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Stone in interiors and exteriors

A stone product which is used within any interior, is a perfect element that joins every interior. It is a beautiful, key product that easily can be found in the entire house. For example, we can find the same colour of a stone in either floors,

Astoria Ivory – granite

The Astoria Ivory, also known as Crema Astoria is a very resistant granite stone material, which is imported from India. Its patterns are bizarre yet very unique. It is neither beige nor creamy, and often possesses dark brown, grey and black veins

Stone worktops

A kitchen is a place where worktops are a subject to many external factors. It is a place, where despite of the overall look, the worktops is increasingly exploited and must be resistant to damages and impacts, both minor and major. From mechanical

Kashmir white

Kashmir white as a material for kitchen worktops. For several years Kashmir White also known as Cashmere White granite worktops are quite popular. The natural beauty of Kashmir White with it is creamy off white background, grey and black veining