Quartz and Granite Offcuts – Special offers

How can you use quartz and granite offcuts?

  • Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths – granite offcuts are great for a finishing touch for a fireplace. Natural stone is one of the more popular materials to build fireplaces anyway, so a granite offcut will be the best way to finish it with style.
  • Coffee tables – tables made of granite are not only beautiful but also durable and resistant to outside factors, so they can be used both in interiors and exteriors (i.e. a garden or a terrace). Granite and quartz offcuts are an ideal material to create a beautiful small coffee table for a great price.
  • Table Tops – if you already have a granite worktop in your kitchen, creating a complementing dinner table might be a good idea. Large and small granite and quartz offcuts can be used to create a splendid table top that will amaze you and your house guests. And it’s a cheap way to beautify your kitchen, dining room or even a living room if the whole interior style matches the stone table top.
  • Vanity tops – a great idea for a classic and modern bathroom arrangements. Using granite offcuts to create vanity tops is a much cheaper option, yet it offers the same looks and durability as the whole slab of natural stone.
  • Bath surrounds – stone in the bathroom is a timeless design, so why not utilize it fully with every piece of stone available to you? When you already have walls, floors and bathroom tops made of stone, finishing touch in a form of a stone bath surround made of granite offcuts is a neat idea.
  • Window sills – complete your interior design with window sills matching your stone worktops. Using a granite or quartz offcut (preferably from the same slab of stone you used for worktops and other stone equipment in your house) and create a window sill that will not only make your interior arrangement stand out among the crowd, but will also last for years to come!
  • Speaker stands – looking for an original, unique way to create your home theatre? Use small quartz or granite offcuts to beautify your surround system in a way you like!
  • Utility room tops – if you have a utility room, you should consider matching its looks with the rest of your house. If you used the stone to create your kitchen worktops or bathroom tops, making tops for a utility room out of granite offcuts is not a bad idea, especially when it is a cheap solution that does not demand a lot of work.
  • Architraves – if your home design leans onto a classic arrangement, finishing it with decorative stone elements is a great way to highlight the coherent classicist style you have chosen. Thus, a stone architrave made of granite offcuts will be a great addition to any entrance or door frame inside.
  • Skirting – also known as baseboard. Making a skirting out of granite offcuts is an ideal way to finish the classic home design cheaply and effectively.
  • Paving/Mosaic – stone, due to its durability and resistance is a great material for paving garden paths or creating mosaics in interiors and exteriors. Granite offcuts are probably the best (and the cheapest) material you can use to build a unique decorative element in your garden or inside your house. The choice is yours, and the variety of offcuts available in our warehouse will certainly give you a lot of new ideas for home décor.
  • Kitchen equipment – Granite or quartz offcuts are an ideal material for basic kitchen equipment, like chopping board for example. Such small, yet distinct element in your kitchen will be surely noticed and can become a stylish finishing touch that is also extremely useful for preparing meals!

Our warehouses are filled with a large selection of quartz and granite worktop offcuts – pieces of stone worktops that you can choose if you require only something small for your own project. It is very beneficial as you don’t necessarily have to purchase an entire slab to make a little granite coffee table or an upstand. If you are going to make a small job with stone or you’re making a little adjustment to the existing stone design, let’s say a bathroom vanity top, using a quartz or granite offcut is the best idea. You can reduce costs and get a unique piece of furniture, which will be stylish, unique and – last but not least – cheap.

Some common questions you may be asking:

Granite offcuts selection – what’s available?

It depends entirely on the day, week, month? Sometimes even hour… Our offcuts are constantly coming in and out, some are bought, and the next minute others are added. On average we go through 2/3 offcuts per day and the traffic is continuously rising, because many customers are realising that offcuts are a fantastic solution for miniscule projects.

In addition, people that have once adorned their kitchen with granite worktops have fallen in love with the material, and are now seeking other granite materials to embellish other elements in their home, from coffee tables, garden tables and vanity tops to windowsills & utility rooms etc. As our saying goes ‘Choosing granite worktops leads to seeking offcuts from our workshop’. Granite is a mesmerising material, and once you deal with it once you’ll never have enough of it.

The best choice is to either fill the contact form above or give our office a phone call, querying if we have the material you desire.

How do I find out what’s In-Stock?

