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Granite tiles – How to use a natural stone in interiors and exteriors

Integrating natural stone like granite, or man-made products like quartz or ceramic into every aspect of your home is a no brainer. Stone, no matter which material, is a classy, sleek but most of all durable product that can last a lifetime in all sorts of conditions.

What isn’t very obvious is that granite, ceramic or quartz tile sheets can be used to clad all sorts of surfaces. From walls to flooring and even some furniture. It’s an elegant, but above all a clever solution that will protect each surface from decay and every-day wear and tear.

This applies for project both inside as well as the outside, as no matter what weather conditions your stone faces, it will not be subject to impact.

Granite tiles – why you should use them in your home?

Granite is a mineral with unusual physical characteristics. It is valued for its durability, hardness and longevity. It is rated as a “seven” on the Mohs ten-point scale, which indicates its really high hardness. This translates into high resistance to abrasion, chipping and crushing. These characteristics make it a very desirable and quality building material.

Other physical characteristics that we cannot forget are its high resistance to frost, wind and low water absorption. Regarding the latter, with a good impregnation or ‘resinization’, we can say that granite tiles become virtually waterproof. In addition, due to its density, granite stores heat well, which is why it is so readily used in interiors. Despite the fact that it is difficult to scratch, chip or crush, it is susceptible to shaping, so there is no problem in adjusting its form to individual needs.

Natural stone tiles – what kind of tile to choose?

We can find the same colour of granite tiles in either floors, walls, decorations, fireplaces, claddings, utilities, windowsills or worktops etc. This is surely their biggest attribute, as they can be made to suit literally any place. The choice of granite wall tiles location is limitless, and as a customer, you choose where to place them and what they should look like. The job may also be left to the professional designer or an architect, they will perform their tasks according to the customer. However, bear in mind that apart from the undoubting decorative function, the granite tiles settled in interiors should also have other functions such as working use.

Most of all, the smooth and even/polished surfaced stone is used in many interiors. The rough surfaces are not recommended due to their uneven structure, thus being troublesome when in use. Amongst the uneven surfaces, however, the matted ones are amongst the most popular natural surfaces. Despite of their slight uneven area, they are still somewhat smooth, harmless seen as it isn’t sharp, therefore neither damage your clothing, but most importantly it is very easy to clean and maintain it. The interiors are always decorated with many different materials, such as limestone, soft alabaster, with medium tenderness marble or much harder granite or quartz.

Where you can use the granite floor tiles?

As we have already mentioned, black granite has extremely good physical characteristics. Therefore, it works well in various arrangements – both outdoors, where you can make granite floor tiles, lining the stairs or terrace, and in houses and apartments. Quality tiles granite are used for wall facings, floors, stairs, window sills and fireplace casings. Nothing stands in the way of using granite tiles also in the bathroom (e.g. on walls, countertops or under a shower) or in the kitchen (e.g. on floors, walls or as table tops). Clients and interior designers are also very eager to use them for finishing corridors and halls as they create an elegant atmosphere from the very entrance and are a great showpiece for the house.

Of course, granite tiles cannot be missing in many other spaces. They are very willingly used in service facilities – for instance in hotels, restaurants or offices. It is the right choice as high resistance to damage, low abrasion, easy to clean and beautiful, elegant appearance make granite floor tiles a delight for a long time. It is also worth remembering that a natural stone surface does not go out of fashion, so this arrangement will last for years and will still please the eye!

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