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How can you use quartz and granite offcuts?

  • Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths – granite offcuts are great for a finishing touch for a fireplace. Natural stone is one of the more popular materials to build fireplaces anyway, so a granite offcut will be the best way to finish it with style.
  • Coffee tables – tables made of granite are not only beautiful but also durable and resistant to outside factors, so they can be used both in interiors and exteriors (i.e. a garden or a terrace). Granite and quartz offcuts are an ideal material to create a beautiful small coffee table for a great price.
  • Table Tops – if you already have a granite worktop in your kitchen, creating a complementing dinner table might be a good idea. Large and small granite and quartz offcuts can be used to create a splendid table top that will amaze you and your house guests. And it’s a cheap way to beautify your kitchen, dining room or even a living room if the whole interior style matches the stone table top.
  • Vanity tops – a great idea for a classic and modern bathroom arrangements. Using granite offcuts to create vanity tops is a much cheaper option, yet it offers the same looks and durability as the whole slab of natural stone.
  • Bath surrounds – stone in the bathroom is a timeless design, so why not utilize it fully with every piece of stone available to you? When you already have walls, floors and bathroom tops made of stone, finishing touch in a form of a stone bath surround made of granite offcuts is a neat idea.
  • Window sills – complete your interior design with window sills matching your stone worktops. Using a granite or quartz offcut (preferably from the same slab of stone you used for worktops and other stone equipment in your house) and create a window sill that will not only make your interior arrangement stand out among the crowd, but will also last for years to come!
  • Speaker stands – looking for an original, unique way to create your home theatre? Use small quartz or granite offcuts to beautify your surround system in a way you like!
  • Utility room tops – if you have a utility room, you should consider matching its looks with the rest of your house. If you used the stone to create your kitchen worktops or bathroom tops, making tops for a utility room out of granite offcuts is not a bad idea, especially when it is a cheap solution that does not demand a lot of work.
  • Architraves – if your home design leans onto a classic arrangement, finishing it with decorative stone elements is a great way to highlight the coherent classicist style you have chosen. Thus, a stone architrave made of granite offcuts will be a great addition to any entrance or door frame inside.
  • Skirting – also known as baseboard. Making a skirting out of granite offcuts is an ideal way to finish the classic home design cheaply and effectively.
  • Paving/Mosaic – stone, due to its durability and resistance is a great material for paving garden paths or creating mosaics in interiors and exteriors. Granite offcuts are probably the best (and the cheapest) material you can use to build a unique decorative element in your garden or inside your house. The choice is yours, and the variety of offcuts available in our warehouse will certainly give you a lot of new ideas for home décor.
  • Kitchen equipment – Granite or quartz offcuts are an ideal material for basic kitchen equipment, like chopping board for example. Such small, yet distinct element in your kitchen will be surely noticed and can become a stylish finishing touch that is also extremely useful for preparing meals!

Our warehouses are filled with a large selection of quartz and granite worktop offcuts – pieces of stone worktops that you can choose if you require only something small for your own project. It is very beneficial as you don’t necessarily have to purchase an entire slab to make a little granite coffee table or an upstand. If you are going to make a small job with stone or you’re making a little adjustment to the existing stone design, let’s say a bathroom vanity top, using a quartz or granite offcut is the best idea. You can reduce costs and get a unique piece of furniture, which will be stylish, unique and – last but not least – cheap.

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