You can either fill out the form above, after which we’ll personally contact you via email or alternatively visit our showroom and explore our offcut selection for yourself. Phoning our showroom is also a possibility – our customer service team will be able to provide you all required information. And remember, your measurements matter a lot, so have them at the ready, because in spite possibly being in possession of the material you desire, we may not have the accurate sizes corresponding to your piece/s.

What is the cost of offcuts?

Offcuts are generally very cheap, compared to slab materials. This is because you’re essentially paying for a tiny piece of material, without causing much wastage. If you were to order a hearth decorative piece and order a full slab (measuring on average 3m/1,5m) it would certainly cost you much more because there would be a lot of leftover ‘waste’ material, and the slab would have to be ordered from suppliers for the standard price (the costs customer would have to cover on top of everything else). This is usually the process undergone during larger projects e.g. kitchen worktops or wall cladding – during the production of such pieces it’s always guaranteed that at least one slab will be utilised. This isn’t the case if you’re looking for a small windowsill, however.

So, in essence you’re paying only for what you need, and that’s why offcuts are a great solution for smaller projects. In the end you’ll only be purchasing the material adequate to your sizes + paying for additional services like cutting and polishing (i.e. labour costs), if any are required. Of course, the price also depends on the sizes and polishing you need… a price for a small 15cm/15cm lamp stand will differ from a fully polished 1m/60cm coffee table.

Do you sell quartz and granite offcuts in finishes other than polish?

Indeed, many of our materials are supplied in honed, matte or flamed polishes. However, some of these are restricted only to specific granites. This is because particular granites are more fragile and in crumbly states (due to their organic composition). As such, applying any other effect than polish could cause them to break away/chip very easily. Matte & flamed finish is often applied to solid, plain colours like Absolute Black or Blue Pearl. On the other hand, more vulnerable materials like Titaneo are only supplied in polish. A good way to find out the availability of material finish is to call our team of experts residing in the Polish Granite office. They will help you with any queries or doubts.

Will I need to pick the pieces up or is the installation service available?

It depends entirely on what service you wish for. Our offcuts are normally quoted for supply only, because the smaller pieces aren’t typically hard to install, and customers prefer to save a little money and fit the pieces themselves. However, our company does provide an installation service, if one is required. Although if you also ask for the installation, we’d normally expect to template the piece for you as well as a security procedure. This means that we normally charge the customer for both templating and installation. If none are required then the customer only pays for the material and labour.

How much will templating & installation of granite offcuts cost me?

This also depends on your location i.e. your proximity from our base (Salford, Manchester), the further you are located the more we’ll have to travel and thus spend on fuel costs + hours for our driver. The sizes of your pieces also matter. If it is a simple windowsill, then the cost will be lesser than an installation of an enormous dining table (which can require man-power, hole-drilling and attachment of legs etc.). In other words, the more laborious, time-consuming and effort-demanding an installation is, the more it will cost.

What’s the expected date for a finished product from order-day?

It depends entirely on our schedule, that is how busy we are and how much time our team of expert manufacturers have. During the busy seasons (i.e. Christmas period November-January), our production team are very busy with worktop cutting, so the expected waiting date might extend.

The size of your piece and any additional demands also matter. For example, a simple windowsill with one polished edge can be ready on the same day as order-placement. On the other hand, a more complex design, like a granite desk with both legs being made from the same material, needing extra polishing on the inside + all around may require more time to finish. Gluing, polishing, cutting, measuring can be time consuming so the more complex the project, the more waiting time. Albeit, even for those the wait should not extend beyond 2-4 days.

Are offcut stone pieces of lesser value? And are they neglected & damaged?

Absolutely not, our offcuts are simply the remaining leftover pieces from the slabs that were utilised for full kitchen worktop projects. As soon as the pieces we require for worktops are cut out, we are left with offcuts of the same slab, same colour, same material. The offcuts are never damaged during the cut-out process and are just as valued by us as the main worktop pieces. In the end, we wouldn’t be able to sell the pieces if they had lesser quality… Furthermore, as soon as we are left with the offcuts, we forklift them to our intermodal containers where the offcuts are safely stored and protected from rain, sunlight and other weather aspects. The next time they’ll be taken out is when the customer elects the piece as material for the desired product.

