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2024 Special Offer! Buy Our Cheap Kitchen Worktops and Get Free Granite Offcuts

In the preceding year of 2023, Polish Granite successfully executed a myriad of projects, encompassing both substantial and intricate endeavours. The culmination of this effort resulted in a highly prosperous period for our company, marked by the fulfilment of numerous clients’ aspirations for their kitchen worktops. Beyond the primary scope of work, we also produced a surplus of offcuts, further delighting a substantial clientele.

Kitchen Worktops Sale, Free Offcuts and Many More Promotions!

As we embark on the promising year of 2024, our commitment to sustained excellence remains unwavering. In appreciation of our clients, both longstanding and newly acquired, we have prepared some special offers that might raise an eyebrow, or two.

happy customer with Polish Granite's service

Ranging from exclusive discounts to complimentary offcuts, we invite you to read on to find out what you could be gaining as a Polish Granite customer.

The Exclusive 10% OFF for All New Customers

Unlock the door to an elevated kitchen experience without straining your budget thanks to our exclusive kitchen worktop sale, tailored for all clients making purchases in January and February 2024.

Originally introduced in November, we have extended the 10% discount on all purchases until February, providing ample time for you to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

Our quartz worktops, already positioned as one of the most competitively priced in the North West, become even more accessible with this limited-time discount, enabling you to realise your kitchen worktop or offcuts project at remarkably affordable rates.

Whether you come through our website or explore our showroom firsthand, the 10% Off promotion is available to all. Whether your preference leans towards the timeless elegance of granite, the sophistication of exquisite quartz, or the modern allure of ceramic, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

15% OFF for Returning Customers

As a past customer of Polish Granite LTD, having previously invested in our diverse range of products, be it stone kitchen worktops, windowsill offcuts, or other projects, you are now entitled to an exclusive 15% OFF discount on all future purchases.

stunning kitchen worktop with marble look effect

This substantial 15% OFF discount is applicable across all projects, presenting an ideal opportunity to elevate your kitchen aesthetics with premium grade materials e.g. quality kitchen worktops. If we’ve previously installed quartz kitchen worktops for you, and you find yourself in the process of moving with a need for new kitchen fittings, then it’s an ideal time to seize this discount opportunity.

This is particularly advantageous during a significant undertaking such as moving homes – saving money during such an endeavour is always needed. So we hope to make your life a little easier by introducing this 2024 quartz worktop sale.

Furthermore, our 15% OFF discount extends to all items within our offcut stock. Whether you envision a new dining table, coffee table, outdoor BBQ top, windowsill, or a bespoke chopping board, past customers, including those who have acquired granite worktops or offcuts, can leverage this opportunity to procure their desired projects at a lower price point.

So, if you don’t need to cheap quartz worktops at this moment in time, you may always use this exclusive ‘low cost worktops special offer’ on our selection of offcuts.

FREE Stone Chopping Board with a Quartz Worktops & Granite Worktops Purchases

As if the 15% OFF wasn’t good enough, here’s a cherry on top for all our valued kitchen worktop clients. If you choose us your stone worktops project with Polish Granite, regardless of the size or kind, you’re eligible for a complimentary granite chopping board.

A chopping board isn’t just a functional addition to your kitchen, it’s a testament to the perfect worktop experience. You can transport the essence, quality and durability of your work surface to other interiors. Your living room dining table, a coffee table on your outside patio, the BBQ section in your garden. It’s a fantastic, portable product which comes in handy in the kitchen, and elsewhere in your home. And once done with, it blends in perfectly with the worktops, so it can be used as a stand for an appliance, knives rack, plant pot etc.

If you opt for granite kitchen worktops, and you get the free stone chopping board from us, you can even use the granite chopping board as a pizza stone, since natural stone like marble or granite can withstand extremely high temperatures without sustaining any damage.

All in all, this little gift from us can actually bring people a lot of joy, making their cooking experience that more exciting.

stone chopping board from quartz grey and cleaning spray

FREE Kitchen Worktop Cleaner with All Stone Kitchen Worktop Purchases

In our 2024 special offer for granite kitchen worktop and quartz kitchen worktop orders, is the eligibility for a free CRL specialised worktop cleaning spray.

We want to ensure that our clients are always treating and cleaning their worktops correctly. As such, upon worktop completion, each customer will get a free 660ml large bottle of the CRL Stone Solid Surface Cleaner. This spray not only helps to maintain your worktops in a shiny, clean condition, but it’s also a safe product, ensuring your worktops do not get damaged.

This is vital, as many people use various bleach-based chemicals on their kitchen worktops, which endangers the work surfaces. While quartz, granite or ceramic worktops are very durable, they’re not completely resistant to many chemicals out there – bleach being one of them.

