Why black granite worktop is perfect for your kitchen

black granite worktop

Black granite – features

black worktop

Kitchen is an important part of many households. Since it’s so important it’s only natural that we would like to furnish it with top quality materials and furniture and state-of-the-art appliances. Kitchen cabinets, ovens and utensils – they all need to be the best and need to coordinate nicely. Kitchen worktops or kitchen islands are most often the key to success. Kitchen worktops are simply the easiest to notice.

The best materials for furnishing kitchen worktops are natural or engineered stones. Particularly natural stones can make a huge difference. Their amazing colouring and inner veining that can’t be repeated combined with their practical qualities make them both nicely looking and durable. Proven resistance to such harmful factors like moist, humidity, spilled liquids and heat guarantee not only durability but also low maintenance.

In case of granite it’s black granite worktop that’s gaining momentum now. It’s not a real surprise since black is a classic colour that naturally stands for elegance, class and beauty. Black granite worktop looks especially elegant when fitted in space with modern design and style. Modern style with its minimalism, simplicity and functionality makes  perfect background for such a strong colour. Black granite can stand out from modern natural colours and set off your kitchen.

Black granite worktop – air of royalty

What’s more, black granite worktop doesn’t only work well with modern designs. It also comes with set of associations and images that fill up your kitchen. It doesn’t really matter if you choose high gloss or matt surface or you’re fond of clean cut or rough edges – black granite worktop remains elegant and classy. The touch of royalty and magnificence is its inner quality, essence which can’t be scraped or cut out. This air of royalty and inner power of black granite is inevitable, therefore be careful when choosing this colour. If you don’t want to make a statement with your choice of worktop it’s maybe better to choose another colour.

Black granite worktop – fully customised space

Still, if black granite worktop is your thing be sure to follow some good practices. First of all, don’t contrast your worktop with too many colours. One or two shades of the same colour with another distinctive one is enough. What’s more, black coordinates well with neutral and natural colours such as whites, greys and browns. Such colours make perfect background for easy to notice black. Secondly, remember to properly display your worktop – you don’t want it to be cluttered with unnecessary and useless things.

Finally, remember that your worktop can be fully customised to your needs and preferences. Contemporary granite suppliers offer multiplicity of choices when it comes to cutting, polishing and fitting. Don’t forget about splashbacks and offcuts that can be used to create some extra spaces and areas. Different types of polish and cutting of edges can also make a huge difference and as a result completely transform your kitchen.

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