Get inspired and find your ideas how to design kitchen with granite and quartz.

Within the gallery, apart from choosing the specific examples of colours that you have in mind, you can also choose a lot of different varieties of images that were all taken by Polish Granite. If you’re interested in a particular design then feel free to browse the product section, where you can choose a lot of different products, from floors to stairs, worktops etc. This makes it an easy way to find specific examples of stone related products, that could perhaps reflect your kitchen.


Gallery by color

Another option is the details section which allows you to differentiate and categories all worktops by selecting only the category of images that you are interested in. For example, by clicking the ‘recessed area’ section, only the worktops that actually possess a recessed area will show up.

Gallery by product type and finish type:

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Thanks to this site we can show you the effects of our work, which we are very proud of. We can also share with you our ideas and design solutions for interior arrangement. Here you can see how look different colours connections. Here you can also find out which style of design classic or modern suits you the most. We always try to improve our projects, even these based on models. We implement modern elements and innovate the manufacturing process. As you can see in our gallery, we follow all the latest trends, which appeared on market. We want the our products to make everyday duties a lot easier and more enjoyable. As you can notice we take care about the rooms appearance in a very special way, without forgetting that the functionality and ergonomics are also very important. This gallery was created for our customers so that they may see the kitchen and bathroom arrangements made in different and interesting materials, which we have in our wide offer.

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