Wabi sabi interiors – enjoy the imperfections

Wabi sabi interiors

What’s wabi sabi

If you’re looking for something trendy with regards to home interior design you should definitely get to know wabi sabi. It’s a completely new style that’s dominating contemporary design. Basically, it’s all about embracing and enjoying the things that are authentic, simple and very close to the world of nature. It’s straight from Japan where people, who live in the future, miss out the basic things, the simplest and most beautiful gifts of nature. Wabi means simple elegance coming from natural design and sabi refers to the perspective in which people value flaws and imperfections in things, especially the ones coming with age. What does it look like in real life?

Wabi sabi interiors – key elements

Wabi sabi interiors have a few key features. Basically, they are simple, natural and personalised. After all, wabi sabi interiors are all about celebrating the imperfections and accepting the fact that everything ages. It’s all about enjoying our imperfect surroundings in peace and serenity. You simply give yourself freedom to love your possessions without any conditions – if they are imperfect that’s fine, if they are damaged over time that’s fine as well. Wabi sabi is about actual design as well as some kind of  a philosophy of life. The authenticity, simplicity and imperfect natural beauty is what matters here.

Wabi sabi interiors can take various forms. Yet, in all of them you can find some common elements. First of all, since wabi sabi values nature there’s plenty of natural materials such as wood or natural stones. These natural materials create a sense of connection between you and the nature. They smooth the surfaces, tranquilise your surroundings and make the air move easily. They allow your home interiors to breathe. Granite worktops can easily fit into such wabi sabi interiors – with their unique colours, apparent disharmony of shades and hues and irregularity that you can find in them they are perfect in wabi sabi design.

Natural materials are just a start here. Remember that wabi sabi favours imperfections. In practice it means that wabi sabi interiors are very often filled with mismatched furniture, with creaking floorboards or furnished with leather sofas showing first signs of aging. There’s also nothing wrong here with slightly damaged marble tabletop or with aged granite worksurface. Finally, keep in mind that wabi sabi enjoys the sense of purpose. Simple things mean that there’s no need for complicated designs that make your life more difficult. It’s all about easily visible purpose – the table is here to sit at and eat your meal. There’s really nothing easier to do then choose wabi sabi as your style.

The natural beauty

Finally, remember that wabi sabi interiors are also about natural beauty. Don’t be afraid to show off nature’s imprecations or unusualness. Yet, be careful to show your personality as well. Wabi sabi can’t be detached or far away. It’s here and there and reflecting your personality, your mood and preferences. As such wabi sabi interiors are never the same and can’t be pre-arranged and lacking any personal touch.

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