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What goes with black kitchen worktops? Is black granite the true universal colour?

The kitchen is the most important room in any home. Therefore, it is important that the furniture and other items in this room have an attractive appearance and are functional. Worktops are products that are the most exploited surface in the entire house. You should therefore choose models made of high quality materials that will remain intact for many years. Countertops are used daily while preparing meals. It is extremely functional, but also a decorative part of the kitchen. Designer models have original colors that become a strong accent of the room. We suggest why black kitchen countertops are the right choice for a modern arrangement … and not only!

Black kitchen worktops – types of popular worktop materials

  1. Solid wood kitchen worktops – these models will suit modern, rustic, Provençal and Scandi arrangements. Natural models have knots and other irregularities that give them a unique character. You should remember to properly protect their surface. However, they are not resistant to high temperature.
  2. Stone worktops – are resistant to damage, extremely durable and have high quality. They have a higher price than wooden countertops. Granite or marble will fit into any type of kitchen. Black colored models look sensational, both during the day and in the evening.
  3. Ceramic kitchen worktop – this is an interesting solution, because the same material can be used to make the floor, as well as the kitchen countertop. They are resistant to high temperatures. They are suitable for interiors decorated in retro, modern and industrial style.

A perfect solution for years

Black kitchen worktops should serve the room for many years. So it is important that they do not lose their colour when exposed to sunlight, cleaning and the use of chemicals. You should therefore use natural products for cleaning them, such as water with lemon or vinegar and other methods that will not cause damage to the countertop. It is worth remembering to separate the countertop from the food with the necessary kitchen accessories when preparing meals. Food should always be cut on the board and never directly on the countertop. A model that is made of even the highest quality materials can get scratched by using a sharp tool on it. When it comes to hot dishes, it should not cause any damage. However, it is better to get coasters. Black kitchen worktops are designer, timeless and usually come with a high price tag, so be sure to protect them.

Black granite worktops – the perfect alternative to a laminate worktop

Black Granite is the widely used material for cooking area worktops with 90% of our clients selecting these types of colours. As they are the a excellent choice for anybody trying to find a plain black colour that should complement almost any type of kitchen. Black kitchen worktops offer an everlasting classic appearance that should endure the test of time which will not appear old-fashioned and backdated such as other colours.

However you need to make sure that your black granite worktops are cut from big premium grade slabs, which are generally 3 meters by 2 meters. As with most granite variations black granite is available in different grades and you need to ensure your is top quality.

Also they are different types of Black granite worktops such as African Black, Zimbabwe Black, Absolute Black and Spike Black. The highest quality black worktops are Absolute Black from India as these are the darkest and densest black granite you can find. A lot of companies most recently have started using African Back, Zimbabwe Black and Spike Black because they are a less expensive to buy. However these more affordable blacks are of lower quality and often greyer in colour in comparison to Indian Absolute Black.

For that reason I always used to advise finding a sample of your black granite worktops and if possible it is usually a good idea to see the slabs your granite worktops are going to be designed from. To make sure they are cut from big quality granite slabs and inquire your granite worktops supplier how your black granite is taken from. We only order our Absolute Black slabs directly from the quarry in India and hand choose the finest quality black offered. Also due to the fact we are one of the major granite worktops suppliers in the country means our huge buying potential lets us to demand the best quality at the best price.

Granite, ceramic, or laminate countertop – whatever your choice, a black kitchen worktop will be a design accent in any home

Black kitchen countertops are a great addition to many arrangements. Of course, they look exceptional in modern and industrial interiors, because they have an intense color and are eccentric. Kitchen accessories and decorations look great on a black countertop because they make an interesting contrast with it. Black kitchen countertops are elegant, timeless, and modern at the same time. They look good in combination with a dark floor. An extremely stylish kitchen is the black&white edition. Black worktop with white furniture or other furniture of intense color is a combination that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding design lovers, who like interiors with a touch of elegance.

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