Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic / Sintered Stone Worktops – a truly modern alternative to quartz and granite.

If the texture, colour or other characteristics of granite or quartz do not spark our liking, albeit you like the general longevity and resistance of stone, Polish Granite can offer a truly competitive solution – ceramic surfaces (also labelled as sintered stone).

What exactly is ceramic, and why is this this modern alternative selected instead of quartz or granite?

We are able to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding people.
Ceramic worktops are not only a product available in more textures than quartz/granite, it is also sold in far more varied thicknesses, making them more flexible surfaces than granite/quartz.

Ceramic has a wide range of advantages, which were confirmed by it users. It is quite thick, so we can deliver and install it faster, easier and more safe. This material is practically waterproof and resistant to high temperatures. Although the thickness, material is resistant to scratches, heaviness and pressure. Moreover, it will not change the colour and structure under the influence of strong sunlight because of its natural pigments, which can remain intact over the years. Ceramic is extremely hygienic, as it does not let bacteria or fungus grow and it is absolutely safe for food. These surfaces are environmentally friendly because they do not contain any harmful substances. They in no way jeopardise the environment, as they are completely recyclable and made only from natural materials. It is also very easy to clean and maintenance, it do not need any special care. High quality of final product result from combination of the best materials and advanced industrial technology. Ceramic colours are beautiful, stylish and unrepeatable. According to the fact that ceramic is getting more popular nowadays, constantly new shades appear.

Taking into consideration ceramic properties, it is widely used in design and building industry. Our individual customers decide on it to improve the interior of their houses, making kitchen and bathroom arrangement. Business clients use it for bigger projects, including external and internal wall cladding or flooring. The most popular these days are ceramic worktops, which are perfectly suitable for kitchens, bars or receptions.

We take care of having only high-quality products made by well-proven contractors, as this is the guarantee of success.

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