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Polish Granite – Offering one of the best stone worktop installations in the Whittle-le-woods

Natural stone, especially granite, is becoming more and more popular in interior design. The British decide not only on granite floors, window sills, and wall decorations but also on introducing this material to kitchens. A hit of recent years are granite kitchen worktops, which fit very well both in large kitchens in detached houses and small apartments.

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Granite worktops: timeless design in all fitted kitchens

One of the advantages of using granite Chorley in interiors is its unique esthetics. Few people realize that there are no two identical blocks of this stone – each of them is distinguished by a different pattern. Granite Whittle-le-woods is available in thousands of colour combinations, so you do not have to limit yourself to just a few primary colors. People who decide to order granite worktops Pr6 7dj can choose, among others, kitchen products in the shades of white, gray, gold, navy blue, brown, red, and black. Due to its wide range of use and the mentioned design, you will also have no problem with matching the countertop to the style and theme colour in your new fitted kitchen or bathroom.

Even though appearance and esthetics are very important, we also cannot forget about the usefulness of the material. What does granite look against this background? There is a reason why companies use it for tombstones, roads, or fireplaces. Granite Chorley is resistant to very high and low temperatures – you can put a hot plate or products taken out from the freezer on it without any problem. Lack of sensitivity to temperature changes is not everything. Granite, similar to quartz, is not flammable, so you can place it near gas cookers in the new kitchen. What’s more, it also shows resistance to mechanical damage – you can cut on a granite countertop with a sharp knife.

Another reason why it is worth investing in granite worktops is resistance to acids, fats, and moisture. High-quality granite or marble worktops Preston, distinct from those made of wood, are not able to discolor under the influence of the mentioned components. This advantage facilitates daily preparation of meals and cutting such products as lemon or other citrus fruit.

Although the cost of such a service is undoubtedly quite high, given the numerous qualities of granite Chorley, it is worth choosing a fitted worktop from this natural material for your kitchen.

Kitchen worktops Whittle-le-woods in every bespoke kitchen – do they have any disadvantages?

Granite Low mill town lane is a raw material, so by nature, it does not belong to the lightest, and one square meter of this raw material weighs up to 80 kilograms. Therefore, you need two people and special equipment for the installation of a granite worktop in your home. The average thickness of granite surface Chorley is 3 cm, although sometimes, there are some thicker, which can be a challenge for the furniture on which they will be supported. It is, therefore, worth ensuring that the structure of the cabinet is solid, preferably a wooden board.

People who like warm and cozy interiors may not be convinced to buy a granite worktop for their new kitchens by its cold, sterile surface. In this regard, nice-to-touch wood, laminate, or quartz worktops are better. If bespoke granite kitchen worktops become seriously damaged, they will require the intervention of a professional and in some cases, they will have to be dismantled and taken to a workshop, which will be neither cheap nor convenient. Fortunately, granite kitchen worktops Bamber Bridge, similar to marble or quartz worktops, are durable enough that with proper care they should not cause any problems in all fitted kitchens. Before we buy a particular shade of granite, it is worth remembering that the light kitchen worktops are more absorbent and brittle, and need to be impregnated more often while darker granite kitchen worktops are more resistant to moisture and can be impregnated less often.



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Marble and granite worktops vs. quartz worktops for modern kitchens

The stone market offers bespoke kitchen worktops made of traditional stones – mainly marble, travertine, and granite – and quartz worktops that combine natural components bonded together and processed using innovative technologies. For example, one company in Chorley offers products consisting of 95% natural materials – mainly quartz and granite combined with 5% additives.  When it comes to comparing the quality and performance characteristics of both kitchen solutions, the technologically enhanced stone has a definite advantage. Marble and travertine are soft which makes them very susceptible to scratches and mechanical damage and easy to stain, while granite Chorley is cold to the touch and very heavy, which makes it very difficult to process. The quartz worktops, on the other hand, are about 20% lighter than their traditional counterparts, available at lower prices. Quartz is also warm to touch, easy to work with, and much more resistant to daily use. Besides, bespoke quartz worktops Pr6 7dj are very easy to keep clean, and impregnation is recommended once every few years.

Such policies make Polish Granite LTD a truly one-of-a-kind masonry
company – and the feedback we recieve proves this.

How do you care for such kitchen worktops Preston?

Despite their durability, granite kitchen worktops Chorley, similar to quartz worktops, require proper care and caution when used. In the beginning, it is worth impregnating them. This will ensure greater resistance of granite worktops Preston to mechanical damage, stains, moisture, and chemicals. It is enough to impregnate the marble kitchen worktops once a year, unless the risk of damage is greater, then we can do it more often. How to impregnate granite worktops? First thoroughly clean and dry the kitchen countertop. Then spread the impregnation on its entire surface with a brush and leave it to dry. In the end, we polish the kitchen countertop with a dry cloth. When using granite worktops, it is very important to always wipe their surface dry and avoid pouring acids, such as lemon or hydrochloric acid, vinegar, bleach, and baking soda. Granite worktops Bamber Bridge, as well as quartz worktops, are best cleaned with water or water with a mild dishwashing liquid, and in case of bigger dirt, we can use a suitable product for cleaning stone in our kitchen.

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Fitted kitchens: a huge number of bespoke kitchens in Chorley

Do you want to know the comprehensive prices for granite Low Mill Town Lane, marble, and quartz worktops including measurement, delivery, and installation? Contact us and you will receive a free fitted kitchen offer.

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