Why choose granite worktops?

With all the options for worktops out there to choose from, it can be a challenge to find something that is right for you when it comes to purchasing new worktops in your home. However, one thing you could not go wrong with are granite worktops, and with all the benefits associated with a granite worktop, it is no wonder that they are so popular.

Worktops made of granite are particular are much more durable than options such as natural wood or laminate, and they hold up much better against fire and water damages. A granite worktop is easy to clean and maintain, whereas other choices such as wood need particular care to keep them in good condition and may need replacing if they become too damaged. While stone worktops, granite in particular, do tend to be more expensive, they are a great investment to make as they give excellent value for money thanks to their durability and they add value to your home, a factor which could prove beneficial should you ever decide to sell.

Granite worktops are considered to be one of the best options as they are virtually indestructible and they look incredibly stylish. Each piece of granite has it's own unique look and they are easy to clean with few maintenance needs, which is especially helpful in family homes. Quartz worktops are also very popular, and again they are low maintenance and durable. They do not require sealing and they are non-porous and hygienic, with the added benefit of being stain-resistant. Quartz options come in a wide array of colours, so you are sure to find something that suits you. One of the most desired choices for stone worktops is marble; it's classically beautiful appearance is unmatched and adds an effortlessly chic touch to the home. It is a durable stone, though it is porous, but it is heat-resistant and naturally cool – something which is very useful if you do a lot of baking and cooking. Marble is a widely available stone and will certainly serve you well.

While choosing a granite worktops can take a chunk out of your budget, the benefits of investing in them are very worth it. The added value to your home and the effortlessly chic appearance they give are worth a great deal, and you can be sure of a stone worktop standing the test of time better than other options like natural wood or laminates.

Granite colors

Cafe Imperial granite

For something wonderfully chic and elegant with a definite modern feel, Cafe Imperial granite is an excellent choice. The rich brown tones stand out gorgeously with darker spots that provide definition and depth, capturing a truly elegant and

Prada Gold granite

For an effortless look of elegance and sophistication that is grown-up and timeless, you really cannot go wrong with Prada Gold granite. Also known as Lemon Spice, both names fit perfectly with this beautiful granite, which boasts tones of creamy

Roma Imperiale granite

Roma Imperiale granite is a wonderfully beautiful and elegant colour of granite that stands out with rich tones of gold and chocolate brown against tones of dove grey, cream and white. This granite option oozes class and sophistication and is a

Labrador Antique granite

If you want a granite that is both elegant and unique, then Labrador Antique granite is a wonderful option to choose. This beautiful granite is an increasingly popular choice owing to it's different look; vivid flecks of reflective blue shimmer