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Are you from Wales and looking for granite worktops ?

Granite worktops Wales. As a UK specialist of kitchen stone worktops, We're providing our services for Wales customers. No mater if you would like to replace all worktops in your kitchen, or need only fireplace surround. We're always ready to

Is Acrylic surface good choice for my kitchen ?

Acrylic surfaces are very good looking and attractive surfaces. Acrylic is a hard plastic that can come in many different types of colours. Taurus is a very popular colour because it stands out from the normal colours. Taurus can come in many

Quartz – A cheaper alternative to granite

Quartz worktops as cheaper alternative. Granite is a natural material, formed from the volcanic rock over a period of millions of years. It can now be transformed into kitchen worktops, flooring or even wall cladding. However because it is a

Stone in interiors and exteriors

A stone product which is used within any interior, is a perfect element that joins every interior. It is a beautiful, key product that easily can be found in the entire house. For example, we can find the same colour of a stone in either floors,