures, we suggest different ways of their finishing – brushing, polishing, and many others.

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