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Granite worktops longton

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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Longton

A perfect kitchen finish should not only be beautiful but also functional. In addition to equipment, one of the most important elements in this room is worktop with a solid surface, which is comfortable and fit for all interiors. Granite has all these qualities. So get to know its features and see if it is the best solution for you.

Wall cladding

Stone worktops for fitted kitchens

A beautiful and functional kitchen is the dream experience of every housewife. Nowadays, few restrictions prevent it from coming true. With the financial means at your disposal, you can look for the style you’ve been dreaming of for many years because both materials and furniture are available in a range of products. This also includes natural stone, which is increasingly being chosen for kitchens and bathrooms. Worktops made of it do not only look effective but also maintain their design for many years. Stone companies Longton and many other service business from England specialize in installing them and offer products perfectly adjusted to the needs of interiors.

Granite worktops – solid, durable and indestructible surfaces

Among the range of stones, granite certainly deserves the most attention. A quality granite worktop is not only visually attractive but also has many other advantages.

The durability of the material is one of the most important ones. The rock, which was born in very difficult geological conditions, subjected to pressure and high temperatures, gains extraordinary consistency and hardness. Thanks to that, the worktops granite, like marble countertop used intensively in the home kitchen will not scratch, crack or change their appearance. It is also not disturbed by a hot pot or a form taken out of the oven. Granite is solid and resistant to water or chemicals so it will ensure hygienic working conditions in any kitchen.


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Great design which increases property value

People decorating their new home and looking for non-standard interior ideas are often skeptical about the idea of granite worktops Longton. It results from a common belief that this unique stone is available only in monotonous, black colour. Not always, small rooms look favorably in such a setting, because black after all reduces optically. In reality, the charm of granite boils down to its variety, richness of shades and also unique drawing, which nature created for millions of years.

Bespoke granite worktops are like fingerprints – unique and unrepeatable. And next to pure black stones, in England, you can also find and use varieties in various shades of gray, beige, pink, blue, with a very delicate pattern and with intense veins. In addition, granite worktops are also made of quartz or marble, thanks to which they gain an attractive structure and are much cheaper.

Over the years, natural stones posed a lot of limitations related to their shaping. Today’s technologies, new methods of cutting hard materials allow making any shape. This creates virtually unlimited possibilities for kitchen interior design. Investing in granite worktops Longton requires a considerable amount of money, but it is certainly a one-time expense for several decades.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

Prices of granite surfaces for kitchens

The average prices of a particular colour of granite is the basis for pricing. A granite kitchen worktop costs from £150 to even £1000-1200 per square meter. Of course, we are talking about the granite slab, which is located some distance away from the stonemason. Therefore, to the price of granite, we must also add transport, waste during cutting, and the fact that the slab may break during cutting or transport. There is no such problem with MDF boards with affordable prices, which are bought ready to 60 cm wide. Thanks to this there is practically no waste, and during transport or cutting, MDF worktops do not break.

Quality granite worktops – where can we search the best kitchen worktop?

Where can we search granite worktops? Where to supply the right solutions that will increase the value of the property? As we have already mentioned, granite worktops are becoming more and more popular, so also the number of companies offering this type of solutions is high. However, to be sure that in our space there will be the best granite countertop, we should bet only on professional companies. For a professional service business, we can consider this one, which has a rich experience and successfully operates on the market. You can find very different type of proposals in its offer, including the possibility of preparing a granite worktop Longton for individual kitchens.

kitchen island
kitchen island
coffee table
kitchen island

Quartz kitchen worktops perfectly imitate natural granite

Equally popular product used for kitchen worktops is quartz. Quartz kitchen worktops are lighter, so they don’t require reinforced cabinets and can be shaped any way you want. Additionally, they can be stained to achieve a uniform color. This material is also more pleasant to the touch – it takes the ambient temperature and its surface is characterized by extraordinary smoothness. A surface made of quartz is connected without joints, which translates into the aesthetics of the kitchen finish.

A quartz kitchen worktop, like a granite worktop, also has low absorbency. For this reason, we do not have to worry about discoloration to the same extent as, for example, in the case of kitchen worktops made of marble.

Deciding on quartz worktops, you have a wide range of colours to choose from, which will allow you to use colours that best match the style of the arranged kitchen. Thanks to a large variety of materials, this type of kitchen worktops looks great in both a modern minimalist interior design, as well as a traditional kitchen finish , which are fit to worktops made of quartz sinter imitating stone or wood.

Kitchen granite worktops windowsill
Kitchen granite worktops windowsill
Kitchen granite worktops draining grooves
Kitchen granite worktops side panel

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