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Why choose quartz or granite for your Bradford kitchen? What makes them special?

Choosing the right worktop can be a tricky decision. Most of the time people tend to ask the same question:

Which worktop material should I buy? Wood, Laminate, Stone?

Over the last 13 years we have had hundreds of people from Bradford and surrounding towns & villages asking us why stone worktops are the best choice of worktop.

They also ask why they are worth the purchase.

Well, seeing as we are experts in the field of stone worktops we usually provide a single statement which tends to resolve the potential client’s dilemma:

With quartz, ceramic, dekton, marble or granite worktops you are guaranteed to have immense durability, resistance to heat and scratches. A lifetime of satisfaction and virtually no wear and tear issues. This is a product which requires low maintenance and offers modern touch and style.

After that we ask the customers if they can find either a metal, wood or laminate worktops company which can guarantee the same positive effect with their material.

In almost every case they admit that with wood, laminates and metal the attributes are limited, and certainly incomparable to that what is offered by granite or quartz worktops.

Stone worktops are the best option. They are a great investement, and save you the distress, anxiety and hassle of future damage that will most certainly be experienced with the inferior products e.g. wood/laminate/metal tops.
Matthew, F (Polish Granite Manager)

Its no secret. Granite and quartz worktops are worth every penny, and provide a lifetime of satisfaction!

But our opinion will always be pro-stone. If you are curious what other people who live in Bradford think of quartz or granite worktops, keep reading! We compiled a bunch of comments below from those who live in Bradford and have contact with granite or quartz:

Stone is something everyone should possess in their household. I received my granite worktops over two years ago now and I cannot express how much I love them. First of all, they are easy to clean, very easy to clean in fact. A wipe with a cloth or water and soap will most of the time do the job. Because of their polished surface everything comes off easily, and it never stains the natural stone. Secondly, when granite companies say these materials are durable, they mean it. The amount of times I’ve used a knife on my worktop or dropped mugs on them is unreal, and yet no damage has been done. For all those with a choice dilemma, go for worktops!
Sylvia Janic, Bradford

For all those puzzled and confused in terms of granite, ceramic or quartz worktops, I will only say the following: I worked in two separate firms in the past, one which operated with wood and laminate kitchens + worktops, and the other a granite and quartz worktop company. I must say that the difference between the quality of both worktop materials is unreal. We kept receiving so many complaints at the laminate place, and at the granite company nothing. Everyone was satisfied for years. Not only stone kitchen worktops are resistant to heat, impacts and scratches, they genuinely last for ages and their patterns are excellent.
Rakhi Hakim, West Yorkshire

Do you think granite or quartz worktops would fit well in your kitchen? Contact us now.

Some more opinions from those who own stone worktops:

My husband persuaded me to get granite kitchen worktops, if I’m honest. I was sceptical at first, but then they actually arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. Its called Blue Pearl granite and it has these almost 3D mineral elements that cannot be recreated in any surfaces. It’s a great centrepiece of our kitchen and highlights the whole interior. What I found really satisfying about granite, now that I own one, is that they really don’t stain if they are regularly sealed. The amount of times I spilt wine or coffee on them, and even left it there over hours, and nothing!
Nafisah Rajput, Bradford


I had my laminates replaced in the early 2019 for the latest marble-lookalike Calacatta quartz. It was the best decision ever. I had my laminates for like 2 years and they chipped, scratched, the colour had faded almost instantly. They are reasonably priced, but it’s definitely not worth the hassle. Choose stone kitchen worktops because they retain their great qualities for years, and damaging them is almost impossible. It’s a true investment. I truly recommend.
Jake Wilsall, Bradford West Yorkshire

Don’t hesitate to read the opinion of our employees who had been working with stone for at least 10 years and collected vast experience:

Granite, quartz and ceramic are todays future. I could produce a 2 page list of their fantastic qualities and why everyone should get them, but instead I’ll just point them to all of Polish Granite’s past customers. Because 99% of them have been satisfied for years and haven’t found a single fault with the materials.
Rafal S, Manchester (worktops quartz and worktops granite manufacturing expert)

I’ve worked with stone for so many years now and in this time encountered some truly beautiful and bespoke stone design slabs – especially the quartz worktop colours that get constantly updated by our suppliers. Ble, red, green, black, grey, white – whatever you like can be found. That’s why each customer can find something perfect for themselves and the element of satisfaction is even greater.
Andrzej M, Manchester (leading granite kitchen fitter and quartz installer)

For more info regarding granite or quartz worktops, our range of products or worktop service in Bradford, or to request a free quote / price plan, feel free to click below & contact us. We shall swiftly answer all your questions:

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