Moreover, the longevity of all offcuts is the same as of any other product ever sold by us: years and years of long-lasting effect. The leftover offcut pieces from the slabs have just as much potency, resistance and durability as any other main worktop pieces. The knowledge that offcuts are a waste and inferior product is a common, and unfortunate misconception.

Will I be able to request any project to be cut from granite offcuts?

Of course, we welcome any given concept, as long as it is feasible. Over the last 12 years we have turned so many visualisations into real products that it’s difficult to say what we cannot do! Our team of manufacturers have so much confidence and expertise that they’re willing to accept any challenge and tackle even the most complicated offcut designs.

Are offcuts useful for bigger projects?

It depends what ‘a big project’ really means. If you’re looking to put together a medium kitchen from offcuts then it’s unlikely that this would be a possibility. If, however, you’re looking to supplement your kitchen with other elements e.g. a breakfast bar, island, splashback or upstands then indeed that would be a possibility. The issue is that our number of offcuts is always limited, and it is unusual that we ever have enough of the same material (at one time) to fill a full kitchen with worktops, even if it is medium. Although it does occasionally happen, and we’ve already executed full kitchens just from using offcuts, so you should always ask because there’s a small chance that there’s enough material available.

You may also place an order on the offcuts, securing and reserving them for yourself. For example, by placing a deposit on a couple of Shivakashi pieces for us to collect and put aside for future, and as soon as we gather enough to make a bigger project out of them, we’ll get in touch.

Is it possible to use offcuts if one slab will not suffice for my kitchen worktops?

Yes, and many customers do that. We highly recommend this option, because it saves you money as you don’t have to purchase another slab, especially if the piece you require is only small. But unfortunately, this option isn’t always available, especially if the material you choose is rare. Our offcut containers are filled with more popular stones: Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, Blue Pearl among many others, but the less common materials, that are seldom chosen by customers will be scarce or not present at all or will appear in our container in a few weeks/months time. Needless to say, it’s always worth to ask the professionals in the office who are in possession of an offcut list.

If you don’t have the granite offcuts I need, what should I do?

If something that you really desire is not stored in our containers, then we’d usually suggest alternatives. For example, we may not have the Absolute Black granite in-stock, but we may be in possession of Negro Tebas quartz by Silestone, which is almost identical in colour – the only difference is that the former is natural and the latter a man-made material. 9/10 customers that visit us and notice that we aren’t in possession of the material they want, go for the alternatives we recommend, after realising that there isn’t actually much difference in colour, texture and other qualities.

Of course, if you are 100% determined that you want a specific material, and we don’t have it in stock, we’ll probably recommend other nearby stone manufacturers who could supply you the desired stone.

I only want to pay for one slab for my kitchen worktops, but you don’t have enough offcuts of my material, is there any way to go about this?

Indeed! The best solution we could think of is to mix some colours around. For example, if you order a slab of Absolute Black, you could utilise that for your main worktop pieces, and for the island or breakfast bar you could include a white marble-lookalike material that is often available in our offcut section. As a result, you’ll be creating a very intricate, fascinating contrast. Mixing colours and materials has been very popular nowadays, and people often choose this method of kitchen décor voluntarily. Whether it be ceramic mixing with quartz or man-made quartz with organic granite, you name it. It is a modern interpretation of interior design, and due to it being so stylish, you can get away with mixing materials around. As such, choosing offcuts that differ completely from the remaining worktops could provide a very satisfying effect.

Are granite offcuts worth the price?

Absolutely! They are still materials that will last you for a lifetime, and their inclusion in your home will bring a shine to everyone’s faces. None of our customers have ever regretted purchasing any stone products from us. On the contrary, they are pleased that they came to their decision, and elected these surfaces rather than wood, laminates, metal or plastic. In the end, granite is not porous, is very scratch and heat resistant, does not stain easily and lasts for years in the same shape and colour due to its incredible durability. But most of all it provides an organic aura to every interior where it is implemented. No wood grain, metal shine or laminate false designs will reflect the natural veins, granules, blemishes, minerals and crystals that are found in granite’s composition. This material has no competition, and it is an investment which always pays off.

What’s more, in the unlikely event of it chipping or scratching, the material is easily fixed with a bit of glue and dye. This cannot be said for metallic or laminated surfaces.

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