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Antique Brown

The clue is in the name, the Antique Brown is a colour which has this vintage rusty look to it. Unlike any other pieces, this material is covered in patches of various colours, rather than having a sustained colouring with natural veins. This


Once again, every piece of Shivakashi is a true one-of-a-kind due to the uncommon dark on white vein system which appears on every piece of this material. This distinctive contrast is indeed very rare, and it suits the creamy colouring of the

Giallo Veneziano

A sandy colour with various shades and patterns, darker and lighter, white and dark veins, all resembling a beautiful layout of ranging crystallised insignias. It’s a composition which is very uncommon, and therefore Veneziano is a rarity amongst

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl is one of the granite colours which is very popular, and the demand for it on the British market is very high. It’s unique blue/grey shading and distinctive colouring in general is what makes this product special. Nothing like it is