Rustic kitchen – tasteful interiors

Rustic kitchen

Kitchen – the heart of your home

Rustic kitchen designEvery house has a central place, where all the actions take place, where people gather to talk, celebrate or simply enjoy their time together. In many cases it’s the kitchen that serves as such a gathering spot. The kitchen can be the heart of your home – yet it needs to fulfil a few conditions in order to do so. First of all, the heart of your home needs to have proper space. Space arrangement and layout are key factors when it comes to home design. Perfect kitchen needs to have proper amount of space, it can’t be crammed or awkward. Still, it can’t be overwhelming – too much space can make you feel small and therefore uncomfortable. Secondly, ideal kitchen needs to have an atmosphere. The general feeling of a given room is an outcome of many overlapping factors – colours, type of furniture, details, light etc. In spite of the fact that there are so many things – one thing is always essential – it’s the kitchen worktop.

Design rooted in nature

Styles and designs constantly change over time. Interestingly, they are always somehow rooted in nature. What’s even more, it’s quite a fad now to go back to rustic design. Rustic kitchen design is truly gaining popularity now. Basically, rustic kitchen refers to refined home design that’s deeply rooted in nature and natural surroundings. Although, this may seem a little vogue, (after all what’s a natural surrounding?) in practice rustic kitchen is pretty easy to identify. First of all, rustic kitchen can be recognized by its palette of colours. Rustic kitchens are usually filled with colours frequently encountered and associated with nature such as earthly browns, beiges or greys. What’s more, it’s all about natural textures. Think for example about the exquisite texture of wood, natural stone or raw building materials of walls. Yet, let’s not forget about the fact that contemporary rustic kitchens don’t look like the kitchens from the past – raw and rough furniture and fixtures that are also sturdy and solid, no subtlety at all. Modern rustic kitchens rooted in natural materials and textures are perfectly balanced with sophisticated finishes.

Granite worktop – the perfect completion

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and clear edges are things that definitely distinguish contemporary rustic kitchens. Such modern accents are paired with natural accessories and materials and as a result create stunning kitchens. Granite worktops are perfect examples of modern elements that work perfectly in rustic interiors. After all, they are made of a natural rock. What’s more, granite isn’t just a rock. It’s widely recognized for its stunning beauty – unique colours and underlying veining. Granite worktops fit in perfectly in rustic kitchens where it’s particularly important to rely on natural surroundings. What’s more, granite worktops with their perfect cutting and polishing create balance and harmony. Natural texture is somehow tamed with smoothness and clean lines. Modern embodiment of nature is therefore perfectly achieved in such granite worktops.

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