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Modern kitchen design – 4 amazing design ideas for modern kitchens

The fashion for house-cooked dinners and baked goods is back and with it the fashion for a beautifully and functionally designed kitchen. What innovations, ideas, and styles will reign supreme in 2022? We take a look at the latest kitchen ideas and explain why it is worth betting on high gloss kitchen modular furniture.

Modern kitchen design 2022 – what will be trendy in that year?

Modern kitchen project? 2022 is another year where it will be hard to pinpoint a single trend. With a wide selection of beautiful furniture, appliances, and accessories, it’s impossible to pick a single design style. Everything will depend on you and your choices. However, it is worth being inspired by a few ready-made contemporary kitchen ideas for a fantastically arranged room.

For proponents of modern, minimalist trends, a perfect choice will be white, lacquered fronts and simple solids. A light kitchen space will not only look fashionable, but optically it will seem more spacious.

The monotonous white kitchen should be broken with warm wood elements, such as marble worktops with such a motif. An alternative to this color can also be a wide range of other, muted shades, such as graphite, beige, gray, and even black.

The advantage of smooth, neutral fronts will be the ability to easily change the decor in the future. Instead of replacing all the equipment, just repaint the walls and buy other kitchen accessories.

Another, equally fashionable idea for your dream kitchen will be inspired by the retro style. If you decide on such an inspiration, bet on colour when creating it. Celadon or azure kitchen cabinets will immediately bring to mind the 50s and 60s. It is worth to match them with a distinctive color of flooring and accessories. You will easily find many appliances and decorations stylized on those times. Of course, such cabines and equipment should combine retro aesthetics with modern kitchen solutions and innovations.

Also lovers of tradition and elegance will easily choose kitchen furniture for their home. Dark wood, decorative metal or brass handles, the kitchen island, sink or worktops resembling marble will suit even the most demanding tastes.

Glass details and decorative grooves on fronts will emphasize the classic style of the interior. Another, equally chic option will be light, for example, white or beige colours of furniture. Such a kitchen solution will work especially well in smaller, darker kitchens.

Modern kitchen 2022? Fitted kitchen furniture

A huge advantage of trendy kitchens 2022 will be their ability to fit into any interior, regardless of its size or layout. A large number of units that vary in size and function make the collection extremely flexible.

All elements may be freely combined and arranged, depending on your needs. Of course, you can also opt for a ready-made, complete set. It’s easy to create the comfortable kitchen of your dreams.

You can choose from all sorts of different types and sizes of kitchen cabinets, worktops and drawers to create a kitchen that fits in perfectly with the space you have. Cabinetry with the possibility of built-in home appliances will be an additional convenience. You will have absolutely no problem with placing a fridge, kitchen island, an oven, or a dishwasher.

The modular sets even include special cabinets with a dedicated hood included. Thanks to this, the design spaces of 2022 will look exceptionally coherent and stylish.

Also fitting kitchen worktops will not be the slightest problem, thanks to the possibility of cutting them to size or selecting ready-made sections. Problematic, uneven wall surfaces will not be a challenge thanks to functional countertop edging.

Modern kitchen design 2022: everything in its place!

What will distinguish modern kitchens of 2022 is their extraordinary functionality. One of its manifestations will be a perfect organization system, consisting of clever storage solutions for all appliances and products. Storing all the pots and pans or finding the spices you need will no longer be a problem.

In the drawers you will find extremely helpful cutlery inserts and cross dividers so that all items are immediately visible and easy to pull out. Generously sized, extendable cargo baskets ensure that all the necessary ingredients are always tidy.

An additional advantage is the huge kitchen space saving achieved thanks to their narrow dimensions and the use of several levels. Convenient drawers inside utility cabinets will work on a similar principle, which will help in its organization.

An extremely practical innovation are corner cabinetry with a special design, thanks to which access to their interior is easier. Thanks to this you will easily find space for even the largest pots and pans, and you won’t have to dig through the entire cabinet when pulling them out.

In addition to practical and convenient storage systems, the trendy kitchens of 2022 will have many other modern features. These include soft-closing doors and gas lifts that make opening easier.

Ecological kitchen ideas in contemporary and modern kitchen space

The modern kitchens of 2022 must move with the times. More and more people are aware of the dangers of climate catastrophe and are concerned about protecting the environment.

The fight for a better future should start with the immediate surroundings. Such simple habits as segregating waste, saving water or electricity should become part of everyone’s life. Modern kitchen ideas and patents also come in handy in the interior design industry.

Modular kitchen ideas also include solutions that make it easier to live in harmony with nature. For example, separate garbage cans have been installed in the built-in cabinetry, especially with waste segregation in mind.

On the other hand, energy-efficient led lighting is installed next to the cabinets, thanks to which you won’t have to turn on the main light unnecessarily. This is not only a great saving, but also takes care of the environment.

A beautiful and fashionable kitchen 2022 means, above all, functionality and freedom of design. Modular furniture sets are the best guarantee of modern kitchen solutions, top quality and flexibility in decorating.

Freedom in the choice of colors, number of kitchen cabinets, their size and form will be the biggest trend of the coming year. It will depend only on you what ingredients you combine in your dream kitchen space.

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