Our CRL worktop spray is a 100% safe agent, which helps to polish, maintain and protect your solid surface kitchen worktops. Not only against bacteria, but also grime, grease and other unsightly elements.

Ah, and let’s not forget! The large bottle you receive is estimated to last your for up to 6 months!

FREE worktop offcuts with a passed referral

For all our customers, past and future, you have a chance to obtain free worktops offcuts worth hundreds of pounds. How?

referral promotion for free kitchen worktop offcuts

It’s simple. Once your project is completed, you’ll receive a unique invoice number from us to confirm the job completion. Simply refer your friends, neighbours or family to use that individual number when they visit our showroom. This is important, as it’s proof they have come to us via your referral. Not only will they receive an exclusive cheap kitchen worktop discount, but you will begin the process of obtaining the free kitchen worktop offcuts.

Once we give them a quote, and they select Polish Granite LTD to go ahead with their stone kitchen worktops project, it’s all confirmed. You will be able to contact us independently, submit your two free offcut requests, and within a few days, pick the ready projects with us.

In case you are confused as to what granite offcut project you could request, this is completely up to you. We allow any bespoke, cut to size small-sized projects. That’s right, any custom sized windowsills, coffee tables, chopping boards, pizza stones, shelves, worktops etc. Everything from the material, to production (cutting, polishing etc.) will be on us.

We also allow some flexibility with this special offer. This entails possibly requesting a one, medium-sized project instead of two smaller ones. Or, perhaps one offcut with additions.

For example, a small bathroom worktop, with a tap and sink hole cut out, plus one upstand. Alternatively, you could request one coffee table with a non-standard, rounded-edge profile. The variability and plausibility will depend on the complexity of the project. But the details can always be discussed with our staff.

Choose Polish Granite LTD as your Kitchen Worktop Supplier and Take Advantage of the Special Offers

While cooperation with a kitchen worktop supplier (from an independent, domestic customer perspective) is usually a one-time interaction, it doesn’t have to be the case with Polish Granite.

Choosing us as your kitchen worktop supplier is a ticket to ongoing, massive savings and creative freedom. We understand the value of your hard-earned money, and we’re here to make sure you get more than what you pay for.employee discussing the kitchen worktop selection process over a quartz worktop

Besides, people often move homes. People renovate their flats every decade-or-so. People frequently refurbish their spaces, purchasing new furnishing or redecorating. We want to give all who cooperate with us, an advantage to not only save money, but be a returning customer as well.

Beyond the Discounts, We Hope to be a Fantastic Quartz Kitchen Worktops Provider

Our modern kitchen worktop range, featuring granite and quartz among other materials, is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality. Your journey begins in our Salford showroom, where you can witness the durability and style of our products firsthand. We don’t just supply; we craft and deliver the finished product, ensuring that it complements your unique style.

In our showroom, you’ll find an array of quartz brands and styles to choose from, each promising to deliver a superb and stunning addition to your kitchen. From the prestigious Silestone or Levantina, companies that have been around the world market for decades, to Fugenstone or Quartzhub, who are slowly climbing the ranks as quality, reliable stone slab suppliers.

Our team is ready to assist you – from helping you choose the right material and colour to providing expert advice on dimensions and patterns. We prioritise your preferences and offer free quotes and consultations. Anything to ensure the end result is a perfect match for your vision.

Enabling you Access to Quality Cheap Worktops – But How?

an employee explaining the process to customerBut the benefits don’t stop there. We understand that a new kitchen is an investment, and that’s why we offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. In 2024, we’ll be on the UK market for 18+ years, operating in Greater Manchester and beyond, often covering far reaches of the UK.

But in that time, we managed to establish a close partnership with our suppliers, with some of them granting us even a 30% discount. This is a privilege not many companies in the UK, let alone kitchen worktops Manchester suppliers, can boast of. There are many other reasons why quartz worktops have become so affordable in recent years.

But at the end of the day, it all goes to you. With any quartz discounts we receive, it’s instantly translated to your quotes. We cut down the cost of the slabs, apply our own quartz worktops discount, and ensure you get your kitchen worktops at cheaper rates. We always try to provide the best price guaranteed in Manchester, or in fact cheapest kitchen worktops guaranteed in the UK!

In our commitment to maximising your savings, we offer expert advice aimed at helping you retain additional funds. As part of this service, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your budget, analysing its intricacies to propose a range of tailored kitchen worktop solutions. For example, we will outline costs for 30mm kitchen worktops and 20mm kitchen worktops. We can guide you through the differences between solid wood kitchen worktops & laminate kitchen worktops vs our solid stone worktops. So on and so forth . . .

If, therefore, you’re looking for a stress free, quick and inexpensive kitchen upgrade i.e. low cost worktops UK with a couple of freebies on the side, look no further and contact our team! We’re here to help 😊

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