What’s new on our site

What’s new on our site

Our new site

Finally, we’ve managed to successfully redesign our website and we’re really happy to introduce the newest look of Polish Granite. We’re really satisfied with the redesign’s final effects and updates that have been implemented. To give you a quick overview, we’ve changed the look, remade the layout and added great new features that make our new site even better. It’s all for you, the customers, so that your experience with Polish Granite is improved and designed to meet all your needs.

What’s new on our site

The question remains, what’s new on our site? First of all, it’s the look. As you can see our whole website has received a complete facelift. It’s the colour scheme that probably draws your attention first. Finally, we’re truly visible, white, grey and contrastive red is for you to see clearly what’s what. Still, as you can see the colour scheme is perfectly in line with our products and offer. After all, granite is mostly associated with greys.

Our website’s look and design is clearly connected with its layout. We’ve done a great job and worked hard to improve your experience. We’ve implemented changes to the menu to make navigation easier and more intuitive. The menu is clearly organised and user-friendly. As a result, browsing our site shouldn’t be a problem. To implement these changes effectively we’ve also reorganised our content. Some pages have been moved and others have been created from the scratch.

To answer the question what’s new on our site completely let’s not forget about the new features. We’ve reworked References tab so it’s easier for you to find out what our customers think of our work. There’s also new Gallery tab added where you can see a selection of random samples of our work. It’s there so you can get an idea how a granite kitchen countertop looks like or how a marble worktop can set off your bathroom.

User friendly and easy to navigate

Still, it’s not the end of our website facelift. To achieve the eye-catching effects we’ve made substantial changes to the template. The result is modern look and design completely in line with contemporary trends of website building. Our website is modern and built on one of the best website templates, which makes it both appealing and reliable.

Let’s not forget about the fact that our site is also fully responsive. After all, we’re living in a mobile world and mobile-friendly experience is a must. Therefore, we’ve optimised your mobile experience and introduced all the necessary changes to do so successfully. As a result, you can easily access our website from your mobile, browse through our products and fill in contact form.

Summing up, with our new website we offer you user-friendly and quality experience. Simplified navigation, quality and relevant content, easy access to free quote, gallery and references, responsiveness and modern eye-catching design are all there for you. Don’t hesitate anymore and start browsing our products. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or visit our workshop.

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