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What to choose: A standalone range cooker or induction hob?

Selecting an appliance as important as hob and cooker can be tricky business. As there is so many cookstoves available on market, we perfectly understand that it can be quite difficult to select the best one as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless, we’ve had customers that are very happy with their hobs and standalone range cookers with built in hobs. At the end of the day, choosing one tends to be a matter of personal preference. Do you like bulky but powerful cookers that have everything combined and are ideal for cooking? Or do you prefer minimalism and a lot more room on your worktop that has an integrated glass hob?

We’ve prepared this article to briefly explore the pros and cons of each. The compilation below is entirely subjective, so please approach each point with caution. We always recommend doing more research yourself before making a final decision, preferably by speaking or reading reviews of people who own either product.

Range cooker or induction hob: What are their main qualities and downfalls?

Range cooker

The pros:

+ integrated functionality

+ usually a more powerful heat source

+ Fantastic for professional and avid cooks

+ Suits cottage-type and traditional environments

+ compatible with splashbacks

The cons:

– Bulky

– limits space

– Gets rid of valuable worktop space

– Can be unhygienic (food particles usually fall behind it or under it)

– less economic: more gas is wasted


Induction Hob

The Pros:

+ compatible with splashbacks

+ more cooking space & more worktop

+ elegant, minimalistic and modern appearance

+ electric counterparts usually very safe: inclusive of child lock

+ easier to clean: a simply wipe of sponge and soap tends to suffice

The cons:

– Usually less powerful than built in cookers

– electric counterparts may be insufficient for avid cooks

– glass hobs can break if subjected to heavy impact

– replacement can be tricky as the worktop hole is custom made


‘Which is better for the worktop: induction hobs or standalone cookers?’

This questions is asked by our customers very often, but in truth the answer is that neither are better or worse for the worktop. They have zero impact on the surfaces, besides maybe the aesthetic reasons, which are entirely subjective.

But if chosen well, both products can vastly complement the worktops – we’ve fitted stunning stone worktops in the past that were supplemented by both standalone range cookers and standard induction hobs.

Contrary to common belief, induction hobs have no negative impact on the worktops i.e. the heat does not damage them. Firstly they are designed in such way that the heat adheres strictly to the burner rings – this is the same for gas and electric models. Secondly, even if the emitted heat was out of ordinary, quartz and granite are probably the only worktop products that are made for such circumstances, handling heat extremely well. In fact our customers often avoid heat mats and cork pads altogether, and place the boiling pots and pans directly on the stone surface.

The only negatives for either model we can find that impact the worktops is its price and aesthetics. With induction hobs, you integrate them directly into the worktop – this is clean, smooth, efficient and very elegant. You see more of the worktop and you get more of the worktop. Not to mention that splashbacks are better incorporated and the cleaning can be easier.

On the other hand, with induction hobs you pay extra for the custom cut-out hole. You avoid that completely with standalone cookers. Another positive of the latter is that they can be moved or swapped at any time. When it comes to induction hobs – the hole in the worktop is done permanently, so you’ll only be left with the option to re-purchase an identical hob model should you desire a change. All in all the range cooker method appears to be more temporary, fluid and flexible.

Ask our staff for advice!

We can always help you to choose between an induction hob & standalone cooker if you’re having a dilemma. Our photo gallery is also full of pictures from both types, so we’d recommend browsing through those for inspiration.

Our experts can also propose different sizes, colours, and make suggestions towards products that will perfectly blend in with your chosen worktops.

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