Unique kitchen – kitchen cabinets colours

Unique kitchen

What’s unique

Kitchen, which very often serves as the very centre of your household needs to be warm and welcoming. Although, many people tend to spend plenty of time in their kitchens they very often try to make them above all unique and forget about all the petty practicalities. Still, there’s a chance to create a truly unique kitchen without diminishing its practical qualities. Yet, in order to do so it’s best to understand what’s unique. Unique means that spaces that it describes are different than others, exclusive and in way rare. They are also particular, which means they are rather uncommon, one of a kind. What does such a unique kitchen look like in practice?

Cabinet colours and ideas

It’s never easy to clearly define a unique kitchen. Especially now when modern design dominates everything and makes everything look exactly the same. Minimalism, simplicity and functionality of contemporary home interiors design are in a way convenient but they are also generic and make everything look the same. If there’s no personal touch to such modern interiors there’s no way to make a difference and set off your rooms. In such situation it’s really difficult to create a unique kitchen. Luckily, modern kitchens don’t need to be boring – especially, if you decide to deviate a little from standards of white washed kitchens or pale walls.

Colourful interiors and colourful cooking spaces are really great ways to overcome the inevitable dullness of modern minimalism and create unique kitchens. There are many ways to take advantage of colours. Still, there are two trends that currently seem to dominate. These are: using two shades of the same colour with a nice combination or using contrastive colours and their inner power. The former option is much safer and has been proved successful over the years. The latter may seem a little bit more extreme, but it’s also effective as long as it’s used reasonably and planned a way ahead. After all, a unique kitchen isn’t the result of a spontaneous painting, a painter’s spree: a little bit of red here, some corner in blue and a final splash of green to make it all visible. A unique kitchen is always carefully planned and arranged.

Final touch – your granite worktop

In case of colours, if you want to stick with modern tips it’s best to choose some subtle colours and mix two shades together. It’s also a good idea to choose white walls and contrast them with black cabinets or worktops, especially granite worktops with their natural strong presence. Still, if you’re more of a creative free spirit it’s always good to have some fun while arranging spaces. Contrastive colours, energetic, vibrant and full of unusual vibe are great choices. Consider for example such mixes: cool and calm grey and hot orange, red of the fire and soft yellow of the setting sun or pure white and deep blue of the ocean. In order for such colour schemes to work you need to paint proper spaces. The best idea is to choose something strong for cabinets, tables or worktops and something much more subtle and lighter for the background and walls. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

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