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2022 is just around the corner, and cabinet colour trends are already leaking! What kitchen cabinet colours will rise to top?

The kitchen, which very often serves as the very center of your household needs to be warm and welcoming. Although many people tend to spend plenty of time in their kitchen, they try too hard to make these interiors unique and forget about all the petty practicalities. Still, there’s a chance to create a truly unique kitchen without diminishing its practical qualities. But in order to do so, it’s best to understand what’s unique. Unique means that originality, exclusiveness and a rare touch to any design. A peculiar, one of a kind space. What does such a unique kitchen look like in practice? What to look for when choosing a kitchen cabinet colour?

What colour kitchen cabinets will trend in 2022? A wide range of kitchen units colours

A unique kitchen isn’t the result of a spontaneous painting, a painter’s spree: a little bit of red here, some corner in blue, and a final splash of green to make it all visible. A unique and design kitchen is always carefully planned and arranged.

For years, a popular choice for kitchen cabinets are fronts in white colour. But changing trends in interior kitchen design means that more and more customers decide on different, often more daring colors. Individual preferences are one thing, and arrangement possibilities are another. It is worth remembering, because sometimes the dream color of units kitchen may simply not match the interior. Particular attention should be paid especially in the case of small rooms, which can be optically reduced by poorly chosen colours. This, in turn, will create the interior overwhelming, and therefore also bad in the reception by household members.

When it comes to small rooms, it is advisable to choose bright colors that will optically enlarge the kitchen. We have more room for manoeuvre in large kitchen interiors, where both light and dark shades of the kitchen cabinet will work. When choosing the color of the kitchen cabinet, you should also pay attention to the access to daylight. If it is limited, the choice should fall on the color of the fronts, which will brighten them. Very important is also the style in which the kitchen cabinet is to be made. Completely different colours will fit into modern buildings, and others for those cabinets in a classic style.

These tips are very general but often helpful. However, it is always best to rely on the opinion of a designer, visiting him in a custom-made furniture studio or his showrooms page. Such a person, knowing the specifics of the kitchen interior and having experience should offer the best possible solutions.

How to compose the color of the kitchen cabinet with the style of the whole interior? Choose from a range of kitchen design ideas

In the case of colours, if you want to stick with modern tips it’s best to choose some subtle unit colours and mix two shades together. It’s also a good idea to choose white walls and contrast them with black kitchen cabinets for food storage or kitchen worktops, especially granite worktops with their natural strong presence. Still, if you’re more of a creative free spirit it’s always good to have some fun while arranging spaces in kitchens. Contrastive colours, energetic, vibrant, and full of unusual vibe are great choices. Consider for example such mixes: cool and calm grey and hot orange, red of the fire and soft yellow of the setting sun, or pure white and deep blue of the ocean. In order for such colour schemes to work you need to paint proper spaces. The best idea is to choose something strong for kitchen cabinets, tables, or worktops and something much more subtle and lighter for the background and walls. Don’t be afraid to make a statement.

Before you plan the look of your kitchen units…

Consider lighting.

The visual emphasis will be wherever the light is directed, usually on the countertop. For this reason, the electrical design of a kitchen will be very different from, say, a bedroom or living room, where lighting is installed centrally, and only smaller lamps or sconces are added.

Dark countertops work best with direct overhead lighting. Light-coloured countertops will look best when the light stream does not rest directly on them. Contrasting colours also draw the eye so if you want to focus on something, emphasize it with light and color. Of course, daylight is also important; the less it comes through the windows, the more artificial light points you should plan.

Also, don’t forget the wall above the kitchen worktop and…

The same rules of contrasting or matching colours work here, depending on where you want to have a focal point. In a wide-open kitchen space where the kitchen cabinets are more visible than the countertop, match the cabinets to the shade of the wall above the countertop. In areas where space is severely limited, the kitchen worktop is most visible.

Remember, too, that the wall above the countertop can be accentuated by lighting, which will the more visible, the more will be glossy the texture.

…the floor

Whether you match the kitchen cabinets and countertop to the material used on the floor depends on the type and aesthetic of the entire kitchen. You can work by analogy or contrast. Whichever style you choose, pay attention to whether the colours match.

Contrasting the kitchen cabinets with the floor is a good idea, and if you want to use it, match the kitchen countertop material to the floor.

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