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granite window sills

Window sills can be made literally out of any material.

This is a very popular product, which is offered by our company. Apart from the kitchen worktops, windowsills are next in line in terms of the popularity. They are often standalone pieces measuring around 15-30cm. Just like the usual windowsills they are there in order to serve a decorative role, and now you can even join them with other stone products, thus creating a beautiful layout, especially when other products such as the worktops share the same colours as the windowsills.

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In recent years the stone windowsills have been very popular. However if you are interested in stone products, we have them all here! And same as any other worktop, all we have to do is simply make a template. If chosen for the kitchen, window sills are guaranteed to not only extend your worktop but combine it with your worktop creating some sort of unity within the kitchen, and if you’re also choosing upstands, then this offer is highly recommended. You can get this unique product very cheap if you have a look at our off-cut range of colours and materials.

Polish Granite Ltd can give you top quality window sills. These are typically made of identical material as your worktops and supply a surprising end where they’re put in. The thickness of granite window sills are cut in line with you need, however usually ar 30mm thick. this is often our suggested thickness for not solely sills, however your splash back and any upstands. All sills will either match the materials hand-picked for your worktop or factory-made from the other of our granite, quartz, or silestone vary.

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